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Poetry Lesson V : Demon Appeased

Story: Poetry Lesson V : Demon Appeased
Summary: Spike's demon needed everyone to know the boy belonged to him....
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Explicit slash, bloodplay, copious use of the term 'Boy' - I think that covers it!
Disclaimer: The boys do belong to me, but only in a 'I'm obviously delusional and need some psychiatric help' kinda way!
Feedback: would be lovely – who knows how long my new-found muse will stick around, but I know she loves praise/concrit!

Poetry Lesson V : Demon Appeased

“Spike...” The groan was dragged out of him as once more a roughened tongue licked up his nape. He could feel the ridges on his lover's face as it was rubbed up and down his neck, parted lips leaving a trail of kisses as Spike moved down his body. He inhaled sharply as he felt the prick of fangs – not biting – just marking him, down his nape to the knobs of his vertebrae, a line of blood droplets rising from his skin. Spike was balanced over him now, hands beside his chest, knees alongside his butt. Then, like a full body massage, he felt Spike rest along his whole body again sliding from side to side so that the cool skin of his chest caressed Xander's back.

“Sssh, love, gonna take good care of ya – don't you worry”. Again, Spike rubbed his body against Xander's, determined to erase every microscopic trace of Angelus's scent. Lapping at the droplets of blood, he hissed in pleasure at the taste of his Boy - love and lust the overpowering feelings rising from him. Moving down the bed, Spike ran his hands down Xander's back, allowing his talons to score gently. Hands resting on the firm, muscular cheeks he pulled them apart and pushed his face in close.

“Holy Mother of God, Spike!!!” the words seemed to be wrenched from him as he felt that strong tongue push firmly against his pucker, jabbing and pressing until it gave way and allowed entry. Xander reared up unconsciously, only to be pushed back down by firm hands.

Lifting his head, Spike said “Ah ah ah, luv, you stay where I put you. Hold on tight to that headboard, and don't let go – you hear me?!” Assuming obedience, he returned to his task, diving once more between those cheeks and tasting the musky essence of his lover. Taking a deep breathe, he shuffled backwards, coming to rest on his knees between Xander's spread thighs.

Reaching for the lube on the bed, he flipped the lid open, liberally coating his fingers. Sliding between those cheeks once more, he pushed two fingers into the damp hole, scissoring them gently to prepare the way. He wanted to be gentle - wanted to not scare the boy - but the demon wanted to mark it's territory, wanted to pound it's way into the hot, heaving body until no-one would ever dare touch what was his again. Shaking off his true face his hands went to Xander's hips, intending to pull the boy to his knees. He had to at least start
this off gently...

"You ready for me Xander?"

"Huh?" He knew Xander was tired – not many humans could have come twice in such a short space of time and not felt a little tired, let alone after the traumatic evening they had had. Realising that despite his arousal, Xander wasn't going to be able to withstand the pounding his Demon insisted was necessary to reclaim his boy, Spike shifted back once more.

“Lift up a bit luv.” Grabbing a pillow, Spike pushed it under Xander's hips – to push his ass higher but also to provide something for Xander to hump into.

Easing his cheeks open, Spike moved forward and began to push the head of his cock into the scalding heat awaiting him. Slowly, so slowly, he pushed forwards with his hips savouring every millimetre of the clinging, flexing warmth as he reclaimed his boy. He heard Xander give a cry as his relentless entry nudged his prostate then with a final push he was balls deep in his human. Soaking up the warmth, Spike was still for a moment. No one was ever going to take this away from him - he would kill them first. Rocking his hips from side to side, he pressed his cock against the walls of Xander's ass. Taking a deep breath, he was happy he could no longer scent anything 'other' - just the combined scents of him and Xander, semen, blood and sweat mixed together in pleasing cocktail.

Grasping Xander's hips, Spike withdrew until just the head of his cock was inside, paused, and then slammed back in.

"Ugh!" Steady withdrawal, slamming entry Spike built up a swift rhythm until he was pounding into Xander. Hands clenched tight on hip bones, demon face to the fore, he changed angle slightly so that he was hitting Xander's prostate on every entry, grunts escaping him as he powered in and out. He leaned up so that his upper body was upright and he could look down and watch himself entering that clinging. scalding hole, a sight that drew even more groans from his.

Xander was pushing back as much as he was able, hands scrabbling for a hold on the sheets as he was pushed inexorably higher. Tired, aching, but so turned on, he felt like his body belonged to someone else. Nerves zinging, unconscious moans escaping with every slamming entry, he knew he couldn't last much longer. Come on, come on, he silently goaded, knowing what Spike wanted to do but not knowing whether this time, this time he would do it.

"Please...." he moaned, turning and tilting his head invitingly.

"You sure?"

"Fuck, yes - please Spike, please...."

The clamour of his demon too strong to ignore, the invitation from this amazing human being too alluring to resist, Spike struck. Face nestled in the curve where that strong neck met shoulders, he bit deep, moaning even more at the gush of life-giving fluid that splashed into his mouth.Xander's wail as he climaxed ringing in his ears, Spike gulped once, then once more before pulling out his fangs and reefing himself out of his boy's clinging body.

"ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" the primal roar came from his gut as he fisted his cock, great gobs of come spurting all over Xander's back, ass and thighs as Spike came, and came and came!!!! Head lolling forward, panting for breath, Spike used both hands to rub his come into the strong muscular back, the smooth taut buttocks. No one could mistake the claim now - Xander belonged to him!
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