Liz Sumeragi (liz_sumeragi) wrote in bloodclaim,
Liz Sumeragi


So... I'm pretty sure it's a Spander fic... can't remember much, though.

All I remember is that it is Jesse's birthday and Xander buys some... soda, I don't know and a cake (or something or another like that)and then he sits under this tree and starts reminiscing to Jesse (well... not really, 'cause Jesse's dead, but you know what I mean) about how Willow turned into this super strong witch and buffy and Spike (who wasn't there when Jesse was still alive. and I think something like this is mentioned...) and about how much he misses Jesse. All the while Spike is watching/listening to Xander and gets a whole new insight on Xander.

Ring any bells?? thanks =)
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