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Author: marie_macgivens
Title: Moonlight

Chapter: Chapter 4

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating:N/C 17

Disclaimer:not mine just playing with em

Warnings non-con, torture, language, angst, m/m, violence

Xander goes away for the summer and comes back with different ideas. While finding out things are not like he left them.Some friends are not as he thought they where while some enemies aren't as bad as they made out

A/N : A big Thanks to the brave zowiebwalker who faced off with my horrible grammer and spelling to beta Moonlight, enjoy!! = D

Chapter 4

After Xander had found footprints around the crypt, he had asked Spike if he would like to move in with him. Spike's refusal was immediate and adamant, his face haunted. So Xander let the matter drop for now.

"Well, you can stay tonight then."

They made the slow trip in silence. Dawn got ready to go, telling them "If I don't get home tonight, Buffy will get suspicious." Her voice was colored with contempt, " and then she'll just go snooping. That's the last thing we need."

They both gave her hugs. After shutting the door, Xander turned to see Spike once again huddled in on himself.

"I know it's early for you, but I need to get to bed." Xander stopped mid-sentence as Spike's eyes widened in fear and he began to back away.

"Spike, what's wrong?" he asked as he backed away, hands low at his sides watching Spike as he trembled.

"It's all right," he said. "I just wanted to show you your room 'cause I need to get up early, but I didn't know if you wanted to stay up and watch some T.V, ya know with you being a creature of the night and all."

*And score one for the stupid babbling* he thought as he watched Spike visibly relax as he talked.

Spike nodded his head. "Yeah Whelp, a bed sounds right nice, been a long night, ya know." He heaved a sigh and ran a weary hand through his hair, grimacing as it tugged.

Xander stood watching this for a moment, a soft flutter forming in his belly. "Here, why don't you have the shower first while I set your bedroom up for you, wasn't really expecting company." he said with a leery smile wondering if that would set Spike off again. But the other man just nodded had headed in the direction Xander had pointed out earlier to Dawn.

Xander went into the guest room and pulling out his spare sheets, set
about making the bed in folds of soft scarlet cotton. placing a large electric blanked in the middle of the sheets. Turning it on high, he left the room with one final glance around.

He pulled out a bag of blood and a mug, popping it in the microwave and left a note on the table where Spike could find it. At the ding, he grabbed the mug wrapping a towel around it to help hold the heat and placed it with the note.

Heading to bed, he paused at the bathroom door intending to holler goodnight when the muffed weeping reached his ears. Dropping his hand and leaning against the door he sighed, debating what to do. A moment later he decided to just go on to bed.


Before his alarm could go off, a scream ripped through the dark house. Xander bolted out of bed and raced down the hall where he saw Spike sprawled on the floor screaming, back arched. The jewels on his arm band glowing crimson, but before he could cross the room the glowing flared, tearing another howl from the withering vampire, then winking out.

Xander flinched as the Hyena slammed to the forefront of his mind.

Clan, Help, Stronger, the yipping growl rumbled.

Then gripped his head as the Soldier ghosted through.She's right let her out then let the vamp drink you, she will make your blood stronger.

Shaking his head, he took a halting step towards the form on the floor.

*All right, but you go back after understand?!* Xander thought to the hyena and got a yip in answer.

Xander drifted to the back of his mind and felt the warm brush of fur and heat as the hyena lept past.


Spike tried lifting his head with a groan. Then deciding it just bloody well hurt too much to keep it there, let it fall back. Curling his aching body in a ball and cradling his arm to his chest, Spike let a soft whine escape his throat, his sodding arm felt like someone had replaced the bone with a hot poker.

He jumped in surprise when an answering whine came from beside him. He jolted again when he saw the whelp next to him in the bed. Then the cerulean gaze narrowed, he noticed something was off with the boy when he saw gleaming chartreuse looked back at him. Brown head tilted to the side as the soft whine came again, as if in question. Tanned hands reached for him, pulling him up against a bare chest.

Spike couldn't figure out what was going on as his head was tucked under Xander's chin.They were now laying back to chest leaned up against the headboard. Solid arms draped around his shoulders and powerful legs braced his own. He was surrounded and it One tanned wrist moved up to nudge at his lips, a deep rumbling growl rolled out from under him as the man behind him began an odd purr. It almost reminded Spike of his Sire's purr.

Soft puffing breaths brushed against the back of his head as he was nuzzled closer to the offered wrist, Spike sighed "I can't bite you, you berk. Chipped, remember?"

That provoked a snarl as the arm was yanked away. Spike flinched involuntarily even as he hated himself for the act, waiting to get hit. Much to his surprise, all that fallowed was a sharp yelp and the sent of blood. Then it was back torn and dripping. Spike felt the hunger rip through his belly even though he had just fed the night before. When the wet flesh touched his mouth once more, Spike latched on drinking greedily.

The blood hit his gut with the punch of aged brandy and tasted like heat, sunshine and dust......and power .....a lot of power, more than the man alone should have had.


Xander's other arm slowly stroked up and down the silky flesh under his hand as he gradually came back to himself and the hyena retreated.

Leaning down, he whisper into Spike's ear " Shhhh.... That's enough ....That's right, ease up."

Spike let go of his wrist with one final lick closing the ragged bite, settling back against the boy and pressing his ear next to the steady heart with drowsy contentment. Xander eased them back down onto the mattress, pulling the blanket up over them. He glanced at the spare alarm he had in here for guests and set it to wake them up in time for the Scooby meeting tonight. He laid back down. Pulling Spike close, he purred in contentment, feeling the Solder brush his mind and the ruff fur of the hyena drift over like a ghost.

Later that day after they had showered, eaten and the sun went down, Spike and Xander found themselves at the Magic Box. They had picked up pizza and soda on their way over, everyone was busy munching while Giles passed out patrol assignments.

"OK, I want Dawn and Xander to take the East end. Tara and Willow, you take the South. Buffy, you and Spike take the West and North sections of town."

Dawn started to protest the pairing, but paused at the slight growl from Xander. He gave a small shake of his head. Grabbing weapons, they headed out turning in different directions. When they had turned the corner, Xander doubled back.

"What are you doing?" Dawn asked. Xander looked over his shoulder, not stopping

"Spike's with Buffy. Where do you think she's taking her pet?"

"Oh, I know where she's taking him and what they are going to be doing, but what can I do besides have blood and bandages ready to patch him up with after?" Dawn snapped.

Xander whipped around with a snarl. "Maybe not, But. I. Can!"

A deep rumble began and as she watched, his hair bristled and his muscles swelled. Throwing his head back, a shriek was ripped from his throat, echoing across the night. It was answerd by a chorus of howls and even the scream of a wildcat miles out. A shudder swept down Dawn's back as Xander's body settled as if on springs coiled and ready.

They set out at a fast lope, eating up the distance to the cemetery where they had found the solders before. As they neared the clearing, Xander dropped into a hunting crouch while Dawn shadowed him, gripping the hilts of her daggers. The man's head cocked to the side, whipping around as soft sounds filtered through the breeze. Following the sounds, the pair came up to a family mausoleum, its' door slightly open and a faint flickering light flowing out. Xander crept up, leaning around to look inside.

There were two men and Spike. One of the bastards was over in the corner guzzling what looked like JD and the other was busy with Spike. Xander had to bite down on a growl when he saw Spike. They had him chained over the smallest sarcophagus. It looked to be a young child's. It was only long enough to brace Spike's shoulders to his ass. There were iron cuffs on his wrists, ankles, knees and elbows, bright new chains connected each arm to a leg. wrists pulled back to meet ankle and knees brought up to elbows.

That left him straddling the marble open to whatever their sadistic minds could come up with. There was a heavy cloth around Spike's head, wrapping his eyes, ears and nose, but leaving the top of his head free along with his mouth and chin. There was a heavy D ring though the back. Attached to this was a small clip which led to a thin leather cord that ran taunt down his spine and over his hips to twine around his balls so any forward movement yanked painfully, while keeping his head up high.

Xander turned back to Dawn. "Your objective is to get the vamp. In and out. No talking, No fighting." When he saw her open her mouth to argue, he bared his teeth at her.

"NO. Fucking Arguments or I will knock your ass out and go in with out you!"

Dawn snapped her mouth shut and gave a hard nod. Turning back, Xander pulled out a gun with one hand and a throwing dagger with the other. Stepping into the doorway, he let out a vicious snarl, causing the two men inside to freeze, one in the act of lifting his bottle and the second in the act of raping Spike's mouth.

Xander fired of his pistol and threw the dagger at the same time, hitting one between the eyes and the other in the throat. As he went over to check that they were dead, Dawn ran over to the poor vamp, cutting the cord on his back first, allowing his head to sag, panting through his mouth.

After checking the chains, she found the only thing she could remove was the damn mask. Dawn quickly cut through the laces at the back. Spike blinked, gasping at the sudden brightness. She gently ran her hand over his hair, leaning his head on her shoulder.

Glancing over found Xander dragging the guy he stabbed, still alive, over to the other sarcophagus. Dropping him there, he moved over to where they were. Sliding to his knees, he unlocked the iron and chains with the key he had found in the dead guy's pockets. When he was completely free, Xander and Dawn helped him to his feet. Xander nodded to the door, looking at Dawn. She nodded back and they slowly hobbled out.


Xander found them a few feet away in the grass. Settling next to the abused vamp, he nudged him with a whine. When tormented cerulean eyes raised to meet his, he raised his blood stained hands. What he held up made Dawn gag and turn away. Nestled in each palm was a heart glistening in the moonlight, wispy steam still rising.

"Should any dare do you harm, their hearts you shall hold in you fist." The vow was made quietly, but lost none of its power.

As Spike lifted shaky hands to take the offering, his stunned gaze never left the brilliant steady eyes of the man watching him. Suddenly, Spike's demon rose and with a howl he sank his fangs in the warm organ in there combined hands. At this, Xander let loose a loud whooping cry, almost like a laugh, as Spike drank each till it was nothing more than a husk.

Dawn had backed away during this but as several emotions flickered across her face, resolve finally locked in place. Clenching her hands into fists, she lifted her face to the moon and screamed long and loud, causing the night to still around them. Whipping their heads around, Spike and Xander stared at her, one golden eyed and bloody, the others brown eyes back lit in emerald and bristling still.

When they sat there gaping at her, she shrugged. "What? I thought I would join in the celebration, too."

Looking at each other, Spike began to grin and Xander broke out in inhuman giggles

"We'll make a demon outta you yet, Pet."


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