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This is Gay Camp?! chapter 1

Title: This Is Gay Camp?!
Authors: WarpedMinded and NightmareAhead
Chapter: 1/2
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warning: hard male parts and masturbation
Summary: Xander is dropped of at a camp he never thought he would be taken to.
Disclaimer: We do not own BtVS or any of its characters. Daniel belongs to NightmareAhead.
Note: This is a role-play between WarpedMinded and NightmareAhead. Warped = Xander. Nightmare = Spike.


Xander looked at his father, confused. "What kind of place did you say this was?" His father didn't even look at him.

"It's for teens with alcoholic parents," Tony Harris lied easily.

Xander nodded and gave a sweet smile, "Oh, so I will meet a lot of people like me then."

Tony then glanced at him and snorted, "Yeah, you will meet teens with your problem."

Xander never realized then, but later on he noticed his father said, 'your problem,’ not his parents’ problem.


Spike winced as the car door slammed behind him and the tires kicked up dirt as the driver, his step-father, sped away. Hauling the backpack further up onto his shoulder he looked around the camp he was now calling home for the next month or more. There were dirt paths leading to each cabin, some painted pink and some painted blue. Spotting a sign that said "Welcome Campers!" over a door, he headed that way.

Xander looked at the blonde curiously and strode up towards him. "Hey! So, I guess you’re here ‘cause of your parents too, huh? I think it's nice that they have camps for us kids who have alcoholic parents." He smiled brightly, his eyes showing that he actually believed that was what this place was.

Spike arched his scarred eyebrow and eyed the boy before him. "You're joking, right?" he asked, his British accent flowing out. Continuing to walk towards what he assumed was the main office he shouted over his shoulder, "It's a camp for bloody queers, mate!"

'Bloody queers?' Xander mouthed to himself, trying to figure out what the blonde was saying. "Queers? You mean gay?!" he ended up yelling. His eyes were wide with shock and he started to back up hastily. "I'm not gay! Why would my dad lie to me about this?" Xander's face was white with terror. 

Francis Allen Doyle, a 5'9 brunette with bright green eyes and a smile to die for stepped outside and smiled at the blonde walking towards the door. "Welcome! Just go on in, there are snacks on the table and you can find a seat in there, we will all meet each other and get to know one another soon."

"Lovely," Spike grumbled sarcastically as he walked into the cabin and sat down heavily in an empty chair, dropping his backpack onto one of the empty ones next to him. Looking around the room he spotted a couple of girls and a tall man he assumed to be another counselor.

Doyle saw the pale and shaking boy standing on the long dirt path. "Are you alright, boyo?" he asked in his rough Irish accent. Then he realized the look, "Your parents lied to ya, didn't they?"

Xander nodded, "T-they told me this was for teens who had alcoholic parents." He felt tears fill his eyes, "I... I'm really not even gay."

Doyle nodded, really just wanting to help. "It's alright. We accept non-gay's, also. Your parents left you here so we will take care of ya for a month or so." The 'or so' was said in case his parents, or others decide just to leave their children there and not come back.

Xander gave a grateful smile to the Irishman that was so nice, "Thank you. I-I heard you say something about snacks?" His stomach then chose that time to rumble, making Doyle laugh.

"Yeah, just go on in there and find a seat after you get a plate of food." 

Xander went inside and immediately went to the table and started piling snacks on his plate. 

Xan sat down near the blonde from before and set his plate on another chair. He looked up and gasped, "Willow?!" He jumped up and hugged his good friend, "What are you doing here?"

Spike watched as the red-head and brunette boy from before hugged, the girl seeming a bit nervous.

Willow hugged her best friend tightly for a minute before pulling back and smiling awkwardly. "Ummm I came out to my parents so they sent me here. What are you doing here? I didn't know you were gay. Actually now that I think about it, it does seem obvious. I mean you did steal my Barbies as a kid. And a whole bunch of other stuff. But this is great! We can be gay together! Well not 'together' because I'm a girl and I like girls and you’re a boy and you like boys, but you get what I mean, right?" she babbled out quickly.

Xander couldn't help but chuckle, "Wills... I'm not really gay. Dad lied to me, saying this was for teens with drunk parents." He hugged her tightly again and he sighed softly. Then jerked back, "What do you mean, 'It was obvious?!'"

Spike laughed loudly when he overheard their conversation.

Willow ignored the howling bleach blonde and smiled sweetly at Xander, trying to lessen the blow. "I mean... oops?"

Xander rolled his eyes. "I will only accept that answer from you. But you better explain soon," he waggled his finger at her and kissed her cheek. "I wondered where you went. And why didn't you ever tell me you were all gay? I always dreamed I could see a girl with you, doing-" he was smacked hard in the arm and he gave Willow an innocent look. "I mean... oops?" he mocked.

Willow, who was red with embarrassment, glared at her friend before gesturing over to the blonde behind her friend. "So are you going to introduce me to your friend?"

Spike looked up from where he was wiping the tears (from laughing so hard) from his face.

Xander looked over his shoulder, "I don't know... I need to meet him too." He then leaned closer and whispered to her, "But I think he will probably be a meany." He pulled Willow closer to the blonde. "I'm Xander, this is Willow. Who are you?" he asked bluntly.

Spike folded his arms over his chest, cocked his head to the side, and smirked. "Well if you're going to be so rude, why should I tell you?"

Willow elbowed Xander in the side before smiling sweetly at the blonde. "I'm sorry, he's upset because his parent's tricked him into coming here."

"Yeah, I heard that," Spike chuckled.

"Well like he said, I'm Willow. It's nice to meet you," she smiled and stuck out her hand.

Spike smiled seductively and took her hand, giving it a soft kiss on the back. "Names Spike, luv."

Xander clenched his teeth as Spike kissed his friend’s hand, he just didn't understand why. "I'm sorry, I have had a bad day. I'm Alexander Harris, but please, call me Xander." He reached out to shake Spike's hand.

Spike took the boys hand and did the same, giving it a soft kiss on the back, but held it longer and kept eye contact. "Like I said, the names Spike."

Xander blushed brightly and he coughed nervously as he pulled his hand away reluctantly. He opened his mouth to say something but Doyle stopped him. 

"Thanks everyone that decided to come here today. There may be a few showing up later, but lets get started. I'm Francis Allen Doyle and this brooding hunk of muscle is my mate Angel, or Liam, don't really matter I guess." He gave a sweet smile towards Angel. "Him and me are the boys counselors for the duration of the camp period." Doyle pointed to two women on the other side of the room. "Those beauties there are Buffy and Cordelia, or Cordy. They are they girls counselors." 

Xander sat down beside Spike and lifted his plate up, silently asking if Spike wanted anything from it.

Willow, sensing the chemistry between the two, went back to her original seat next to Dawn and Tara, the girls she just met.

Spike eyed Xander's plate before shrugging and taking a donut hole. "Cheers, mate."

Xander smiled shyly and then grabbed a donut hole for himself, popping it into his mouth.

Doyle sat down near Angel and leaned back, hoping the chair would pop his back. "Hey, Angel man, can you give me a massage tonight? My back is killin' me." He gave his 'I'm too cute to say no to' look.

Seeing that it was now her turn to speak, Cordelia put away her nail-file, uncrossed her legs, and stood up. "Okay. So, the boys will stay in one cabin and the girls will stay in the other. I would say no sneaking into the other sexes cabin, but that would be pointless since we're all gay here. Anyway, there is no sex allowed. So if you plan on doing it, hide yourselves well. We'll now show you to your cabins. Girls, follow me." The girls got up and followed the pretty brunette out to their pink cabin.

Xander stood up and followed Doyle and Angel towards the boys cabins. "Is anything else happening today, or is it just rest and get unpacked?"

Doyle turned around and walked backwards easily, "Actually, tonight I was thinking us guys can watch a movie, if you and the other boys are up to it? I would prefer Star Trek, the move that just came out..." He stopped when Angel let out a groan of misery, "But since my Angel is such a big baby, I will let the guys do a vote later." He winked at Spike and Xander before turning around and opening the door, "Home sweet Cabin." 

Xander grinned and walked inside, "It's nice... very bright, but nice." He looked around and ran over to a bed and bounced on it, then laying back. "This one is totally mine."

Spike looked around at the bright blue room and cringed. Walking over to the bed at the end of the room, he threw his backpack down on the empty one next to him and laid on his chosen bed with his hands behind his head.

Xander frowned but kept it to himself when Spike went away from him.

Doyle sat down on the bed by the door. "The other boys should be getting here soon. So will our security, Gunn. He's a great guy." He bit his lip nervously and looked at Angel for some help.

Spike looked over to the counselors, "From the sounds of it, you're not too sure of yourself there, Irish," he pointed out using his new nickname for the Irish man.

Angel folded his arms and assured their charges, "Gunn is a good guy. He can just be intimidating sometimes."

Doyle looked at Angel and sighed, "He is a good guy, just gets very... physical when angered." He rubbed his face, remembering getting punched by the black man when he met him before, he just never told Angel.

Xander looked at them, "He... won't hurt us will he? I mean... he is the security."

Doyle nodded, "Oh yeah, yeah. Just don't try to sneak up on him, it won't end pretty." He gave a bitter smile.

There was a knock on the door and it opened up to reveal a young man with proper clothes and glasses. "I do hope I am in the right cabin." He looked around nervously and stepped in, "I am Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, pleasure to meet you all." He nodded and walked to a bed right in the middle, not near anyone.

Spike lifted his head and eyed the new guy, but quickly dismissed him as too uptight.

Angel sat down next to Doyle and took his hand before addressing Wesley. "I'm Angel, and this is my partner Doyle, we're your counselors. And this is... I actually don't think we learned your names yet," he said as he turned to the two other boys.

Spike waved a hand, not bothering to get up or even look over. "Names Spike."

Xander hopped up and went over to shake Wesley's hand. "I'm Xander." He smiled and went back to his bed and grabbed a few comics to read. "If you guys wanna read any of my comics you can... just treat them gentle." 

Doyle quickly got up and grabbed one, then practically skipped back to his spot by Angel.

Wesley didn't really know what to say, people here were actually being nice to him. "I… um. H-hello. Do any of you have any books by Stephen Hawking? I have been reading up on him and he is very interesting. Hawking is a British theoretical physicist well-known for his work on black holes," he stopped talking and looked down ashamed that he started rattling on. "So sorry."

Doyle chuckled, "It's alright, Wesley. And no I don't have any books by him. Angel, don't you have something by him?"

"Yeah, I think. Why don't you follow me, Wesley, and we'll go check my office." Just as Angel stood up to lead the boy the door opened and a spiky dirty blonde haired boy entered with a bright smile.

Daniel waved energetically to his fellow campers before signing, "Hi, everyone! I'm Daniel!"

Wesley's eyes never left the bright smile of the new camper that came in. It took him a second but he stood up and walked towards Daniel. "Um... I-I'm Wesley," he said and signed at the same time, not sure if Daniel was deaf, mute, or both.

Xander smiled and waved, even though he had no idea what the boy just signed.

Daniel was shocked when the boy named Wesley signed, having expected not to be able to communicate with anyone at the camp. "You sign?! That's great! Now I have someone to talk to. Well, kind of; I'm mute, but you know what I mean," he signed quickly with enthusiasm.

Wesley smiled sweetly and grabbed Daniel's hand happily and drug him over to the bed next to his. "Wanna stay in the bed next to mine?" He looked at the other men in the room and blushed, "Our Counselor's are over there. Doyle and Angel, they are very nice. I don't really know the blonde, but his name is Spike. And Xander is the brunette, he seems like a excitable young man." He grinned at Daniel and then realized that he was still holding the young man's hand and hastily let go. "Sorry," he mouthed.

Daniel just smiled even brighter and happily put his stuff down on his new bed.

Spike chuckled from where he was in the bed at the end of the room.

Angel smiled and nodded his head towards the door, "How about we go find that book, Wesley. Daniel, you are welcome to come as well."

Wesley quickly stood up and went to the door, then looked back at Daniel hopefully. 

Xander watched silently and then looked at Spike. He whispered to him, "Wanna play truth or dare when they leave?"

Spike looked over at Xander like he was crazy, but then thought about it and figured maybe he could get some dirt on the guy so he agreed with a nod of his head.

Daniel followed Wesley and Angel out of the cabin in search of something to read.

Doyle followed his lover and the other two campers, leaving Xander and Spike to get to know one another.

Xander smiled and went and sat on Spike's bed in front of him. "Ok, I'll start. Truth or dare?"

Spike sat up and faced Xander while he thought about which one to choose. "Dare," he decided.

Xander bit his lip, thinking it over. "I dare you to give me a foot massage!" his eyes lit up and he quickly set up his feet, glad they were at least clean. He was too shy to even ask Spike for a kiss.

Grumbling under his breath, Spike took a hold of one of Xander's feet and, after removing his shoes and socks, went about massaging them. After a couple of minutes he realized it was his turn. "Truth or dare, pet?"

Xander hummed a little. "Dare," he mumbled softly, opening his eyes a little and smiling at Spike.

Spike smirked evilly, knowing immediately what he was going to dare Xander to do. "Kiss me," he told the supposedly straight guy, wanting to freak him out.

Xander blushed a bright pink and looked down shyly, "I-I don't think I can." He whispered, "I don't want it to be horrible for you. Ever since I saw you, I have been drawn to you."

Spike sat back with his smirk still in place and crossed his arms. "Thought you weren't gay and you being here was all some crazy mix-up," he pointed out.

Xander looked down, a frown on his face. "I don't know. My parents obviously felt that I was gay enough to drop me off here and leave me." He stood up and grabbed his shoes, walking back over to his bed. "I think the game is over now." He laid down on his bed and kept his back to Spike.

Spike wasn't about to admit he felt bad, even to himself, so instead he pushed it. Getting up, he walked over to Xander's bed and climbed on top of him, pinning him to the bed. "I massaged your bloody feet, didn't I? I think its only fair that you follow through as well."

Xander's eyes flashed and he growled a little, "Make me, blondie."

Spike smirked and shook his head. Lowering his head, he made sure his lips were barely touching Xander's before saying, "No, no, no, pet. The dare was for you to kiss me, not the other way around. I'm not going to kiss you so that later you can justify it by saying I did it, I want you to know later that you kissed a man."

Xander's eyes softened and he gave a small smile. He brought his lips closer to the blondes. "I just don't want to get hurt," he breathed.

"It's just a kiss, pet, nothing to get hurt over," Spike whispered as his lips tingled and he waited to make the move.

Xander's eyes didn't close as he pressed his lips against Spike's inviting lips. "Mmm," he groaned a little.

Spike smirked into the kiss as his eyes slid closed and he pressed back. His hand slid into Xander's hair and cupped the back of his head while he sucked on his bottom lip.

Xander’s body jerked as he gasped. He wrapped his arms around Spike's shoulders. His mouth opened and he bit on Spike's bottom lip. Then he pushed his tongue into the blonde's mouth, twisting his tongue against the other's.

Spike tilted his head to the side to deepen the kiss even more. He groaned when he realized his cock had grown hard and he thrust his hips against the brunette's.

Xander had to break the kiss to let out a small cry of pleasure. "W-we gotta stop! Shouldn't do this yet," he weakly struggled against Spike's thrilling body.

Spike reluctantly agreed that Xander was right, so, panting harshly, he got up and went to the bathroom. Stripping out of his clothes he went into the open showers and turned the warm water on.

Xander quickly got under the covers and started to stroke his hard cock. His hips started to jerk. "Yes, yes, take it," he moaned softly and looked towards the bathroom. Thinking about Spike made him cry out and he came in his hand.

Spike cried out at the same time as he came onto the shower wall. He stood there panting until he caught his breath and then continued with his shower. Once he was clean he turned off the water and got redressed. Fixing his hair before exiting the bathroom, he came out to the scent of cum and he smirked.

Xander was curled up on his bed, his back to the bathroom. "Spike... are you forced to stay here? Or are you going home when camp is over?"

Spike walked to his bed and sat down heavily as he thought the question over. "Don't know. I assume I'm stuck here. Me mum's new husband shipped me out here and I'm thinking he told her he was sending me to a nice school, otherwise she would never have allowed it."

Xander turned over and looked at Spike with empathy. "Well, at least the people here aren't horrible. We could have ended up in hell." He gave a small laugh, "What am I saying, you would probably want to be in hell instead." He rolled his eyes.

Chuckling, Spike laid back on his bed. "Hell would probably be more interesting, but the idea of being tortured isn't very appealing to me."

Xander stretched, shoving the blanket down and his shirt riding up, showing his treasure trail. "I don't know about you, but I wanna watch a movie now."

Spike used his bare foot to point over to the small entertainment center across the room. "Go for it. Looks like they have some DVDs to pick from."

Xander gave Spike a cute look, "The others wanted to watch one too. I don't wanna be mean."

Sighing, Spike got up and went over to the DVDs, picking the first one he found and placing it in the DVD player. Turning on the TV he saw the menu for Freddy Vs Jason and pressed play.

"There you go. Don't worry about the others," he said as he walked back to his bed, tossing the remote to the brunette.

Xander rolled his eyes, got up and walked over to Spike's bed, and climbed on. "We are gonna watch it together," he stated with finality.

Arching a scarred eyebrow from where he lay on his back, Spike asked jokingly, "Yeah, like some date or something?"

Xander smiled shyly and blushed, "Do you want it to be?"

Spike shrugged, "Depends. Will you still put out if I say no?"

Xander thought for a moment, "Nope. I will run away and never be your groin kisser."

Sighing, Spike sat up and leaned his back against the headboard. He wrapped his arm around Xander and pulled him up against his side before grumbling, "Fine, then it’s a bloody date. Now shut up and watch the movie."

Xander let out a contented sigh and got comfortable. About an hour into the movie the other guys came back in and got settled to watch the rest of the film with them. 

"Which one do you guys wanna watch?" Xander asked with a smile when the movie was done.

Doyle looked at the collection and bit his lip, thinking, "Hmm, how about Hellboy?"

Daniel nodded his head eagerly and got up from where he was sitting next to Wesley to put the movie in.

Angel arrived just as the opening credits began with a tray full of food and drinks. "I figured we could skip dinner and just have snacks with the movie," he explained as he set the tray down.

Xander 'ooooh'ed and quickly got out of the bed and grabbed some snacks for him and Spike. He made his way back, without even tripping, and sat back down. "Here you go."

"Ta, luv," Spike thanked Xander as he took a bag of M&Ms from him. Opening the bag, he popped a couple into his mouth before pulling the boy next to him into a deep kiss.

Xander whimpered, his body going lax. His mouth opening and his tongue sliding across Spike's lips.

Wesley's eyes went wide when he heard Spike and Xander making out. His body going tense.

Spike opened his mouth and allowed Xander's tongue entry to share the chocolate that had melted in his mouth.

Daniel swallowed hard, his eyes going wide and his pants becoming tight. He reached out and took a hold of Wesley's hand, gripping it tightly.

Angel coughed and looked over to Doyle. "Maybe we should break them up?"

Xander shivered and thrust lightly against Spike's hip. 

Doyle rolled his eyes, "Yeah." He turned around and coughed loudly, "Xander, Spike, please not when other people are in the room." 

Xander pulled away and blushed brightly. "I'm sorry you guys." He lightly punched Spike's shoulder, "What are you doing to me you big lug." He rested his head on the blonde's shoulder.

Spike smirked cockily and looked over at everyone, "Sorry. Tend to have that effect on people, I do."

Daniel smiled and looked down. Realizing he was still holding Wesley's hand in a death-grip, he quickly pulled his hand away and blushed.

Wesley reached over and slowly slid his hand in Daniel's and smiled shyly. 

Xander sighed and shut his eyes, "I'm sleepy."

Angel looked at the time and showed his watch to Doyle before getting up. "I think we should all head to bed," he said as he started to clean up the snacks.

Daniel nodded as he yawned and kissed the back of Wesley's hand before got up. Grabbing some pajamas before heading into the bathroom to change, he winked at the glasses wearing boy. Once changed, he came back out and got into his bed.

Wesley practically floated to his own bed, glancing at Daniel every now and then. He climbed into bed and took off his glasses and laid down, staring at the ceiling.

Xander turned over and rested his head on Spike's chest, looking at his face. "Wish I could stay here, but I think the warden wants us to go to our cells."

Doyle chuckled and grabbed Angel's hand and practically yanked him out of the cabin. "Night boys. Behave!" He laughed as he shut the door and pulled his lover into a deep kiss. "Wanna sleep or are you awake enough to play?" he winked and ran to their home.

Spike leaned down and kissed Xander before pushing him off the bed and rolling onto his side, facing away from the brunette. "Night, pet."

Xander rolled his eyes and got into his own bed. "Yeah... whatever," he sighed and curled up, then reached and rubbed his sore back from landing on the floor.

Wesley got up and walked over to Daniel and laid down beside him, nuzzling his cheek.

Daniel, who was already half asleep, wrapped his arms around Wesley and pulled him close before falling completely asleep.

Wesley yawned and laid his head on Daniel's shoulder, falling asleep.

Spike rolled onto his back and stared up at the ceiling, not tired at all.

Xander turned around, "Go to bed Spike. You need your beauty sleep. A lot of it," he insulted the blonde, his back hurt and he didn't want to be nice.

"Oh you wound me, pet," Spike said sarcastically. He turned onto his side and watched Xander for a while, still not getting any more tired.

Growling, he sat up and went through the pockets of his duster that was hanging on one of the bed posts, pulling out a cigarette and a lighter. "I'm going out for a smoke," he mumbled around the cigarette and walked out of the cabin before lighting it up.

Xander got up and followed Spike. Shutting the door and turned towards the blonde, "Get on your knees." He grinned, his eyes flashing, "I wanna see what your mouth can do."

Spike barked out a harsh laugh, holding his sides. When he finally calmed down and caught his breath he wiped away some tears that had managed to leak out. "Oh, that was good, luv. Cheeky git," he smirked before taking another puff.

Xander kicked Spike in the shin and went back into the cabin, where he finally went to bed.

Spike rubbed his shin and shook his head as he watched Xander go, not sure what was wrong with him. He finished his cigarette soon after and flicked it away before walking back into the cabin and to his bed. Stripping off his shirt he climbed on top of the covers and closed his eyes, falling asleep shortly after.


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