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I Never Part 2

Title: I Never 2/3
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: Spike/Xander, Angel/Wesley, Giles/?
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: The boys play ‘I Never’
Warnings/Spoilers: Season 2 of and Season 5 of Buffy on the safe side
Requested by: Mrs. Cake: Drinking game including the boys, Angel, Wesley and Giles.
Beta’d by: Mrs. Cake

Part Two
“What are you suggesting Spike?” Giles asked wondering what he’d gotten himself into.

“We’re all adult here yeah?” Spike asked looking at each man. “So let’s get to the nitty gritties.”

Angel rubbed his head, feeling a headache coming on. “Just spit it out will you Spike.”

“I’m talking about sexual experiences you pillock,” Spike sighed sounding put out.

Wesley and Xander looked at each other feeling awkward, “Do we have to Spike?” Xander asked apprehensively.

Spike smiled trying to reassure Xander. “Come on pet. I promise whatever is said here will be kept between us. You trust me don’t you?”

“Yeah I trust you Spike,” Xander smiled warily. “You start us off than.”

“I’ve never streaked,” Spike declared starting everyone off easy.

Xander, Wesley and Giles all drank.

Wesley leaned into Angel’s personal space, “An-Angel?”

“Yeah Wes,” Angel asked taking in the smell of the man. Underneath the smell of whiskey was Wesley’s cologne.

“I don’t handle alc-chol very well,” Wesley announced.

Angel had to stifle his laugh, Wesley was absolutely adorable, and “I figured that out Wes.”

“Right, well anyways will you make sure I don’t do anything rash?” Wesley asked looking into Angel’s eyes. So much trust in them

Angel smiled and ran a hand over Wesley’s shoulder, “Course I will.”

“I’ve never stripped in a women’s night club,” Giles threw out giving a very Ripperish smirk to Xander. “Drink up my boy.”

Xander tossed back his shot, “That’s evil G-man.”

“Xander stripped in a night club?” Angel said noticeably stunned.

“It was a short term thing.” Xander explained miserably.

Wesley leaned over and patted Xander on the head, “There, there old chap. I’m sure you put on a good show.”

Spike and Angel both snarled. Angel grabbed Wesley’s hand pulling it as far away as he possible could from Xander. He than made sure he had a firm hold on Wesley making sure he touched no one else.

Wesley looked at Angel with surprise after a few seconds he shrugged and smiled again. “Who’s turn?”

“That would be me,” Xander spoke up his leg bouncing while he thought. “I’ve never made a sex tape.”

Giles saluted them all and drank. “And it was bloody fantastic, an absolute master piece.”

“Eww!” Xander shuddered. “I so don’t need mental images in my head about you having sex Giles!”

“Did you honestly believe I have never had sex?” Giles asked with amusement. “I’ve had a fair amount.”

Xander brought his hands up to cover his ears. “La la la. I can’t hear you!”

Giles barked out a laugh. “Alright I think I’ve proven my point.”

Xander looked skeptically at him but slowly lowered his hands. “I don’t think we should ask Giles to drink with us anymore.”

“Nonsense,” Spike disagreed. “Watchers’ way more entertaining this way!”

Wesley snorted with laughter before falling silent looking worried. “Angel?”

“Yeah?” Angel asked worried about his friend. “What’s wrong?”’

“I’m not boring am I?” Wesley asked clearly distraught.

Xander watched as Angel nuzzled Wesley’s shoulder with his cheek. “Of course you’re not.”

“Someone’s got it bad,” Spike muttered loud enough for Xander to hear.

“Which one?” Xander whispered back as he watched Wesley play with Angel’s hair. Angel definitely had to have it bad if he was letting Wesley play with his hair and wasn’t worried about a single strain being out of place.

Giles rolled his eyes and grabbed the bottle of whiskey taking a large drink before standing, “One last one and than I want all of you out. I need to open the shop early and I still have that inventory to sort out.”

“Great the watcher’s back to his boring stuffy self,” Spike groused before stealing the bottle from Giles. “Get on with it than.”

“I’ve never been in love with a vampire before,” Giles stated before making his way into the back room allowing the others to work out their emotions towards one another. He had to admit he was shocked that Spike never made a move towards Xander before this. Obviously not all of Williams’s insecurities left, as soon as his soul left his body being invaded by the demon.

Spike started at Xander before becoming angry, “You’re in love with a vampire?”

Xander poured himself another shot before drinking it, “I guess so.”

“Who is it? It better not be Peaches over there. He already has watcher jr. drooling over him.” Spike demanded he was sick of wanting people who were tripped up on Angel.

Wesley stood on unsteady feet. “You’d best stay away from Angel. I’d hate to have to hurt you.” He threatened before falling back onto his chair. “You can have Blondie over there but you’re sadly mistaken if you think you can have Angel!” Wesley then proceeded to kiss Angel possessively letting both Spike and Xander know that Angel was off limits.

“Uh huh…” Xander watched the two make out for several minutes before turning back to Spike, “Anyways.”

Spike looked annoyed, “Who’s this vampire that you’re in love with?” He demanded to know. Which vampire was he going to have to slay so he could have Xander for himself?

“Spike I thought you could handle your liquor better than that,” Xander shook his head in disappointment. “Which vampire do I see everyday?”

“Me,” Spike answered, wondering if maybe he didn’t handle his alcohol as well as he thought.

Xander smiled at him like his was a moron, “And which vampire do I bring blood to three times a week?”

“Me,” Spike answered again still a little on the fuzzy side. What did that have to do with anything?

“You really are a moron. It’s a good thing you’re so damn sexy or you’d be royally screwed.” Xander informed him before straddling Spike’s lap and kissing him on the lips. “Have you figured it out yet Blondie?”

“Me?” Spike guessed his eyes stuck on Xander’s swollen lips.

Xander petted one of Spike’s chiseled cheekbones, “So pretty.”

Spike shook himself recovering from the confusion; he placed his hands on Xander’s ass pulling him closer. “I’m down right sexy pet.”

“Duh,” Xander replied and attacked Spike’s pale throat leaving love bits along the way.

Spike made a noise some where between a moan and growl, “Bloody hell Xan.”

“Good God,” Giles walked back into the room. “I thought you all would have left by now.” He sounded annoyed, “Obviously I gave you all too much credit. You were supposed to admit your feelings and then leave!”

“That’s a bloody good idea Mr. Giles,” Wesley stood and Angel followed suit, his arm firmly planted around Wesley’s waist. “We should head back to the hotel.”

Angel grinned, “It’s about time I tested my permanent soul right?” They both stumbled out into the night.

“And Spike please take Xander and make sure…” Giles started but was cut off.

“To shag him senseless,” Spike replied with a smirk. “I’m on it watcher! Come on pet.”
Xander grinned and got off of Spike, “Ready when you are Spike. Night Giles!” He then dragged Spike out of the shop eager to see the vampire naked and do a full examination to make sure Spike did not in deed have any tattoos.

“Everyone is getting a shagging but me,” He complained when he was alone. With a sigh he went back to his inventory. The door clicked as it was locked. Giles looked up, "I knew coming here tonight was a good idea." Ethan said with a wicked smile, one that Ripper matched.

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