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High Seas

High Seas

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult for language and sexual content
Paring: S/X HAU
Disclaimer: The Bee owns none of the characters or products named
in this story, however the plot and words are her own.
Warning: Violence (nongraphic) and strong M/M sexual content.

Summary: OCD Spike is back! It has been a year since Xander and
Spike met in Rough Diamond and they have been living and working
together ever since. As an anniversary present, Xander takes a reluctant
Spike on a gay ocean cruise and everything, including murder, goes with

Appreciation to: Petxnd for her wonderful banner and patient preread
and to Silk_ Labyrinth for her beta. Any remaining boo-boos are the
result of the Bee's stubbornness.

Thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner and the faithful friendship.

"Did you do as I asked?"

Xander turned his head to face the man sitting beside him. Although dark inside
the vehicle and out, he could clearly see the profile of his passenger's set jaw and
his tense, pursed lips. Spike had said very little when they finally cleared the
crime scene and headed back to the station.

He had gracefully refused all offers of a ride, explaining to those that didn't know
him that he only rode in his own personal vehicle with his equally personal assistant
at the wheel.

Xander didn't immediately reply to the question. He instead returned his
concentration to the road ahead and he made a point of relaxing behind the wheel,
going so far as to flip down the arm rest between them and slumping against it.

Finally when he could all but taste the impatience in the air, he cleared his throat
and smiled.

"What? I'm sorry. What was that?"

Spike gritted his teeth. He hated it when Xander played these smug little games
of his. He wished to god he could win this time by not asking again, but Spike
knew himself better than that. He could not breathe till he knew the answer.
So, in a level, measured voice, he asked again.

"I said, did you do as I asked?"

Xander grinned like a loon.

"Like you asked? I don't.... Oh, you mean the shoe?"

This time, Spike snapped like a bear trap.

"Yes I mean the shoe. Of course I mean the shoe. You know I mean the
fucking shoe!"

Xander hooted with laughter. Not at his lover but only at the comfortable stability
that lived between them. Spike was amazing. He never spoke of Xander's past
or acted as though he gave it the weight of a postage stamp, yet he freely showed
the boy his own weakness. He trusted. Spike trusted Xander and that was a
giant leap of faith for both of them.

"Yes, Spike. I did as you asked. I put the shoe in a plastic ziplock bag and
then into a paper evidence sack. I wrapped it in a towel and put it in the trunk
of the car."

Spike turned in his seat and looked back as though he could see the offending
shoe through the rear seat and into the trunk. It was an impossible reaction
but Xander could see the man nod his head, satisfied.

"Good. Good. When we get home, you will have to dispose of it."

Xander rolled his eyes.

"Spike. I told you. Gum is no big deal. If I put some ice on it and scrape, it
will chip right off. The shoe will be good as new."

Spike's face swiveled around. He wore an expression of disbelief and horror.

"Are you insane? Sure, maybe you would get off the gum, but the gum is just the
beginning. It's like a conductor. Every step I took with that shite on the bottom
of my foot, it collected Lord-knows-what off that filthy floor. Germs, bugs,
MOUSE DROPPINGS! They were all stuck into that gum like glue and...."

"OK. Fine. I get the point. We'll do it your way. Um, speaking of doing
things your way, you really can't be tasering people once they are cuffed, Spike."

Spike snorted.

"Don't be silly. The shoes were Bruno Magli's."

Xander considered arguing the point, but the fact was he really didn't care who
Spike tasered. None of the officers would mention it and none of the reports
would reflect any behavior less than professional when the details of the arrest
were spelled out. His men may snicker at his oddities but Spike had the respect
of his entire department.

Besides, Xander had other issues pressing to the forefront of his mind. He glanced
over and could see that now that the shoe issue had been unequivocally settled,
his boss and lover was calm and relaxed. As relaxed as Spike ever was.

So Xander knew that now was the time to broach a subject that he had been
hinting at for the past six weeks. And to be honest, he wasn't certain if Spike
had ever picked up on it or not, but while they were buzzing down the road and
there was no way out without a radical case of road rash, the moment was right.

"So, Spike. The case is finally over."

"Hmm? Oh. Yes."

"And next week is our one-year anniversary."

"Yes. I suppose it is."

"Kind of a special time don'tcha think?"

Xander's eyes darted over to watch Spike focusing all his attention on some sort
of unidentifiable dimple in the leather arm rest and Xander now remembered why
he kept it up.


Xander felt the muscle in his cheek twitch. He was generally an easy-going and
go-with-the-flow type of guy but his lover could test the patience of Mother Teresa.
Realizing he was about to lose the entire point of the conversation, Xander decided
that straight and direct was the best line to take.

"I said it is our anniversary and I want to celebrate. This has been the best year
of my entire life and I owe it all to you. I love you Spike, and I want to do
something really special with you."

Spike stared at Xander as if he had just grown a second head. There were
certain words that had no place in Spike's vocabulary. Words like impulsive
and spontaneous. No, Spike would never, ever be collecting a boarding pass
for a first class seat on a flight of fancy. What shocked him was that apparently
Xander hadn't learned that.

Still, when he looked, even in the dim light he could see that this was important
to the boy. And never let it be said that Spike was not one to admit his realities.
He was quirky. He knew that and he also knew that God himself had sent Xander
down to stand beside him and put up with him. Spike slapped his knee.

"You're right. This is a momentous occasion! A celebration is called for. Tell you
what, why don't we pop on down to Dee's Diner. We'll throw caution to the wind
and just order whatever the hell the special of the night is. How is that for wild
and spur of the moment? Oh, of course not if the special is crab cakes. Oh, and
not those cabbage roll things. I had flatulence for a week the last time. Oh, and

"NO! Spike. Not Dee's. This is bigger than Dee's. Tell you what. Let me plan
our whole anniversary. I'll do everything! You know I know you. I will make
provisions for all your little oddities. Just promise me that you will do it. Whatever
I set up for us, you have to agree to. Do you promise? Do you trust me Spike?"

Spike's left eyebrow crept up as he studied the grinning, excited boy beside him.
Spike's stomach churned and his skin felt uncomfortable. Something in the back
of his mind was trying to whisper ugly ideas of things that were seeping into his
foot from the contaminated shoe, and all the while he tried to concentrate on what
Xander was proposing. His voice was low, and his speech slow and measured.

"I do trust you. It isn't that I don't. What exactly do you mean by you'll do everything?
What all does everything encompass? This isn't fair Xander. I'm feeling very hinky
about this."

"No more talk. Do you promise?"

Spike rubbed his hands over his face and prayed. 'Oh, sweet Jesus, please don't
make me regret this.' Then, before he could stop himself, he blurted out.

"I promise."

Xander leapt up in his seat. He never dreamed it would be this easy. It was like
Christmas and losing his cherry all at once. He was thrilled beyond elation and
knew exactly what he would plan.

"Woohoo!! Ever heard of the Solstice?"

Spike frowned.

"Is that a new restaurant in the city?"

Xander burst into laughter. He stomped the gas and they sped for home. There
was no need to tell Spike it was the Solstice Exotic Gay Caribbean Cruise till later.
Much later.
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