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I Never Part 1

Title: I Never 1/3
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: Spike/Xander, Angel/Wesley, Giles/?
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: The boys play ‘I Never’
Warnings/Spoilers: Season 2 of and Season 5 of Buffy on the safe side
Requested by: Mrs. Cake: Drinking game including the boys, Angel, Wesley and Giles.
Beta’d by: Mrs. Cake

Part One
Wesley and Angel came down to Sunnydale to help keep everything under control while Buffy and Willow went up to L.A to visit Cordelia and do some well needed shopping… according to them anyways.

“So it’s Saturday night and we have nothing to do,” Xander complained as he sat around the table at the Magic Box with the rest.

“You could help me with the new inventory,” Giles suggested wanting to get it out of the way for the next day.

Spike snorted, “That’s how you spend your Saturday nights mate? Bloody pathetic that is.”

Wesley who was just about to say that sounded like a great idea spoke up, “What do you suggest than Spike?”

“Something that involves drinking,” Spike stated the obvious.

“That’s surprising,” Angel replied with an eye roll.

“Hey that’s a good idea, we can play a game!” Xander replied excitedly.

Giles closed a book he was holding, “Good lord. How old are you again?”

Xander pouted, “Come on G-man! It’ll be fun! We can play I Never.”

“I never what?” Angel asked confused.

“You’ve never played I Never? Come on deadboy you’ve been around for how long?” Xander shook his head in disappointment. “The first person says something they have never done and anyone who has done what that person hasn’t has to drink. But I think its only fair that since you and Spike are vampires and seem to be able to hold your liquor more than us humans you’ll have to do double shots.”

Spike rubbed his hands together, “I get to drink more alcohol? I’m game than pet!”

“Mr. Giles what kind of alcohol do you have around here?” Wesley asked. He’d never play this game before, being in a boarding school there was no way to sneak alcohol in. Also he never would have been invited anyways.

“I only have whiskey,” Giles told them pulling out a full bottle and five coffee mugs. “I am protesting against this.”

“So you’re not gonna play?” Xander asked sounding disappointed.

Giles sighed, how he hated that his children could make him feel guitly over the littlest things. “Alright but on one condtion.”

“Anything!” Xander agreed wanting Giles to join in on the fun.

“Nothing we admit to leaves this room.” Giles said looking around to everyone.

Spike grinned, “Rupert has some dirty little secrets.”

“Do you agree or not Spike?” Giles asked obviously annoyed.

“Come on Spike! I want Giles to play,” Xander begged pulling out his puppy eyes. Drastic times called for drastic measures.

Spike sighed not being strong enough to say no to Xander exceptially with those eyes, “Fine I’ll keep your dirty little secrets watcher.” Why did he have to go and fall for the boy. Xander was 100% straight and would never be interested in any kind of relationship with Spike.

“Great!” Xander bounced in his seat. “Everyone take a seat and we’ll get started.”

“Xander since you suggested the game perhaps you should start us off?” Wesley recommended as he accepted a coffee mug from Giles.

Xander sat for a moment thinking of his very first question, “Alright I never got a tattoo.” Only Angel and Giles took a drink. “Spike you’re seriously telling us you don’t have a tattoo?”

“And damage this body?” Spike asked insulted. He ran a hand down his chest. “If you want to make sure I’m not lying feel free to do a strip search.” Spike smirked when a blush covered Xander’s tanned face. “Watcher Jr. it’s your turn.”

“Erm… I’ve never had a nickname,” Wesley stated and he watched everyone take a drink. “Mr. Giles?”

Giles squirmed a little, “Back in my youth I went by Ripper. And that’s all I have to say about that.”

“Ripper eh? You were a hell child weren’t ya,” Spike prodded, when he didn’t get a reply he moved on. “I never joined a swim team.”

Xander was the only one who drank, “That was an under cover mission.”

“Bet you looked hot in your little swim suit pet,” Spike leered at Xander.

“From what I heard from the girls it was a speedo,” Giles announced which earned him a punch to the arm from Xander. “Was it a secret? The girls have a picture of you in that thing on their phones.”

“Oh god,” Xander sunk lower into his chair humiliated. “Moving on Angel?”

Angel tilted his head in thought, “I never went to a public school.” Everyone watched as Xander was the only one to drink.

“This is a conspiracy!” Xander accused and sent everyone a dirty look.

“I’ll take mercy on you,” Giles replied before going on. “I never lived in the 1800’s.”

“Cheers mate!” Spike said before downing his drink.

Angel also drank, this game wasn’t so bad. He had to admit it was kind of nice to just hang out with guys. He loved Fred and Cordelia but this was what he needed every now and than. Also sharing a hotel room with Wesley wasn’t something he’d complain about.

“I’ve never swam in the ocean,” Xander started over again.

Spike shot Angel a dirty look before drinking again, “Bloody pouf!”

Giles got interested; stories from Spike’s and Angel’s past always intrigued him. “Something you’d like to share with us?”

“Not bloody likely mate,” Spike had no problem telling stories of maiming and killing people but he refused to tell stories where he looked like an idiot.

“You sure Spike? It’s such a great story!” Angel replied with an evil glint in his eyes.

“You keep your gob shut or I’ll dust you,” Spike snarled in disgust.

Xander placed a warm hand on Spike’s arm, “Calm down. If you don’t want to tell us you don’t have too. This is suppose to be fun remember?”

“Sorry,” Spike looked chagrined.

“It’s fine,” Xander smiled at Spike and kept his hand on Spike’s arm. “Wes you want to continue?”

“Oh yes,” Wesley retorted, glad to have the potential fight diverted. “I’ve never been bitten by a vampire.”

Spike, Angel and Giles all drank. Everyone’s eyes glued to Giles, “You have something you want to share Giles?” Angel asked with a smirk. He was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol. Even with all those years of drinking as a human and as Angelus he was never one to be able to hold his alcohol.

Giles coughed, “Back in my Ripper days. I may have hooked up with a vampire, a one time thing of course. The next evening we both went our separate ways and I haven’t seen him since.”

Spike tsked at Giles, “After all the lectures you’ve given the kiddies. Bloody hypocrite you are mate.” At the death glare he received from Giles he decided to move on, “Alright than. I never was a bug eater for that pouncy git Dracula.”

Xander glowered at Spike and took his shot. “Xander?” Angel leaned in clearly interested in this story.

“Dracula came to town interested in Buffy. He needed someone that was close to her for a way in and surprise, surprise yours truly was chosen.” Xander pouted, “He promised me eternity and all I got were bugs.”

This time it was Spike who laid a hand on Xander’s arm, “Don’t feel too bad pet. Drac always did have horrible taste in male companions. If it wasn’t for this damn chip I’d give you eternity.”

“Really? You’re not just saying that?” Xander asked with such hope.

“Xander, that best be the alcohol talking and not you about wanting to be turned into a vampire,” Giles scolded Xander.

Xander cleared his throat, “O-of course. I mean I hate vampires’ right? Why would I want to be one?” He chuckled looking extremely guilty.

Spike licked his lips as he eyed Xander’s lovely neck. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of wanting to feel a vampires’ fangs slide into your flesh, drinking all that lovely blood that’s pumping away under your skin.”

Angel’s eyes also adverted to Wesley’s neck. He’d always wondered what his blood tasted like. He swallowed as he felt his cock begin to swell. “I…” Angel had to clear his throat his voice harsh. “I never ate an entire pizza in one sitting.”

Xander happily took his shot. That was something he had been proud of; no one thought he’d be able to polish off an extra large pizza with everything on it. They obviously didn’t know him very well. “MMM, pizza!”

Wesley did a shot as well, surprising everyone at the table. “I… well…”

“You don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to Wes,” Angel told Wesley who was looking discomfited.

“Let’s just say that was the one and only time I ever experiment with drugs.” Wesley informed them.

Spike grinned, “Not as stuffy as I thought you were Jr.” He clapped his hands together. “Now this is all well and good but let’s get down to more serious questions shall we?”

Everyone gazed at each other, all looking a little bit nervous.
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