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Free For All Day Post AT Spring With Xander~ Artwork S/X May be not worksafe.

Humm so today is a free post day, my assigned post date is Monday 17th and I'll be posting a fic, but I wanted to submit a bit of Artwork.

So we've all seen the cheesy Romance Book Covers, actually they're good fun, but always het. Only I found this one, and now it's not........ Hee

Wild Rover
What: Manip
Who: Spike/Xander (of course)
Warnings: Cheesy swooning Spike! Bare torsos.
Rating: I would say PG for this one, (nothing showing) but you might not want your work colleagues to see it!
Artist: Naughty_Fae
Disclaimer: The base isn't mine, or the images of Spike or Xander. Just having fun, no profit made, no offence intended.

Two versions, take your pick:

Base pic

Wild Rover 1

Wild Rover 2

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