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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
To Wed Or Not To Wed chapter 2 
23rd-May-2010 04:05 pm
by me, Blood, Love
Title: To Wed Or Not To Wed
Author: WarpedMinded and NightmareAhead
Chapter: 2/2
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warning: male/male sex
Summary: Spike is forced into an arranged marriage, but in the end... is it really forced?
Disclaimer: We do not own BtVS or any of its characters.
Note: This is a role-play between WarpedMinded and NightmareAhead. Warped = Xander. Nightmare = Spike.


Spike woke up about a half an hour before the sun was supposed to go down and pulled the warm body closer to himself. He growled when he realized what he did but didn’t make a move to push Xander away.

Xander moved and rested his head on Spike's chest and rubbed his fingers back and forth on the taut pale belly.

"Just sleep, my vampire... I will watch over you," he mumbled as he then lightly snored.

Spike chuckled softly and ran his hand through Xander's brunette hair. "Wake up, pet," he whispered as he grabbed the human's shoulder and gently shook him.

Xander groaned and sighed, then opened his eyes and turned his head to look at Spike. "Sorry. You sleep ok?" He blinked sleepily and turned around so he could still lay his head on the vampire's chest, but be able to look at his face. "Do we have to go anywhere today? Or is it a free day?"

Spike shrugged and sat up in the bed, "Up to you. Don't much care what our plans are, do I?"

Xander got on the phone and called Giles, "Yeah... anything apocalyptic going on today? Any hellfire and brimstone? No? OK. I guess I am gonna just laze around for the day then. Thanks G-man. I know I know. Stop calling you that. Yeah. Have a nice tea/tweed day British man." He hung up with a chuckle, then looked at Spike. "Oh yeah, you’re British too. So is it all ‘tea, tea, can I have a crumpet’?"

Spike eyed Xander as he got up and put his jeans on, not bothering to button them up. "You're weird, pet. Anyone ever tell you that?" he asked. He dug through his duster pockets and pulled out a cigarette and lighter, putting the cigarette in his mouth and lighting the lighter before he realized he probably shouldn't be smoking in Xander's house.

"Don't suppose I can smoke in here?" he asked around the cigarette in his mouth.

Xander shook his head and pointed out the basement/outside door. "Please go out. With my luck my parents have a gas leak somewhere and we’ll blow up." He got up and shyly bent over and pulled on some bottoms. Xan then walked out with Spike to stand with him while his future husband smoked. "Which country did you like the most when you traveled the world?"

Spike took in a puff of smoke, held it for a second, and then blew it out while he thought. "Guess America. Stayed here the longest, haven't I? Miss London sometimes though, but things have changed too much since I was there, don't know if I would like it as much."

Xander nodded and smiled, "So you didn't like Africa or China? I heard you killed a Slayer there. Not that I want to hear about you killing one." He bit his lip and grabbed Spike's smoke and stubbing it out, then giggled as he ran back into his room and bounced on the bed, hoping that Spike would chase him.

Spike's eye's widened as he looked at the dead cigarette on the ground. "Hey! There were a few more puffs in that!" he yelled as he turned and ran into the room. He jumped on the bed, tackling Xander and pinning the humans hands above his head as he sat on his chest.

Xander couldn't help but keep laughing as his eyes crinkled at the corners. "Sorry! Uncle Uncle!" He struggled, but not to really get away, just to test/play with Spike. "Am I in trouble?" he gave a cute innocent look.

Spike vamped out and growled down at the human, snapping his fangs. "You owe me a smoke," he growled.

Xander rolled his eyes and then his hips. "Can't I owe you something else?" he gave a pouty glance.

Spike's growl increased as he felt himself grow hard and start to stick out of his jeans. "Be careful what you insinuate, pet."

Xander gasped, his breathing going heavy, his eyes darkening, trained on the pale red cock sticking from Spike's unzipped jeans. "So... I guess your little vampire is happy to see me," he blushed beautifully.

Spike smirked and changed back to his human face. "You can say that," he moaned as he thrust his hips and rubbed his cock against Xander's chest.

Xander whimpered as he looked at the cock on his chest. "Can I taste it? Please?" he begged as he stuck his tongue out, his eyes going up to Spike's own eyes.

Spike moved up Xander's chest until his cock was resting on the human's tongue. He groaned and let go of Xander's wrists, still holding his hands above his head, and took a hold of his cock with one hand. Squeezing it firmly, he produced a bead of pre-cum and watched it drip onto the human's tongue.

Xander's eyes widened more and he moaned, his own hips thrusting into the air. His mouth quickly closed around the head of Spike's cock. He started to suck and slurp, and then pulled off. "Please... please, I am so hard. Let's take off the rest of our clothes."

Spike smirked cockily and climbed off of the bed. He quickly pulled off his own jeans before reaching for Xander's pants and tugging them off in one smooth move. Standing at the end of the bed he eyed the human up and down as he stroked his cock.

Xander blushed and fidgeted with the covers, "How about you turn off the light..." He looked away, "As amazing as you look I doubt you want to be looking at me." His cock was bobbing and he reached down and covered it.

Spike climbed onto the bed and moved Xander's hands from covering his dick. He licked his lips before whispering huskily, "Don't need to cover anything, pet. Bloody beautiful you are. Especially that thick cock of yours." Leaning down he gave said cock a lick from the base to the tip.

Xander gasped, his cock twitching, a drop of pre-cum shining the head. His nipples hardened and he reached down and lightly pinched one of Spike's own small pink nipples. "Let's suck each other," he gasped. Xan moved quickly and turned so his cock was facing Spike and he was teasingly blowing hot air over the cool dick.

Spike moaned and quickly took Xander into his mouth, swallowing the cock-head in his throat. He pulled back up, making a slurping sound and teasingly sucked on the head.

Xander's body quivered, his cock throbbing. "Oh god... you are amazing," he cried out. It took him a few seconds to remember he needed to please Spike... and see if he could do better. He quickly surrounded the cock, sucked, and tried to swallow, but gagged some before pulling back and slowly trying again and again, not wanting to give up.

Spike smirked around the cock in his mouth before slowly pulling it out. "Relax, pet. I don't expect you to be able to do that for a while yet. Takes practice, it does. Plus it helps when you don’t have to breathe," he reassured the human as he moved so they were face to face.

Xander smiled shyly and kissed Spike tenderly, "Thanks. I was so close to blowing my load." He could tell his cheeks were turning a light pink from embarrassment. He shifted and rubbed his cock against his vampire lover's own hard, but cool, cock.

Spike smiled and pulled Xander into a deep kiss as he moved his hips against the human's. While he continued to explore Xander's mouth, he rolled them over so that the brunette was on top of him. Gripping the firm ass of his new lover, he broke the kiss and moved to lick and nip at the tan neck before him. "What do you want to do, Xan?"

"We can't have sex yet... we have to wait until the ceremony. Then we have all the time in the world. We can just... suck each other off for now." He lightly thrust his hips upwards, his cock prodding Spike's belly. He gave a coy smile, "Please?"

The comment about the ceremony made Spike's arousal waver, but he quickly pushed the thought aside with some effort. Smirking, he relaxed back and folded his hands behind his head. "Sounds good to me, pet. How about you get to it."

Xander rolled his eyes and lightly nipped at Spike's small pink nipples. "Meany." He breathed as he kissed down the vampires body and to the cock that was jutting outwards. 

He teasingly licked the head and hurriedly wrapped his lips around it and started to bob.

"Bloody fuck!" Spike hissed as he vamped out and his hands flew to grip Xander's brown locks. Yellow eyed peered down his body to watch the hot mouth slid up and down his pale cock with enthusiasm. "Not gonna last, luv," he groaned out too late, his peak arriving quickly and he started to shoot into Xander's mouth.

Xander moaned at the delicious taste of the vampire he was going to be with for the rest of his life, and he really didn't mind. He pulled off and let a little streak his face and he looked up at the vampire with glazed eyes. Xan swallowed the cum in his mouth and started to wipe the cum off his face and lick his fingers. "Want some?"

Spike took hold of Xander's hand and brought his fingers to his mouth, sucking on the cum covered fingers. He pulled the fingers from his mouth with a pop once he cleaned them and smirked at the human. "Thanks, pet. I needed that," he said before laying back down and pretending to fall asleep.

Xander frowned and then gave a small sigh. He ducked his head and laid down and curled up into a ball. He didn't have to cum. It would hurt for a while, but he would get over it.

"Night..." he whispered softly.

Spike sighed loudly and rolled onto his side, facing Xander. "Pet, we're going to have to work on your assertiveness."

Xander glared at Spike, "No. Screw you. When you are selfish like that... I don't care." He stayed turned on his side and then proceeded to ignore Spike. "You hurt me... and you don't care. So go to bed."

Spike growled and, in game-face, forced Xander onto his back. "You're going to cum, and you're going to like it. Got me?" he growled out before slipping out of game-face and moving down the human's body, quickly taking his still hard cock into his mouth and sucking hard.

Xander cried out, his heart pounding, and his cock throbbing. "Please... please. You don't have to do this!" He shivered and raised his hand to cover his mouth.

Spike let the cock fall out of his mouth, his hand replacing it, and looked up to Xander's eyes. "If you really want me to stop I will, but you have to say, 'Spike, although you are extremely good looking and sexy, I'm an wanker and don’t want you to suck my cock dry.'"

Xander reached down and smacked Spike's head. "You know I don't want you to stop, but you need to stop being a prick, a jerk, and an asshole. I am going to be married to you... and I have been treating you right." He reached down and started to stroke himself firmly, his hand over Spike's cool one.

Spike removed his hand from under Xander's and sat up, folding his legs Indian-style. "I'll treat you however I want, I'm the master vampire in this relationship."

Xander then kicked out and placed a kick right to Spike's chest, knocking the blonde backwards off the bed. "Don't you EVER treat me that way. I am not a whore to be used how you want. I will become YOUR EQUAL!" He felt his bottom lip quiver as he tried to hold in his emotions, but his vision blurred as he felt the tears prick his eyes. "I will not let you treat me like my parents do!" He shook as he covered himself up and wrapped his arms around his knees.

Spike vamped out and jumped to his feet, prepared to have it out with the human, but paused when he saw Xander huddled in on himself. Slipping out of game-face, he sat down on the bed and pulled Xander into his arms. Not knowing what to say, he kept silent, resisting the instinct that told him to purr to calm his soon to be mate.

Xander shivered more, "Wh-why does everyone have to hate me? The only people that like me are my friends. My parents hate me... you hate me. The people who are supposed to be close to me, they treat me like shit."

Spike sighed and pulled Xander onto his lap. "I don't hate you, Xan. Just not used to being with a human, am I?" He nuzzled his face in between the human's neck and shoulder before he gave into the urge and started to purr very softly.

Xander almost went boneless instantly, his body just relaxing and sighing softly. "I'm sorry. I'm not always a big baby." He laid his head against Spike's shoulder. "I will try to be more aggressive, but you gotta be a little more sensitive. Okay?" he whispered.

Spike scoffed, but agreed, for some reason not liking when Xander was upset. After they sat in silence for a while Spike kissed Xander's neck and murmured, "You know, I can kill all those pricks for you, including those people you call parents."

Xander shook his head, "No... ‘cause when they raised me the way they did, they did something right. I didn't end up like them. I know I never want to be like them." He smiled a little and tilted his head for Spike to kiss more of it.

Spike obliged Xander and continued to kiss his neck. He paused at the pulse point and licked at it lovingly, while his hands roamed Xander's body.

Xander let out a sighing moan, his cock hardening again and within a minute it was slapping against his belly. "I can't wait til you can bite me." He smiled slightly and pushed his ass back against Spike's own cock.

Spike growled in arousal and slid one of his hands down Xander's body to his cock. He fisted the thick penis as he sucked and nipped at the pulse point, trying to bring Xander over the edge.

Xander shifted so his legs were spread, and over Spike's legs, his hips thrusting up and down. He started to gasp and cry out as he felt his orgasm tighten his whole body. "Oh... Spike... yes, yes, yes!" He saw stars when he came, thick ropes of cum coming out of his softening cock.

Spike smirked in triumph, giving Xander's cock a few more jerks before lifting his hand to his mouth and licking it clean. "You taste bloody beautiful, pet. Bet your blood tastes even better."

Xander turned around and straddled Spike's lap. He pressed his nose against Spike's cheek and nuzzled him. "You will find out eventually. Maybe then you can tell me why I seem to be a demon magnet." He closed his eyes. "Do you need help again?" he reached down and teased the head of his blonde lovers cock.

Spike removed Xander's hand from his cock and laid them both down on the bed. "I'm okay, pet. You need to rest and the sun is almost up so, so do I. We'll play more later."

Xander nodded and kissed Spike tenderly for a couple minutes. "I really love kissing you." He breathed, and then let out a yawn, "Sleepy time," he murmured, his eyes closing and his body molding against Spike's.

Spike settled further into the bed and wrapped his arms around the human as he fell asleep.


Xander heard the phone ringing far away... and he felt like he was trying to swim in cotton. He groaned as he eventually woke up and picked up the phone.

"Ello?" he croaked.

'Xan. It's time to start the ceremony. You two have finally agreed haven't you?' Angel’s voice said over the line.

"Yeah... how did you know?"

‘Because Doyle just got the vision that it is time. We are going to do it tonight, close to midnight. So you can come over here now.’

"Thanks, Angel. Tell Doyle thank you, also. Give him the advil, not the darvacet, we don't want him falling asleep before I get married," Xan teased, and Angel chuckled softly and hung up.

"Spike… wake up. We are getting married tonight." He kissed and nuzzled Spike's face.

"No. Leave me alone," Spike groaned and tried to bury himself under the blanket.

Xander chuckled and climbed on Spike and laid on him. "When we get married at midnight you can finally taste me, any way possible," he teased as he nibbled on Spike's neck. "Pweeze wake up?"

Spike groaned again, this time in pleasure. He wrapped his arms around the human on top of him and slowly opened his eyes. "So what is involved in this 'ceremony'?"

Xander had to think for a bit, "Sharing blood, mostly normal stuff." He shrugged, "I don't really know. It's supposed to be a surprise to us." He smiled a bit and got up.

"Sounds like fun," Spike grumbled sarcastically as he got up as well and started to get dressed. Once they were ready they quickly made their way to Angel and Doyle's place where Spike smirked and banged on the door, just barely not breaking it.

Xander gave Spike a disapproved glance and was pounced on by Doyle. He laughed, spinning around with his half-demon friend.

Angel stood beside Spike and looked at him, "Can I talk to you really quick? Alone? Please?"

Spike sighed but nodded his head and followed Angel inside. "What do you want, peaches?"

Angel shut the door when Spike came in. "I always was proud of you, childe. You became a master on your own." He gave a sad smile, "I'm proud of you, Spike... William. And I give you a Sire's Approval." He leaned forward and gave Spike a small kiss on the lips.

Spike grumbled and wiped his lips as they turned to go back to Xander and Doyle.

"So, what do we have to do?"

Doyle then told them everything they had to do for the ceremony.

Xander was leaning against Spike and waited nervously.

"You ready for this, Spike?" he looked up with innocent wide eyes. It was time for the ceremony.

"Guess so," Spike shrugged as they were lead into the guest room that Doyle and Angel had previously set up. There were lit candles all over the room and in the center was the king size bed, covered in blood red sheets. "So we just bugger and I bite him when we cum, right?"

Angel looked down nervously and Doyle smiled, "Yeah, but Xan, don't forget to bite him too."

Xander nodded and grabbed Spike's hand shyly.

Angel and Doyle made sure they got naked and on the bed, then left.

Xander blushed but laid back and looked at Spike's tight body. His cock started to get hard.


Spike jumped up from the bed once the door was shut and started to pace back and forth in the room. When did he suddenly decide he wanted to do this? Did he want to do this? Maybe he could still make a run for it. But then he thought about Xander, and how the human would feel if he changed his mind and ran off. Admitting to himself that he did care about the brunette, he sighed and sat back down on the edge of the bed.

Xander worriedly sat up more and looked at Spike, "Uhm. I guess you are still doubting all this. I wish you had more choice, but it's not my fault." He reached over and gently touched Spike's back. "Do you not want to look at me when you do it? I-I can lay on my front, you don't have to see my face."

Spike ignored Xander's words and turned, pushing the human onto his back and climbing on top of him. Leaning down, he started to kiss Xander's warm lips, trying to get aroused.

Xander shut his eyes and kissed the vampire back, his tongue playing with the others'. His cock was getting hard and pressing against Spike's stomach.

"Please... fuck me now."

The kissing, combined with Xander's words, caused Spike's cock to twitch to life and instantly become hard. "Need supplies, love," he explained as he reached over to the nightstand and took out a bottle of lube. Popping the cap he looked down at the horny body under him and groaned, thinking about finally sinking cock and fang into it. He squirted some lube onto his palm and warmed it as much as his cool body would allow before slicking up his fingers. "Ready, pet?" he asked as he gave Xander's hole the first slight touch and circled it softly.

Xander whimpered and pushed his ass forward, "Yes, yes, hurry! It's not like I never fingered myself before." He blushed and opened his eyes, wanting to see how Spike would react.

Spike arched a scarred eyebrow and his cock twitched as he thought of Xander fingering himself. "Well, well, well, pet. Naughty, naughty," he smirked just as he pushed the first finger in. He moaned as Xander clenched around his finger, not used to a human's heat.

Xander's body quivered as his head dropped back, and he tried to arch up for more of the cool fingers. "Mhmm, very naughty... naughty Xander. Gonna punish him?"

"Of course, luv, you can’t touch what's mine without my permission. But not now, we'll save that for later," Spike assured with an evil smirk while he added as second finger into Xander's ass. "How's that, pet? Like it?" he asked as he found and pressed against the humans prostate.

Xander's eyes rolled back as he grunted, "Ugh... yes! Come on, please. I will be able to handle you, please!" he begged, his body shaking as he tried to fuck himself on Spike's fingers.

"Not yet, Xan," Spike said as he pushed a third finger into Xander's hole and scissored them, preparing the way for his cock. After torturing the human for a few more minutes, he nodded his head and pulled out his fingers. "Think you're ready, luv." He wiped the remaining lube on his cock and added a bit more before slowly pushing his way in.

"Bloody hell, so tight and hot," he moaned when he was fully seated inside.

Xander let out a soft sigh, his hole opening and accepting Spike easily. "Oh right there," he gasped, his eyes wide and he reached up and ran his fingers over Spike's cheeks and face, committing it to memory.

Spike gripped Xander's hips and slowly started to move in the man under him. Looking down, he watched as his cock slid in and out and couldn’t hold back his game-face any longer.

Xander cried out as his prostate was stabbed over and over. "Fuck me!" he sobbed out, his cock hard and leaking. He leaned up and kissed Spike, not caring about the fangs in the way. "I think I am in love with you," he whispered so softly, right before his hitch in his breath and he came, his head tilting to the side for Spike.

Spike growled and lunged for the neck offered to him when he felt Xander cum in his hand and clench around his cock tighter then ever. The feel of his fangs piercing the human's skin and the first taste of Xander's blood caused his own release deep into his mate.

Xander then quickly moved when Spike was still coming and he pulled off. He moved down and started to suck and swallow Spike's still throbbing cock. Xander licked up Spike's body and bit his neck also, marking Spike as his too.

Spike growled in pleasure as Xander bit and drank his blood. He leaned down and licked at the blood still trailing from where he bit the human.

"You're mine now, luv," he whispered huskily directly into Xander's ear.

Xander gave a deep shiver and looked at Spike with bright eyes. "I'm glad. And if it is ok... can you be mine too?" He was straddling Spike's lap and his arms around the blonde's shoulders.

The vampire gently kissed the human's lips before he shrugged. "I think that would be okay." He paused and looked away before adding the next part, “And… I think I love you too.”

Xander beamed a bright smiled and pulled the vampire into a loving kiss.

The End.

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23rd-May-2010 10:40 pm (UTC)
IN the end who could resist Xander? =D Great story!
23rd-May-2010 11:51 pm (UTC)
No one has the power to resist his chocolate puppy eyes! NO ONE! lol
24th-May-2010 12:21 am (UTC)
And anyone who says they can are LIARS! =D
24th-May-2010 12:27 am (UTC)
Yes they are! And it's their loss!
24th-May-2010 12:38 am (UTC)
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