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Looking for Xander/William story search


I'm looking for a story that I read on the Spanderfiles under the Sweet William category but it's no longer there.Spike and Xander where in a relationship and something happens and Spike looses his memories and only remembers before he was turned ,when he was William.Xander is a stripper and he still wants a relationship with him so they take things slowly.Someone drugs Xander and he sleeps with William even though he didn't want to yet.They discovered that he had been drugged and William forgives him and they continue their relationship.

If any one can tell me where this fic is or are willing to share if they have a copy ,my email is

Any recommendations where Spike/William is innocent to guy sex or has been sexually abused and Xander has to be gentle with him stories that are not on the Spanderfiles would be most welcome!!

Thank you
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