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Poetry Lesson VIII : Whither thou goest....

Story: Poetry Lesson VIII: Whither thou goest....
Rating: R for language
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The boys do belong to me, but only in a 'I'm obviously delusional and need some psychiatric help' kinda way!
Feedback: would be lovely – who knows how long my new-found muse will stick around, but I know she loves praise/concrit!

Poetry Lesson VIII : Whither thou goest....

Dear Willow

Greetings from Alexander Harris, Consort of William the Bloody, House of Aurelius!! (I so get a kick out of writing that!!)

How are things over there in Sunnydale? I heard you made it through the latest apocalypse using your major powers of witchyness - go on with ya bad-self, my favourite red-headed Wicca!! Please give my love to the Buffster and Giles - sorry we missed them last time we visited, but next time maybe?

I cannot believe how much I'm enjoying all this travelling - Spike insisted on us doing some sort of 'Grand Tour' but I wasn't convinced. Sometimes he is such the Victorian gentleman. But better than all of the places we've seen - and scrummy food we've eaten - is being with Spike. I know you gave him the Shovel talk, and had a special wooden one made so you could stake him after giving him a beat down, but I think you can safely put it away now.

Willow, he loves me so very very much. And it's not just the sex, although hubba hubba!! The best way of showing you how much he loves me is that he let me change his hair. Yep, you read that right - he let me change his hair!!. Actually he lost a bet - never underestimate how many pain au chocolat the XanMan can consume in order not to lose a wager! And although he grumbled, he left off bleaching it and let me shave the blond bits! Gotta tell you he looks seriously sexy with a shaven head and those cheekbones are still as lethal as ever.

Spike says we can have some sort of 'human' commitment ceremony next time we're in the States, although in his words 'those bloody do-gooders could have come to the vamp equivalent if they weren't so squeamish about blood 'n' sex'! He also says if Giles wants to know more about the whole Consort deal, he should ask Angel although maybe don't mention us if he does since Angel hasn't forgiven us yet!!

I've got to go if I want this to catch the mail - Spike is taking me for a fancy meal this evening so I have to finish getting all duded up! You should see my wardrobe now - Buffy would drool just seeing my shoes! And I sound so gay now.

Love you always Wills, and see you soon


"Ready luv?" Xander looked up from the envelope he was writing, a huge smile splitting his face as he looked up at his lover. Dressed in his trademark black - tight teeshirt, jeans, leather duster - the Big Bad had never looked sexier. And nothing was sexier to Xander than seeing his ring on one of those strong, slender fingers.

"Whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge - "

"Oi, you daft git, don't be quoting the bible at me!!"

"Whoops, my bad!! Was just trying to share some poetry with you".

"Yeah yeah, come on time to eat". Laughing, Spike took his boy by the hand and led him to the doorway. Ruddy typical, he thought to himself, he always ended up with the nutty ones!

A/N And here endeth my first foray into fanfic!! I can't say it's been a long ride - this story only started on Wednesday/Thursday - but it has been lots of fun! I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you to everyone who reads but huge *smooches* to everyone who comments!!

Big thanks also go to silk_labyrinth who dealt with panicked emails at 6.30 in the morning with her typical calm!!

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