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What Is A "Witch"

Xander On The Menu Part 3 The Beginning of the End

Story: Xander On The Menu
Summary: Hurt Spike. Blood from Xander. This leads to sex.
Part One: Hurt Slash Comfort
Part Two: The Interludes
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I own no characters that belong to Joss, even though I keep wishing on that first star I saw....
Feedback: makes the world a better place. Esp. if you see a typo.

Part 3: The Beginning of the End
Chapter 1: Adventures In The Cemetery
Chapter 2: Adventures Above Ground
Chapter 3: Adventures Underground
Chapter 4: "Nice Things"
Chapter 5: The Story of Spike and Dru

Chapter 4 and 5 are dedicated to idlesloth who requested Spike as the Little Spoon.
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