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fic search

I have a couple that I'm looking for and I may have hallucinated because no one seems to remember them.

1) Drusilla finds and brings Xander to Spike in "Slayer Central." Xander is very changed having been the pet to a demon (not wearing cloths, not talking) and the Scoobies try to change him back. Only Spike understands him and eventually takes Xander away.

2) Spike convinces Xander to have weekend away from the rest of the Scoobies and makes Xander think that it's his own idea so that Xander will argue his case for going with Spike. Spike drugs and turns Xander in the hotel room. The story ends with Spike wondering what Xander will be like as a vampire.

But, I don't actually think that hallucinated these stories because that would imply that I could actually write fanfic and goodness knows that I cannot come up with a plot to save my life. And, I am eternally grateful to you fabulous authors for coming up with your wonderful plots, thereby saving my life. ;D
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