What Is A "Witch" (witchway) wrote in bloodclaim,
What Is A "Witch"

The Adventures of Owie!Spike and Xander continue

and continue and continue and continue.

The story is Xander on the Menu Part 1 and it is rated NC17. Or, as my lovely skargasm likes to say, full of SMUT!!!

Then comes part 2, The Interludes, which, god help me, are DONE!!

These are the two interludes that you haven't read yet:

This one actually takes place early on, while they're still in the heavy petting stage of the relationship:
+++Interlude: Talk About Vampires and Death+++ In which Xander assures us he would be a kick-ass vampire

THIS one happens directly after that whole thing with the handcuffs (and was a BITCH to write!!) This will be the last interlude. No really. I mean it this time.

+++Interlude: Talk About Death (And Other Sensitive Matters)+++ In which the boys discus why some really awesome shows get cancled.
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