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Author: BmblBee

OCD Spike is back. The phobic detective from Rough Diamond is back for
another round. Last time he met Xander, a street hooker who was caught up
in the murder of his friend, Joey. Despite Spike's phobic fear of germs, he and
Xander were forced to hide out together in a cabin in the woods. By the end
of the story, the crime was solved and our boys were together in both work
and play.

This time, they are taking a vacation on a gay cruise. Planned by Xander, Spike
is unable to wriggle out of it and finds himself in the Caribbean on a ship full of
wild hijinks, flaming fun, and, of course, a murder to solve.

It goes without saying that this is rated adutls only for sexual language and content.
this story is HAU.

It is not critical that you have read Rough Diamond but it may help in the character
understanding. It is here:

As always, comments are greatly encouraging. The Bee loves to write but it
really helps to know if someone still wants to read.

Story begins on April 1 and runs for 36 chapters. Hope to see you then.
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