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LF 2 fic(s)

In the first fic I remember Spike had the hots for Xan but was in major denial for some reason and slept with Faith. As fate would have it the same time he was skanking it up with Faith Xan and Buffy got in a car accident, caused by none other that Xans drunk dad and when Spike finds out he rushes to the hospital.Anyway theres major drama at the hospital, spike catches something the doctors miss and save Xan and long story short they get together. I don't think the fic was ever finished.

In the second fic Xan lived in LA (I think)and was with lindsey but lindsey was a major a--hole. Meanwhile Angel and Spike secretly had the hots for him and i think it all came to a head(ha) when for some reason Xan came back to sunnydale(i think it had something to do with Oz or Clem maybe and the initiative). So anyway Xan got hurt, got better, dropped lindsey and hooked up with Spike and Angel. If I'm not mistaken(and theres a big chance I am) this one was never finished either, and it may have been titled The Long Route to Happiness(or something like that).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Both fic found(Thanks wrtr_aka_wmgrg). Links inside.
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