What Is A "Witch" (witchway) wrote in bloodclaim,
What Is A "Witch"

Xander On The Menu Interludes

Now, the story of Xander (Who foolishly put himself on the menu) has come to the


Title: Xander on the Menu or Hurt Slash Comfort
Type: NOT Hurt/Comfort. Well, a little, but then it turned into a firsttime.
Pairing: S + X = 4EVR
Rating: NC17
Warning: Bloodplay
Disclaimer: I am not Joss. If I were Joss, The Avengers would star James, Nick and David and they would spend the whole time naked!
Summary: First it was just to keep Spike alive. Then to heal him up. Then, well, 'cause it felt good. Now the boys are going at it like bunnies, and Xander's enjoying having an experienced man at his beck and call. If he can just bring himself to call. Or beck? One of the two....
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