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You know they're doin' it
I Never Part 3 
8th-Apr-2010 09:08 am
Title: I Never 3/3
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: Spike/Xander, Angel/Wesley, Giles/?
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: The boys play ‘I Never’
Warnings/Spoilers: Season 2 of and Season 5 of Buffy on the safe side
Requested by: Mrs. Cake: Drinking game including the boys, Angel, Wesley and Giles.
Beta’d by: Mrs. Cake

Part Three
By the time Angel and Wesley returned to the hotel they were staying at Wesley sobered up enough to become uncomfortable. “Angel…” Wesley stated but only ended up fidgeting.

Angel sighed; he knew it was too good to be true. Alcohol had a way of making people want things that they normally wouldn’t want and of course Angel was one of those examples. “It’s fine Wes, really.” He gave a pathetic smile, “Let’s just get some sleep.”

“Oh… yes of course. It was silly of my to even think you would.” Wesley flushed with embarrassment. “I should change than.” He made his way to the small bathroom.

Angel grabbed Wesley’s shoulder making him stumble backwards. “Wes, are you disappointed?”

“Well I’m not ecstatic that you don’t find me remotely attractive,” Wesley admitted, he knew he wasn’t the most good-looking man around and Angel could have anyone he wanted but he was sure that after tonight he actually had a shot.

“Not attractive?” Angel repeated with stunned. How could Wesley think he didn’t find him attractive? “You’re even drunker than I thought. Of course I think you’re attractive!”

Wesley frowned in misunderstanding, “But you dismissed the very notion of being with me.”

“I think we need to start over.” Angel decided, both of them being confused wasn’t about to help them. “Answer me this, did you mean to drink when Giles said that he’d never been in love with a vampire?”

“Without a doubt yes,” Wesley answered honestly. “I also meant what I said to Xander… though I suppose I should apologize for my outburst.”

Angel shook his head and pulled Wesley flush against him. “I’m sure Xander understands where you were coming from. He most likely would have done the same thing to you if he suspected you having feelings for Spike.” He bent his head down and placed a kiss on Wesley’s lips. “I want you Wes,” Angel murmured.

“I want you too Angel,” Wesley managed to get out before Angel had him on the bed looming over him trailing kisses down his neck and chest with each button his removed from Wesley’s shirt. Wesley was quickly naked and Angel was just as equally as naked.

“Have you done this before Wes?” Angel asked before lapping at Wesley’s left nipple.

Wesley moaned and his fingers twitched before they attached themselves to Angel’s hair. “You mean with another man? No,” Wesley replied too turned on to feel embarrassed about that fact.

Angel moved down Wesley’s body eying the hard cock that lay before him. He was pleased with the answer he received. Slowly he ran his tongue over the head of Wesley’s cock swirling it around. They both moaned at the same time. Never had Angel tasted anything as sweet as this before. He wanted to take things slow but he was so hard it hurt. “Want to be in you now Wes.”

“Yes please,” Wesley said making Angel chuckle. He was always so polite even when he was going crazy with lust.

Angel helped Wesley turn over and get onto his hands and knees. “Damn it we don’t have anything.”

“In my jacket pocket,” Wesley replied as he looked over his shoulder at Angel. “I-I was hoping to get some private time over the next few days.”

Placing a kiss on Wesley’s shoulder blade Angel climbed off the bed to retrieve the lube. “Guess we were lucky you were hoping for some private time.” He purred as he climbed back onto the bed admiring the view. He poured a generous amount of lube over the crack off Wesley’s asshole before gently massaging a single digit over it. Slowly he began pushing his finger in past the tight ring. “Push back sweetheart.”

Wesley did as he was told moaning loudly at the intrusion, “Please Angel. I need more.”

Angel who couldn’t have agreed more continued to take his time preparing his new lover. He pushed two fingers into Wesley’s hole, “Soon.”

“Fuck!” Wesley swore as Angel hit his prostate.

“Soon,” Angel repeated with a chuckle. He pulled out and slicked his cock up. Aligning himself up, he pushed his way through the loosened barrier. Never had he felt anything so tight. Once he was all the way in he paused letting Wesley get use to the feel of him.

Panting Wesley pushed back letting Angel know he was ready since he seemed to have lost his voice. Angel began moving inside Wesley. He had never really missed the heat in the past but this was different. It felt as if he was being burned up. He kept his pace slow but made sure to hit Wesley’s prostate with every stroke. All too soon Angel’s balls tightened, he reached around and grasped Wesley’s weeping cock and started to pump.

“Angel,” Wesley groaned in pleasure. “Love you.”

“Love you too Wes,” Angel said for the first time before cumming in Wesley’s ass. His movements never faltered around Wesley’s cock bringing him off only seconds after him. After he was spent he slumped onto Wesley sending them both to the bed.

Wesley grunted but made no comment to ask Angel to move, “Bloody hell. Why didn’t we start doing this sooner?”

Angel laughed, “Because we were too stupid to say anything.”

“Right very stupid,” Wesley agreed with a lazy smile. He made a movement indicating Angel to get off him. Once he was free he rolled over and snuggled against the larger man. “Think Cordelia is going to be surprised?”

“I don’t know but as long as we’re happy she’ll be fine with it,” Angel assured Wesley.

Wesley nodded, “You know she’ll probably ask for details.”

“I have no doubt, and I am sure at one point she’ll even get her own little show.” Angel replied with a grin, “I plan on fucking you in my office as soon as we get home.”

“When do we leave?” Wesley asked eager to return to L.A
Spike and Xander crashed into the apartment, their arms wrapped around each other both afraid to let go. They some how managed to find their way to the bedroom as they discarded each others clothing. Soon Xander was spread out on the bed with Spike hovering over him.

“You ever done this before pet?” Spike asked truly interested, his mind still reeling how this incredible creature could want him.

“A couple times,” Xander replied running a hand over Spike’s back feeling the muscles ripple. “At the Ladies night club not all the strippers were straight.”

Spike grinned down at him before swooping down for a kiss, “Now if I would have known that I’d have taken you to bed a long time ago.”

Xander latched on to Spike’s bottom lip. “Less talking more touching,” He demanded and thrust up.

“I like how your mind works pet.” Spike said with a grin. “Now a very important question where do you keep the slick?”

“Drawer,” Xander reached over and opened the drawer and grabbed up a well used tube of lube. He handed it to Spike, “How do you want me?”

Spike licked his lips at all the images that flickered through his mind. He shook himself out of his fantasies; he had plenty of time to explore them later on. Right now though he had hot young human under him to pleasure, “Want to see you cum Xan.”

“Face to face it is,” Xander sound pleased meaning that Spike made the right decision.

Spike rolled off and helped Xander plant his feet on the bed and spread his legs. He spread some of the lube onto his finger and slid it into Xander’s heat. Pumping his finger in and out pleased that Xander was tight but not tight enough that he’d have no problem sinking his cock in with out a migraine.

Xander worked himself on Spike’s finger and was pleased to feel a second one being added. He had imagined what it would be like to have Spike inside him, he had no doubt that this would be better than any fantasy he had come up with.

“You ready for me sweets?” Spike asked as he removed his fingers.

“God you have absolutely no idea,” Xander retorted with a moan as Spike leaned down and licked his nipple. “Being inside me would be a great plan right about now.”

Spike agreed and slicked up his cock. He brought Xander’s legs over his shoulder before lining himself up. Sliding in slowly to make sure he didn’t accidentally end up hurting Xander and set the chip off. Nothing screamed mood killer than rolling around on floor in agony. Once he was in all the way in, he bent down kissing Xander on the lips. “Absolutely gorgeous,” he murmured as he began moving inside Xander.

Xander ran a hand over Spike’s face, his eyes never leaving Spike’s. Missing the look of pure bliss pass over the vampires face was not an option for him, “Harder Spike. I know what you are; you don’t have to hold back for me.”

“You’re a magnificent creature,” Spike told Xander as he sped up his pace hitting Xander’s prostate.

“Fuck yes,” Xander grunted and stars appeared before his eyes. “Gods I love you Spike.”

A growl rumbled through Spike’s chest, he was so close and by the smell of Xander so was he. The only thing that would make this the most incredible sex he’d ever had was to be able to sink his fangs into Xander’s neck and claim him for his own.

“Do it,” Xander said making Spike realize he said the last part out loud. “I want you to.”

Spike shifted into his demon and looked down at Xander his eyes glowing yellow. He waited for Xander to change his mind once he saw what he really was. All he got was a smile.

“Beautiful,” Xander stated before baring his throat trusting Spike with his life.
Diving in Spike’s fangs pierced the flesh; the sweet taste of fresh blood hit his taste buds. He would be the only one to feel Xander’s blood flow into his own being.

Xander’s mouth opened but no sound came out, it had hurt at first but now it was only ecstasy. His balls tightened and soon his was coming, his cum splashing both his and Spike’s stomachs.

Spike pulled his mouth away from Xander’s neck blood smeared around his lips as he howled his own climax filling Xander up with his own cum. When his cock was flaccid he slipped out and removed Xander’s legs from his shoulders before lying down and pulling Xander into his arms and kissing his forehead, “Bloody hell pet that was fantastic.”

“Mmm hmm,” Xander replied and than sighed in satisfaction.

“That’s all? Mmm hmm?” Spike asked in absolute shock.

Xander tilted his head so he was looking up at Spike, “Uh huh. Some sex god fucked my brains out.”

“Well in that case I’ll take it as a compliment.” Spike said with a chuckle. “Want another go around?”

“Oh yeah, but nap first.” Xander established with a sleepy smile. “Love you Spike.”

A soft smile played over Spike’s face, he’d never get tired of hearing Xander say those words. “I love you too Xan. Now get some sleep you’re gonna need all the energy you can get.”

“Sounds good,” Xander replied before he started snoring softly.

“That it does luv,” Spike agreed and his hand ran over his mark on Xander’s throat before closing his own eyes and falling into a restful sleep.

The End
8th-Apr-2010 05:53 pm (UTC)
Yeah great hot ending of this fic. I do love the thought the four boys have fun in such a good way. YEAH!!! Thanks for sharing this funny and hot fic. I love your fics.
8th-Apr-2010 11:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much hun! I hope you like the next one next week =D
8th-Apr-2010 06:23 pm (UTC)
yay happy endings!!~
8th-Apr-2010 11:31 pm (UTC)
Very happy endings ;) lol
8th-Apr-2010 08:49 pm (UTC)
My brain has been reduced to goo. Thank you for that. =) This was such a great part, I loved the sexy times that both sets of boys had. Can't get much better than that. =)
8th-Apr-2010 11:32 pm (UTC)
Yay I reduced your brain to goo! lol. Sex for all is always of the good =D
8th-Apr-2010 11:41 pm (UTC)
love the happy ending! Know Cordelia she would want to watch both Spike/Xander & Angel/Wes in the bed lol!
8th-Apr-2010 11:44 pm (UTC)
LOl if I was Cordelia I know I'd be walking in everytime Wes and Angel were in there without knocking =D
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