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All's Not Lost Part 9

Title: All’s Not Lost 9/10
Author: forsaken2003
Pairings: S/X, A/W
Rating: NC17 (Mild description)
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: Xander is date raped and Spike is there to help him
Warnings/Spoilers: Season 5 No Glory, No Dawn
Plot Bunny by: Lady Q: write a story where Xander is date raped
Beta’d by: Dragonfly_64

Part Nine
It had been another week and a half since Spike left to get the chip removed. Whenever he started to doubt that Spike would return Willow would tell him to have faith.

Xander was still awake in Willow’s spare bedroom. When the door creaked open Xander tensed. Willow only came into check on him if he had nightmares. The bed shifted and than a hand was on his shoulder. It was calloused, Willow’s hand was soft. Xander couldn’t help the whimper that escaped his lips. Brett found him.

“Hush pet,” Spike whispered in his ear.

“Spike?” Xander whipped around not being able to see Spike because it was so dark.

The table lamp was turned on making Xander squint. Spike sat on the bed looking ragged. “You look like shit Xan.”

“Could say the same about you,” Xander shot back but the relief of having Spike back was obvious. “How did you know I was here?”

“Left me a note remember?” Spike reminded him.

“Oh yeah,” Xander had forgotten about that. It seemed like a life time ago. “Are you alright?”

Spike laid down beside Xander, “Yeah. It took me a week to find the bloody witch.”

“Did you get it out?” Xander asked looking hopeful.

“Not exactly,” Spike replied but didn’t seem to want to continue.

Xander grabbed Spike’s hand, “What happened?”

“She knew right away why I was there. Knew that I wanted to be whole again. She told me she wouldn’t do it, having another demon running around killing more innocents.” Spike stated.

“So she wouldn’t help you?” Xander asked disappointment clear in his voice.

“Didn’t say that did I?” Spike raised an eyebrow, “Just said she didn’t want me killing the good little happy meals. She agreed to malfunction the chip to an extent. Apparently she likes revenge as much as a vengeance demon.”

Xander wanted to stomp his feet, he probably would have if he had been standing, “Spike!”

“Anyways,” Spike smirked at him. He loved annoying Xander. “I can’t kill the good guys or the chip will go off but I am fully capable of going after bad ones.”

Xander whooped with joy and jumped on Spike hugging him. When Spike didn’t return the hug Xander let go and slipped back to the other side of the bed. “What’s wrong? This is what you wanted right? To be able to kill again?”

Spike shook himself, he knew Xander wanted Spike to get revenge for him but he was sure once Spike returned Xander would have changed his mind. “Yeah pet, I was just waiting for you to say you changed your mind is all.”

“Xander are you okay?” Willow walked in clearly surprised to see Spike. Her eyes widened, “It’s about time you got back mister! Do you have any idea what you’ve put Xander through? How many nights he’d cry out your name? You better have gotten the damn chip out.”

Spike looked at Xander, “How does the witch know?”

“They all know Spike,” Xander’s eyes shifted between the two. “About everything.”

“Oh that’s just bloody perfect!” Spike jumped off the bed. “Now the damn slayer is going to dust me. Couldn’t keep your trap shut could you?”

Xander shrunk into himself. He didn’t even see Willow move until Spike fell back onto the bed holding his jaw.

“Don’t you talk to him like that,” Willow hissed at him. “He’s been through hell, and he doesn’t need you being a big jerk. Buffy isn’t going to kill you. She actually wanted to be the one to kill Brett. Giles and I were right in line with her.”

Spike sighed and curled up next to Xander, “Sorry luv. It’s been a long few weeks.”

Willow smiled as Spike nuzzled Xander’s cheek, “Now that you boys are done talking. I’m going back to sleep.” She left them to themselves.

“I didn’t mean to tell them. It’s just they all wanted to go after him and I had to you know?” Xander said timidly. “Their not mad, I think they’ve actually been eager for you to come back. Buffy was getting an itchy trigger finger in a manor of speaking.” He wrapped an arm around Spike’s waist, “Missed you.”

Spike smiled, “Missed you too pet.” He pulled the blanket up around both of them. “Get some sleep we’ll talk more later.”

Xander nodded and kissed Spike’s cheek. “Yeah talking would be good.”
They all sat around the Magic Box, each of them quiet. Angel had returned to L.A a couple days earlier because of another up and coming apocalypse.

Buffy looked between Spike and Xander, no one could ignore how close they sat beside each other. “So what’s the plan?”

“I kill him,” Spike growled his eyes flashing yellow.

“I get that, and I am all for helping but a plan is always good.” Buffy responded with an eye roll.

Xander grabbed a hold of Spike’s hand earning him a smile, “If it’s all the same I’d really prefer if you all weren’t there.”

“Xander,” Giles pulled his glasses off cleaning them. “We all want justice for you.”

“I just want him dead. Spike can handle that. If you guys take part in it, it will eat you up. Maybe not today but one day,” Xander told them. “I don’t want that on my conscious. So please for respect for me let us handle it.”

“But…” Buffy went to argue but stopped when Willow laid a hand on her arm.
Willow looked at Xander, “If that’s what you want we won’t fight you.”

“Thanks Wills,” Xander gave her a half smile.

Spike wanted to get this over with and to let Xander finally have some rest. “Where do we find him?”

“It’s Friday,” Xander said quietly. “He told me he goes to that underground club I told you about every Friday.”

“Looks like we’re going clubbing than pet,” Spike informed Xander. “You don’t have to come you know? You’ve got nothing to prove.” He whispered in Xander’s ear.

“I want too,” Xander answered with determination. “I want to see him with same fear I had.”

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