What Is A "Witch" (witchway) wrote in bloodclaim,
What Is A "Witch"

Xander On The Menu Part 2

THANK YOU for those who commented on Part 1, you convinced me to go on and finish & post this although.....good grief! I WAS supposed to clean house!

Xander on the Menu Part 2, In Which I Play With The Word "Bloodclaim" In New Exciting Ways!

Title: Xander on the Menu
Authors: Witchway Who Is Supposed To Do Laundry
Part 2 Bloodclaim/The First Feeding
Pairing: OTP!!
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Dude, if I were Joss, someone else would be cleaning my house right now
Warnings: bloodplay, sort of
Summary: After Glory beat the living hell out of him, you'd think Spike would deserve a little more than a peck on the swollen lips, don't you?
Feedback is why I'm staying up late to finish part 3!!
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