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What Is A "Witch"

Xander On The Menu

This is the story of the little idea (remember how my fics are usually based on one little idea?) and then it just kept getting longer and longer and longer and.....

But your feedback! It's awesome! And so I keep going.

Title: Xander on the Menu or Hurt Slash Comfort
Author: witchway
Genre: NOT Hurt Slash Comfort. That's the TITLE, see?
Pairing: Spander
Rating: Working towards a NC17
Word count: too. many. words.
Warnings: bloodplay, or as Spike calls it, dinner.
Disclaimer: I'm not Joss. If I were Joss, James would have taken his clothes off in every episode.

Summary: After Glory beat the crap out of Spike, SOMEONE should have rewarded him. In a big way. That someone will be Xander.

Part 1 Why He Did It
Part 2 and 3 Bloodclaim/The First Time and Exit Stage Left
Part 4
Part 5 Bloodclaim/The Second Time
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