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A Glorious Battle Part 5

Title: A Glorious Battle

Part 5

Author: Thea Zara aka 50ftqueenie

Pairing: Anya/Xander, later Anya/Xander/Spike

Warnings: Character Death, eventually adult sexual content, het, slash, threesome, Violence, Bloodplay.

Rating: R for now, depending on the muse and how pornriffic she decides to get in later parts I may adjust accordingly.

Summary: Instead of Glory's minions grabbing Spike, they instead try to get the three newest people in the Slayer's group.

Previously: Memories

Tara took one knowing look at the three of them, and then made her excuses. She really wanted to be home before Willow. Not only would there be fussing and worry and guilt, but there'd also be resolve face when Willow would ask where she'd been and Tara couldn't answer. It was definitely best if Tara got home first.

Xander tore his eyes away from Anya with effort. "Tara, there is no way I can possibly thank you enough. If you ever need anything..." He trailed off meaningfully and she gave him a bright smile in return.

"What he said, Glinda." Spike said and then suddenly turned to look at her seriously and stood almost at attention. "Should you ever require aid, Tara, you have only but to ask. You have the gratitude not only of William the Bloody, but of House Aurelius."

Tara shuddered a little as the power of his oath washed over her, and then nodded her head. "You honor me, Master Spike." She replied, her tone as formal as his had been. A moment later both of them relaxed and she smiled and slipped out the door.

Both Spike and Xander returned to watching Anya. She had been very quiet since the spell, but both men could feel the difference in her. Finally, she spoke, and it became clear that she was still herself.

"Just how many days of money did I miss making thanks to that poorly permed blond? I hope Giles didn't do anything silly like closing the store in my honor. A sale in my honor could work... if properly advertised, I suppose."

"Pet, aside from the li'l witch herself, I doubt anyone knows you were gone. Probably too bloody caught up in their own messes." Spike said quietly.

At her hurt look, Xander rushed to explain. "Buffy and Giles were off on that vision quest thingie, and Tara had been attacked too. I guess between her and Willow, they were able to fight them off, but Tara was hurt. I tried Buffy anyway and instead found what was apparently a robot... which we WILL be discussing, Spike." Xander said pointedly to the vampire, who managed to look both ashamed and cocky. "When I realized she only cared about Spike, I figured I was on my own and did what I could do."

"Did what he could bloody do... did what he could do..." Spike sputtered, looking at Xander like he'd grown another head. "Anya your bloke needs a good swift kick in his pride. Your boy here, comes banging in all by his lonesome loaded for battle like some Bruce Willis wannabe, snarks with a Hellgod, shoots the bitch with a rocket and a machine gun, drags you AND me out of there, slices and dices the bitch's toadies, and THEN blows the bleeding place up. After all that he manages to get us a full box of human blood, and by the way how the Hell did you manage that last bit, pet?"

"I uh, stopped by Willy's." He said, blushing at Spike's description of events.

"WHAT!" Spike asked staring at him as if he'd lost his last marble.

"It wasn't a big deal." He started to say.

"No big deal? You went into a bar full of demons with no back up and managed to get your hands on a box full of human blood and get yourself out again and it's no big deal?"

"It was just a weird sort of night." Xander said with a shrug. "Besides, I paid for the blood, and aside from Willy, only one demon tried anything. I shot him, picked up my order and left."

Spike and Anya just stared at him in shock. Xander grew nervous under their dual gazes, and tried to change the subject. "So... Buffy shaped sex bot realistic enough to fool one of her best, if somewhat distracted, friends? What'd you do scare the crap outta that Warren guy?"

"Yeah, mate, something like that." Spike replied, looking uncomfortable now. "I know it was a stupid thing to do. It looked like her but the thing's nothing like the real girl, and the real girl will never want me like that."

Anya and Xander shared a look while Spike was studying his feet, and both moved closer to Spike. Anya ran a comforting arm down his shoulder before Xander pulled him into a hug that surprised them both. After a minute Xander stepped back.

"Come on, it's been a really draining day, let's take a nap, we'll figure things out later." Xander said heading towards the bed.

Spike's face became grim and he turned and started towards the door. "I guess that's my cue to exit stage bloody left." He said before Xander reached out and stopped him.

"Quit being stupid, and get your ass in the bed, Spike."

Spike went with a rather gobsmacked look on his face. Xander and Anya followed along behind him.


It was full dark when Xander woke up. Anya was once again in the middle of the bed with Spike curled around one side, and Xander's hand was once again stroking Spike's side.

He KNEW this should be wigging him out. That he should be screaming and protesting his sexuality. Not to mention the jealousy he should be feeling about Spike of all people curled up around his almost fiance. All he felt was thankful that both of them were safe and where he could touch them.

He was almost ready to freak out about the lack of freaking out, until he realized he blew up a god. Ok it so it wasn't THE God... the one George Burns liked to play at any rate. Still, God! Knowing that, his new found affection for the vampire who tried to take on Anya's share of Glory's attention was hardly worth a freakout.

Satisfied with his mental state, for the moment at least, Xander looked over at his new bed mate and nearly fell out of said bed. Instead he merely let out a squeak. A manly squeak, that is. Spike was looking at him with a pair of golden eyes.

"What's going on here, Xander?" He asked quietly.

"Would you believe me if I said I didn't know?" Xander asked just as quietly, one hand fidgeting with a lock of Anya's hair.

"Why am I still here? Is it because of Anya?"

Spike looked so confused and sad that Xander had to at least try to explain what he could. "It's because of who you are, Spike. I didn't get it, I've never seen it before. That's not entirely my fault, I mean I got to meet microscope whaling Spike first, you know? 'Kill'em all and drain'em dry', and I couldn't see past that."

"'M evil and not to be trusted and all that rot. I know this tune already. Hell, I been singing it for more than a year now to try and convince myself." Spike started, getting defensive and angry, before Xander cut him off.

"I saw, Spike. I finally saw who you really are. That's what torture does, right? Breaks past all the bullshit and hones us down to the basics. I watched as that bitch dug her fingers into your body and squeezed at your insides. All you had to do was utter a four letter word, and it would have stopped."

"I couldn't have done that to the nibblet." Spike said hotly.

"That's just it. The person I thought you were, would have. Forget the torture, the person I thought you were... the vampire I thought you were, would have rushed to make a deal with Glory. The person I thought you were would have laughed while Anya was tortured, would have, pardon the pun, gloried in her suffering, her blood. I watched, Spike, expecting to see that, and vowing in my head to destroy you for it. Instead, I saw the fear and the agony on your face. I saw you begging to take the hits instead, I saw you throw your broken body at a God to try and protect Anya, and when she lay there dying, instead of using what little strength you had left to get yourself out, you did what you could to save her, the only way you could."

Spike watched him and said nothing, still unsure.

"I was wrong. I'm not sorry I was wrong, cause to be perfectly fair, you have tried to kill me, repeatedly I might add, so I had every reason in the world to distrust you. But I was wrong. You've changed, and I want to know the person you've changed into. I don't know what this is any more than you do. We're all figuring things out and dealing with things. All I know is every instinct I have says to keep you close, for Anya... and for me."

The two shared a smile, which dropped as an amused voice spoke between them. "Does this mean we can share orgasms, now?" Neither man had an answer, so instead, both cuddled up to her and went back to sleep.

I thought I had posted this already awhile back, but if I did, I can't seem to find it anywhere.

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