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Poetry Lesson IV : Appeasing the Demon - Part II

Story: Poetry Lessons IV : Appeasing the Demon – Part II
Summary: Spike is marking his territory, once and for all
Disclaimer: The boys do belong to me, but only in a 'I'm obviously delusional and need some psychiatric help' kinda way!
Feedback: would be lovely – who knows how long my new-found muse will stick around, but I know she loves praise/concrit!

A/N : this is the first part, more to follow.....

Poetry Lesson IV : Appeasing the Demon - Part II

Xander knew various parts of his body were sensitive. His inner elbow when stroked made him sigh; the small of his back being touched the right way sometimes made him give a little giggle; the nape of his neck, if Spike blew gently, sent a shiver through his whole body. And he knew that Spike was aware of all of his special places. But now, now he had discovered whole new areas that reacted to stimulus.

Spreadeagled on the bed on his front, his vampire lying on top of him, hands clasping the headboard, Xander struggled to catch his breath. His skin felt too small to hold his body, hot and tight and tingling and he was lying on a hard-on that felt as though it would burst, despite the lack of direct contact. He had no idea how long they had been on the bed. When they came into the bedroom, Spike had pushed him onto the bed on his back, covering him instantly.

Deep, drugging kisses, hands pulling his hair to move his head where it was wanted. Nibbling, biting, tongue sucking, tongue thrusting - at times he had wondered if Spike remembered that he needed to breathe, then decided it was over-rated anyway if it meant they could stay locked together. Spike hands came up and grabbed his wrists, pushing his arms down onto the bed as he reared up over Xander. Hips jerking, he pushed his hard cock directly alongside Xander's, rubbing them against each other. Panting, Xander could tell Spike was muttering but he couldn't make out what he was saying. Releasing Xander's left wrist, Spike reached between their bodies and wrapped his hand around both of their leaking erections, long fingers squeezing them together as he began a fast rhythmic movement.

"Gonna mark you good and proper, yeah - make it so no one touches what's mine. Every bugger will know that you're mine after this". He sped up his movements, stripping their flesh ruthlessly fast until Xander was moaning incoherently heart thudding, face flushed with blood as he rushed towards orgasm. With a spasmodic jerk, Xander came in a hot flood over Spike's fingers, clenched fists releasing as he let all of the tension flow out of him with his cum, relaxing into the mattress.

Releasing Xander's still spitting cock, Spike began a even rougher motion, hand movements almost blurring with speed as he thrust his hips into his own fist. "Gonna mark you all over - ugh, fuck - gonna cover you in me so every fucker knows you're mine. MINE!!" he roared, throwing his head back as he came all over Xander's chest and belly. Without missing a beat, he released his still hard cock and rubbed their combined spendings into Xander's flesh, spreading it over his nipples, his abs and all over his chest.

"Fuck, Spike - that was just....."

"Not finished Xander - barely getting started here luv....." So saying, Spike leaned over and engulfed Xander's cock in one swoop, sucking the softening flesh as far down as it would go, nuzzling his nose into the crisp dark curls of hair.

"Oh God, hey, blondie - human here remember!!" Xander tossed his head back, body so sensitised that Spike's actions verged on the painful. He could feel Spike's arm jerking backwards and forwards, and raising his head he could see down the length of their bodies that he was pulling on his cock until it was rock hard once again. "Fuck......"

Releasing the hardening flesh from his mouth, Spike replied "Yeah, luv, we'll get to that soon enough..." before crawling up Xander's body until his cock was pressed against the man's lips. "Suck me luv, take me in". As Xander opened wide and took Spike's cock in, he vaguely remembered what Spike had said about taking the rest of the night and most of tomorrow.....

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