What Is A "Witch" (witchway) wrote in bloodclaim,
What Is A "Witch"

Xander On The Menu -- Questions for You!!

You know that part of the story where one guy spends some time denying that he even *wants* the other guy?

I've been in serious denial about this story. I decided it would only be 13 chapters (not counting the Joss Whedon Ending) and that the "Interludes" wouldn't count as Chapters.

Then the "Interludes" turned into 12 chapters by themselves, because...

....well, because Xander is a curious virgin and Spike is a willing teacher, and after that it kind of writes itself. (And also, I LOVE first-time fics.)

So, here I am, no longer in denial, coming out of the writer's closet. I WROTE A FIC THAT IS MORE THAN 24 CHAPTERS LONG! Me!?!

So here is my question for you ficwriters and slashwriters and just plain Writers (which is all of you): Ever have a story turn out completely different than you intended? Ever have a muse that just took off and did it's own thing and left you running to keep up?

Tell me I'm not alone!
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