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Prequel to Poetry Lessons

Story: Prequel to Poetry Lessons OR How Spike and Xander got stuck together!
Summary: Who knew being stuck to Spike could be so very interesting...
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: The boys do belong to me, but only in a 'I'm obviously delusional and need some psychiatric help' kinda way!
Feedback: would be lovely!

Prequel to Poetry Lessons OR How Spike and Xander got stuck together

Being stuck to Spike for 48 hours with no respite was not quite as hellacious as Xander would have expected. Willow's latest 'spell' was meant to be an 'Anti Demon Magnet' spell – in response to his frustrated complaints following a patrol where every demon they met seemed to head straight for Xander as though magnetised!! Unfortunately, during the middle of casting the spell – which Xander actually hadn't given permission to by the way – Spike had wandered between Willow and Xander, causing his demon to get 'stuck' (non witchword but made more sense than the Latin crap that Willow used) to Xander!!

“And what now?! Spike – personal bubble, learn to respect it!”. Trying to push Spike away, Xander discovered that it didn't seem possible.

“Oh my Goddess, Spike, why did you get in the middle just then?!! I was – um – well, I was talking to Xander and rude much, you just pushed between us...”

“Talking?? Willow you weren't talking to me – you were muttering under your breath when Fangless happ- what exactly were you muttering?”

“Now Xander, I was just trying to help. You know how upset you've been lately with all the girls you like being, well all demony or flesh eating or just plain evil. And after last night I wanted to stop everything aiming for you so I, erm, kindalookedupaspell!”

“You did what?!!!”

“Oi!! What the fuck do you think you're playing at Red!?!” Flailing his arms, Spike tried to pull away from Harris but kept boinging back. “Harris, will you just FUCK off?!”

“Hey, not wanting to be stuck with you either, you bleached menace!! Willow, what have you DONE?!!”

The next ten minutes were spent trying to pry Xander and Spike apart, until all of them had to accept that like it or not, the two seemed stuck together like particularly strong magnets.

“Oh my, Giles is going to be so upset with me. I sorta promised him that I wouldn't do any magic while he was away, but I was just trying to help so maybe he'll understand and.....”

“Are you saying you can't fix this?!” Xander's voice was so high-pitched, a few dogs nearby in the streets outside whimpered.

“I'm stuck with the whelp?!!”

“Well I wouldn't say stuck as such. Just that at this point in time I can't separate the two of you. Xander, I am so sorry, I really didn't expect this to happen – I was just trying to help. And please, maybe if you could not mention this to Buffy either that would be wonderful”.

“And why are we not telling Buffy?”

“Err, well she's not happy with what I managed to do to her stylish but affordable boots. I was trying to make them anti-demon slime but instead managed to stick the slime to them and we haven't managed to scrape it off yet....”

“You mean you tried this before and it didn't work, but you STILL did it on me?!!” Xander's voice got even higher, disbelief and anger underlying his panic at being stuck with - to Spike.

“Hey!! This was the new improved version, so it should have worked – I just need to do some tweaking and then....”

“Hell no!! Harris, we're out of here – I'm not having her tweak me when she plainly doesn't have a fucking clue what she's doing” and so saying, Spike literally dragged Xander out of the Magic Box and down the street.

“Spike. SPIKE!!! Where do you think you're taking me?!”

“Your flat will do for now Whelp. I don't want to be seen stuck to your flabby arse – I do have some reputation left ya know!”

“Hey! And being stuck to me should only enhance any reputation you might – and my ass is NOT flabby!”

“Shut up Harris, and get a move on already.” The walk, very much like a three-legged race, to Xander's apartment was completed in fuming silence from that point on, the struggle to get through the door enough to raise both of their temperatures yet again until Xander finally agreed to invite Spike inside.

Heading towards the sofa was like trying to tow a truck until Spike finally realised where Xander was going and moved with him. Unfortunately this put Xander out of balance and with a flail of his arms, a bizarre dance step followed by a clumsy misstep, Xander ended up falling onto the sofa with Spike on top of him. “Ooof”. Gasping for breath, Xander looked up and found Spike staring directly into his face.

And who knew Spike's eyes were quite that shade of blue, and how close up you could see how smooth and unblemished all that white skin was. Eyes tracking over Spike's face, Xander almost forgot to breath as he took it all in. The sharp cheekbones, slice of scar through one eyebrow, pink, pouting lips coming closer....

He really hadn't planned to lurch up and put his lips against Spike's – in fact, looking back he was pretty sure that it hadn't been him, but something to do with Willow's spell because before now he had not even considered Spike that way unless those times in bed alone counted, but obviously they didn't.

And the kissing. Wow, could Spike kiss. And surely Spike should have pulled away with disgust by now, unless, of course, Spike too was under the influence of Willow's spell because that was the only explanation for the hands grasping his face and turning his head to an angle so that Spike's tongue could slice between his lips, slip between his teeth and do an intensive survey of the inside of Xander's mouth.

It was only polite when someone is holding you to hold them back, and that was the only reason his hands were grabbing onto Spike's shoulders, then sliding down that muscled back, reaching to take hold of that pert, muscular yet rounded bottom until he was pulling Spike into his body, the bulge at his crotch meeting an equally interested one as they ground together.

Wrenching his head away to take a breath, Xander tried to gather his scrambled brain cells to think. Although thinking – over-rated – when Spike was taking his mouth again, devouring his mouth, hands leaving his face to move down to his chest, and whoa, there, pinching his nipples through his flannel shirt until they were drilling into Spike's palms through the material. Thrusting hips, swivelling to get more friction and who knew denim was a conductor because that was most definitely electricity going on down there, or chemistry, or whatever because who the hell cared when it felt so damned good?

Suddenly there seemed to be a surplus of hands, as zippers and buttons were reached for and opened, duster shoved off shoulders until it thudded onto the floor (what did Spike have in all those pockets anyway?!) flannel shirt and tee-shirt ripped off (so many more in his wardrobe so who cared), and black tee-shirt that almost had to be surgically removed it was so tight revealing gleaming white flesh, jerking muscles and oh my God, where the hell had Spike been hiding THAT in those tight jeans?!!

“Erm, Spike...”

“Yeah Whelp?!” Sliding down Xander's body, Spike was obviously not paying any attention to him speaking. In fact, Spike seemed rather fascinated with his tanned chest and stomach, his innie belly button judging by the tongue darting in and out of it, and his hip bones which Spike was using as handles to move Xander around so that he could -

“Holy shit!!” Tossing his head back, Xander was barely aware of his hands sliding into Spike's hair and holding tight to those crunchy curls, hips thrusting upwards as his cock was enveloped by a cool, moist mouth that seemed to have all the suction power of a really strong hoover because no-one had ever taken Xander in that deep and that strong before!! And oh my God, oh my God, this was going to be over in mere seconds if Spike didn't let up just a little bit. And please, make him stop dipping his strong tongue into the slit at the end and gently squeezing his balls as he sucked and slurped Xander's cock like it held all the secrets of the universe and Spike wanted to suck them out as quickly as possible. The tingle at the base of his spine warned him that those secrets were going to be spurting out pretty darn fast if he didn't do something quickly, and he tried to twist sideways, pull himself free but then Spike's hand was somehow nudging between the cheeks of his ass and there was a finger pushing through what until now had only been an exit for his body, and stroking against something inside until Xander's brains finally melted out of his ears, his body was balanced on his heels and his head, and the secrets of the universe were now in the possession of the smirking bleached blond vampire kneeling between his spread legs.

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