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FIC: Becoming Known (36/?) -- finally, and NC-17 overall!!!

Title: Becoming Known (36/?)

Author: tistoo

Rating: NC-17 for the whole fic

Pairing: DUH.

Disclaimer: Joss lost the boys to me in a poker game, but at least I let him keep his eyes so he could make Dollhouse. (In other words, I don't own anyone you know from the show.)

Timeline: The episode in which Xander tried to drug Dawn and take her from Sunnyhell? Well, Xander won that little skermish. Things went their own way from there. *hee*

Autor's Note: It's been about two years since I posted part 35, largely because I've been concentrating on my original fiction (which I write under the oh-so-clever pseudonym T.C. Blue). And in case anyone's been wondering, that old adage of "time flies"? It's true.

Between the original fiction and the craziness of my family, then my father's passing away and all the unexpectedly intricate paperwork involved with that, I've been less than attentive to the Spander.

I honestly didn't realize how long it had been until several of you wonderful Bloodclaimers decided to remind me, and for that I thank you.

I have no idea about how long it will be until I post another part of this story. Hopefully not another two years, though. I'm hoping for maybe six months, at most, and while that sounds like a long time, consider. TWO YEARS! Gah!!!

Oh, previous parts can be found in my 'memories', here: Becoming Known 1-35.

And with all that said, I suppose we should get on with the story.

* * *

Part 36

* * * * *

“Okay,” Darian murmured to himself, even as he unzipped his jacket and straightened his shirt, “This is crunch-time.” And okay, he felt like a huge goober, standing in front of his sister’s friend’s apartment door and talking to himself.

Still, he’d never been there before; had never even met Dawn’s Uncles, and he was basically there to find out what the Hell was going on and possibly drag his sister home and away from the only friend she’d managed to make in a year. So if he needed some encouragement, even just from himself, then maybe it was okay to feel like a huge dork.

The knock he tried was probably softer than a five year old girl’s and he rolled his eyes, disgusted with himself, before raising his hand again, only to pull his fist back at the last second when the door flung open and he was greeted by the sight of… well, some blond guy who couldn’t have been more than thirty in a towel.

Wait a minute. Blond guy? In a towel? With long red marks that had to be from nails all over his skin, and…

The sudden and unexpected fury rose swiftly and Darian found himself shoving the guy hard, a good bit of satisfaction flowing through him when the guy landed on his ass inside the place.

“What the fuck did you do, you bastard! Where the Hell is my sister! If you touched her, I’ll kill you! She’s only sixteen, you perverted piece of shit!”

It was only the fact that Spike was actually surprised that kept him from flying to his feet and ripping the boy’s head off, soul be damned.

Well, that and the fact that blood was sodding hard to get out of wood floors once it soaked in.

Plus, his Xan would likely be a good bit annoyed with him for killing some random human in their home.

Then the kid’s words registered and Spike took a closer look… and while this boy clearly took after his father because he didn’t resemble DeeDee much at all, he had Bailey’s eyes… and there was a certain similarity to the stubborn tilt of his jaw.

“I’m guessin’ you must be th’ enormous git Bailey calls brother, yah?” was what he finally said, even as he got to his feet and met the boy’s angry glare with amused eyes. “Th’ girls are in Dawn’s room, busy with not bein’ molested,” he added, just to see if the kid could blush anywhere near as red as his little sis. Lo and behold, he could.

Oh… fuck. That was all Darian could think then. Oh, fuck.

He wasn’t sure of what a git was, enormous or otherwise, but now that he got a good look at the blond and the obvious musculature, he figured he could accept what was probably an insult.

“I… shit, I…” God, he must be blushing brighter than Justin’s Camaro. And then it just got worse because another man came out of what was obviously a bedroom, this guy taller than the blond and bulkier, and “Oh, fuck,” Darian groaned.”I’m so screwed.”

He was pretty sure he blushed even more when the blond smirked and replied.

“Not likely ta be screwed here, mate,” Spike said plainly, “Me an’ my bloke got each other for that an’ we don’t play, got it?”

“Okay, ew. That’s not what I meant.” Darian groaned as the words came out of his mouth, then darted desperate glances from blond to brunette while his mouth just kept going. “Uh, not that you guys aren’t… you know. Hot or whatever. But I’m not… I mean, that’s not why… Oh, fuck me. Uh, not that I want you guys to… God, I’m such a dork.”

Xander cocked his head looking at the strange guy, even as he slung the robe he’d brought out over Spike’s shoulders. “Okay… I’m guessing the first meeting of Babblers Anonymous has just been called to order. Or is it ‘Taunt the Random Human Day’, Spike?”

The vampire smirked, a loud chuckle leaving his lips as he leaned back into his bloke’s hold, far too amused to be angry over the interruption of their shower, even if Xander was wearing far too many clothes now. “Luv,” he said, by way of introduction, “Meet the bloody annoying prat th’ chits call Darian. Bloke seems ta be under th’ impression that I’m corruptin’ li’l sis.”

That almost had Xander growling at the guy, but there was just something so… pathetic about him that he couldn’t quite manage it. Besides which… “I wonder why. I mean, just because you answered the door pretty much naked while there are two sixteen year old girls here? Gods, Spike! What were you thinking?”

It was the fact that Xander’s fingers were splayed over his stomach and rubbing lightly that had Spike answering with the complete truth.

“Was thinkin’ it was likely ta be Kent an’ I could get rid of him an’ get back ta th’ shower sex, pet…” And then he heard the annoying prat groaning again and sighed. “Guessin’ that’s not goin’ ta be happenin’ any time soon, though, so I’ll just toddle off an’ get dressed, shall I?”

“I’d say that’s probably a good idea, baby,” Xander agreed, pulling Spike closer and laying a slow, wet kiss on the side of his neck. “Come back soon.”

He waited until Spike made it to the bedrrom, his eyes locked on the swaying robe, but when the door finally closed he let out a smiling sigh and turned his attention to the red-faced guy just standing there looking… well, baffled and freaked and… anxious, if Xander knew how to read expressions. Anxious happened to be one he was very familiar with from a lifetime of owning a mirror, so he was pretty damned sure.

“So…” he said.

“Look, I…” Darian began, stopping when their words overlapped.

“Okay,” Xander started again after a moment of silence.

“I didn’t…” and Darian went silent as the same thing happened.

Xander was laughing, just like that, and he took it as a hopeful sign when the guy joined in after a few seconds. At least this kid bounced back pretty well, he figured, because if he’d gone to DeeDee’s for Dawny and Darian had answered the door wearing what Spike had been wearing? Well, Xander was pretty sure he would have killed first and asked questions later.

“Okay… okay,” he said a good minute later, once he was all laughed out, “So you’re HayBails’ brother. I’m Xander, Dawn’s Uncle. The kind of undressed blond is Spike. Will. He’s my… partner, obviously. Neither one of us would ever do anything to hurt the girls, okay? But I can see where you might have thought… y’know.”

It was the blush this Xander guy sported, as well as the look of disgust at the idea of ever touching Bailey or Dawn in the wrong way that had Darian relaxing fully. “I… yeah. Sorry. It’s just… she’s my sister, and Dawn’s a good kid, so the idea of… well, that… was kinda…”

Xander nodded quickly, eyes holding the other guy’s, and he nodded again at the determination in Darian’s stare. “And let’s move on. Starting to get a major case of the wiggins, here.”

He waited for Bailey’s brother to nod, then pointed towards the couch. “Sit. I’m guessing you’re here for a reason other than making sure we’re not doing naughty-bad-wrong things to the girls. So we should probably talk. Uh, as soon as Spike gets his ass back out here,” Xander finished in a louder voice.

“Yah, yah,” Darian heard called back from behind the door the blond had used earlier, “Keep your bloody shirt on, luv. Until th’ git leaves, anyway!”

The sigh Xander released this time sounded long-suffering to Darian, and he figured he finally knew what that meant. Still, he couldn’t help laughing when the guy shook his head.

“Dear Gods,” Xander muttered, even as he flung himself into one of the chairs by the couch, “I really wish it wasn’t too early for a beer.”

Darian shrugged, then let himself grin. “I don’t know about you, but I’ve been up since six.”

Xander cracked a smile, his eyes laughing just a bit. “Early really is a relative term, huh? Yuengling or Guinness?”

“Well, we’re in Pennsylvania, so…”

“Yuengling it is. Be right back.”

He still had no idea of why Bailey’s brother was there, but he was actually starting to wonder whether he’d seen through their story from the night before… and if Darian had, then… Xander had no idea of what they were going to tell the guy.

After all, the truth would likely get him, Spike, Dawn and Bailey locked up on the Psych Ward… and yet, he sort of felt like the guy had a right to know.

Damn it.

* * * * *

Kent sighed, even as he mopped his eyes with yet another tissue. “What?” he demanded of the man whose arm he was currently resting against while the movie played on. “You’ve never seen a grown man cry before? Because I can promise you, sweetie, this is only the first film. You’re likely to see it again and again in the next couple hours.”

Rocko swore he could almost feel himself blushing at being caught staring, but Kent didn’t know—couldn’t know—so he just shrugged, carefully not disturbing the pale cheek pressing against his bicep. “It’s not that,” he said softly, trying to pitch his voice below the film. “It’s just… this is nice. Sitting here like this. It’s… good, y’know?”

And oh, Lord, did Kent know! Hell, he was basically sporting wood, and not because he thought there was any chance with Rocko—and he did know his name; he just liked teasing the guy with Rocky—not that the man seemed to notice, but still.

“Yeah,” he agreed, just as softly. It was nice. It wasn’t every day that Kent got to snuggle up to a muscled mountain of a man like Rocko, after all… especially one who liked the same movies he did. And if it weren’t for the fact that Rocko wasn’t sending out any signals at all, Kent might have taken a shot. Subtly, of course, but a shot, none the less.

He sighed again, worming just a little bit closer to enjoy that big, strong thigh against his own much more slender one. Trust Xander and Will to find someone like Rocko to send
his way and have the guy be straight as the line from point A to point B.

The worst part was that Kent shouldn’t care. He knew he shouldn’t. Because sure, he liked looking at the big, muscled types, but they weren’t what he actually looked for in his lovers. And yet… God, he didn’t know when or how it had happened, but if Rocko had swung his way, Kent would have been all over him from the minute he’d opened his door and let the guy in.

And why the fuck was he letting Xander and Will foist off some… whatever Rocko was to them… on him, anyway? It didn’t make any sense, except… his Momma really had raised him right and Will and Xander were his friends… and where he came from, it was just neighborly to help out, even if it was by letting some big, hot guy you wanted to touch sleep on your couch for a few nights, and…

Kent wasn’t sure of when he’d closed his eyes in thought, but he was completely certain of when he opened them because there was Rocko, fingers on Kent’s cheek, looking all concerned.

“Hey, you okay?” Rocko asked softly, swallowing hard as those green eyes met his own with a swiftly hidden degree of heat that was… scary, but also exciting.

God help him, but Kent didn’t actually know how to answer that question, which was disturbing on far too many levels to count, not the least of which was… he was speechless. He was speechless, and that hadn’t happened to him since his fifteenth birthday, when Tony Gambeaux had walked in on him and Keith Montroy nearly naked in the equipment shed by the athletic field.

Of course, that had worked out pretty well, since the quarterback had ended up stripping off and blowing both him and Keith… before going back to ignoring them, anyway.

“Kent?” he heard, the concern in Rocko’s low, shaky voice pulling him back from the memory, “What’s wrong?”

And God help him again because there was nothing he could do other than pull away from that big, warm body and curl himself into the opposite corner of the couch, just as far away from Rocko as he could get without actually standing up and moving.

“I’m fine,” he said, deliberately forcing his eyes back to the movie playing on the television screen. “Just feel like stretching out, is all.”

‘Liar,’ Rocko thought, though he didn’t say it aloud. Instead, he gave Kent a skeptical look. “Uh-huh… and that’s why you’re curled up like a foetus. Okay. Look. Maybe I should just go. I… I don’t want to put you out and I obviously did something to piss you off, so I’ll just…”

Well, God was clearly not in a helping mood because Kent couldn’t help reacting to the sadness in Rocko’s tone.

“You aren’t putting me out,” was what he said, trying to relax enough to fool the man while hiding the hard bulge in his pants. “And I’m not mad. I just need some… room, okay? Watch the movie.”

And Rocko had always hated being lied to. Even with knowing it was a fact of life, he hated it. He hated it even more that it was Kent lying to him, though he didn’t know why.

“Fine,” he almost snarled, “I didn’t do anything. You just decided for no apparent reason that you wanted to get as far away from me as you could. Got it. The kitchen might be a better choice. Or the bedroom. That way you wouldn’t even have to look at me, would you? Wouldn’t have to see me and think about whatever it is I did that you don’t want to talk about.”

And when had he become the kind of guy who wanted to talk, anyway? He should just be glad he wasn’t being tempted by that lean, sweet body with the thick red hair and sparkling green eyes anymore, and damn! Apparently he’d burst out of the closet so hard, the door was hanging by one hinge, at most. Then again, maybe that was what impending death did to a guy. If so, he couldn’t say he was sorry.

A little bit freaked, yeah. But sorry? No.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!” Kent nearly screamed. “You didn’t do anything, Rocky! And that’s exactly the problem! You sit there, liking Bette Midler and watching Steel Magnolias, and you even cried a little, too, so don’t think I missed that part, and I’m only human! Do you have any idea of how long it’s been since I’ve gotten laid? And there you are, all… muscle-y and hot and just fucking drop dead gorgeous and nice, and I’m fucking horny, okay? And damn Will and Xander for parking you here because I could have gotten along just fine, thank you, without being saddled with a roommate, temporary or not, who makes me want to just climb onto his cock and ride until I burst! And he’s not even my type, on top of which, he’s fucking straight!”

And that was so not what he’d planned on saying that Kent flushed more hotly than he could remember doing ever before… in his entire life. “Oh, God. Did I really just say all that out loud?” he whispered, more to himself than anything.

The last thing he was expecting was a chuckle.

Fists, maybe.

Harsh words, yeah.

Rocko’s retreating form and a slammed door, definitely.

A chuckle? No. Not so much.

And then that chuckle found a friend and the two of them bred and suddenly it was a full, loud laugh Kent was hearing and that just… pissed him off, no end.

He suddenly didn’t care if Rocko saw how hard he was in his pants. Didn’t care that the guy was easily twice his size, either.

He flung himself up from the couch and glared at the man, hands fisted on his own hips as Rocko shook on the sofa. “Shut up! Shut up or I’m going to kick your ass! This isn’t funny, you big, dumb bastard! Do you think I want to want you? I don’t! Hell, I don’t even know anything about you, except you for damned sure seem to like laughing at me!”

Kent found himself blinking, even as he felt his body being dragged hard against Rocko’s much larger form and felt an erection against him that nearly made him weep with desire… and a not inconsiderable amount of wanton fear.

“W-what…?” he managed, because he’d never known anyone to move that quickly, other than Will in a snit. “What are you…”

“Doing?” Rocko growled, his hands shifting down to grasp Kent’s butt, fingers spreading wide as he pulled the man up a good six inches until their eyes met, separated by only a small bit of space. “If you don’t know, then I obviously need a few lessons. Maybe you can help me with that.” And with those words, Rocko tossed caution to the wind.

One hand slid up Kent’s back, fingers finally tangling in the red locks as he pressed his lips against soft pink. He groaned low and deep when those same lips opened and a slick, clearly talented tongue met his own, and… Well, he’d be damned, but a kiss was still a kiss, no matter the gender of the parties involved. And with any luck, the rest of it would be just as similar… and just as much better than what Rocko remembered of being with women.


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