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Hi! I'm looking for two stories.

The first is a long series where Xander is able to see (and hear) the dead. One person had left a motor on a table since her father had died and Xander told her he had said to get rid of it (or something similar). Angel and Spike have come to find him for help. Angel is exposed to the thoughts of those he killed and tortured and Xander tells Spike about William's mother. I haven't finished the series so I don't have a lot of info to give you. There were a lot of original characters.

The other was a short (3 part, I think) story starting with Spike deciding which Scooby it would be the most fun to ensnare. He decides on Xander and works on him with a gay sex video. I know that there are more than one stories out there with the video motif, but in this one, Spike has the video cut out at the key moments. He waits for several days before approaching Xander again. When he does he grabs Xander's butt and Xander moans. I think that the next two parts are Xander's "training" and then Spike finally giving up on the videos.

OK, very long and run on and I appreciate you taking the time to read this and your help (I didn't even need a breathe there, lol). Thank you!

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