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Prequel to Poetry Lessons - Part II

Story: Prequel to Poetry Lessons OR How Spike and Xander got Unstuck!
Summary: Who knew being stuck to Spike could be so very interesting...
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: The boys do belong to me, but only in a 'I'm obviously delusional and need some psychiatric help' kinda way!
Feedback: would be lovely!

Prequel to Poetry Lesson OR How Spike and Xander got Unstuck

Never one to turn down an opportunity, Spike lifted off of the sofa and turned the Whelp over onto his stomach. Who knew that under those baggy jeans Xander had been hiding that body. Tanned, smooth skin, muscles created by construction work and not body building, and nowt to be ashamed of in the crotch department either!! Licking his lips, he admitted to himself that this was probably the first time he was happy to have been hit by one of Red's spells.

"Whu - er, Spike?" Harris was obviously coming out of his orgasm-induced swoon (oh yeah, he was the Big Bad alright), but so far didn't seem to be objecting to his current position. Rummaging through his duster pocket, Spike grabbed the half-used tube of lube and climbed back onto the sofa between the long, muscular legs.

"My my, Whelp, has anyone ever told you that you have a delicious arse?!" Unable to resist the temptation, Spike took those luscious cheeks in his hands and split them like a peach. Darting forward, he inhaled deeply of the Whelp's musky scent then shoved his tongue into the spasming pucker.

"Whooa-hoooo" came from Xander, who had surfaced enough to lurch forward as Spike began thrusting his tongue in and out, fingers caressing the boy's cheeks as he held them apart. "Uggghhh Spike, that is just...."

"Like that do ya?" Leaning back slightly, Spike let his finger run down the dark crease, teasing the wet hole before sliding in. Flipping the lid open on the lube he pulled his finger back out and liberally covered it with lube. Re-entering, he twisted it round and round as he moved it in and out, making sure to coat the tunnel fully.

"Uh huh - k k keep doing that please" came from Xander, his voice muffled as his head fell with a thump back to the sofa cushions.

"S'alright, Pet, not gonna stop. Gonna make this feel sooo good yeah" and so saying, Spike added a second finger. His left hand rested on the base of Xander's spine as he scissored his fingers in the tight grasp, slowly stretching until Xander's muscles relaxed and the Whelp was pushing back towards Spike's thrusts. "Oi, you alright?" he asked as Xander gave a little giggle, catching Spike off-guard.

"Huh? Oh yeah, it's just that part of my back, that you're stroking - it's kinda ticklish in a good way". Voice still muffled, Xander sounded slighted drugged. But he wasn't complaining, and he wasn't trying to get away so Spike figured it was all good. He hadn't even realised his hand was stroking back and forth, enjoying the warmth of the whelp's skin, the smoothness feeling good against his fingertips.

"You ready for three?"

"K". Now Xander sounded nervous, and not wanting him to have time to reconsider Spike swiftly added a third finger and began reaching in and up for that little bud of nerves. "Oooooohhhh". Oh yeah, there it was. And now Xander was thrusting his hips back harder, trying to encourage Spike to keep his hands moving, and suddenly Spike found himself thinking how come the chip was letting him do this? Cos there was no doubt the whelp was a virgin this way, and even if it felt good, this had to hurt a little? Then, BAM! a lightbulb went off in his head and he realised just what the witch had done. She had magnetised Xander to his demon, which meant he didn't register as human anymore. Which meant this didn't hurt. Which meant - he could bite the whelp if he wanted to.

Stunned, Spike froze. He could bite the whelp if he wanted to. If he was right in what he was thinking. With this one person, he could have his bite back.

"Spike?" Xander's voice brought Spike out of his stupor and he looked up at the boy. Did he want to bite him? Did he want to kill him? Forget the fact that Willow knew Xander and he were together, and that the Slayer would be gunning for him if anything happened to their Donut Boy. Did He want to drain Xander?

"S'ok Pet, just wanted to take things slow s'all". Shaking off his thoughts, Spike again reached for the lube and coated his cock. If he was wrong, he didn't want to hurt the boy too much - rolling around on the floor from the chip sparking meant he would be vulnerable to any desire for revenge Xander might have if this hurt him, and that was the ONLY reason. "You ready?"

"Will it hurt?" Xander's voice was low and quiet, a little fearful.

"A little. But my fingers felt good didn't they??" Nodding, Xander lowered his head to the cushion again, and Spike's demon growled inside at the sign of submission. Taking a deep breath in, Spike moved forwards. Holding Xander's cheeks open once more, he pointed the head of his cock at the glistening hole. Nudging at it, he felt the head of his dick slide in slightly. Time to see how this was going to go. With small movements of his hips, Spike prodded and pushed gently until he felt the muscles give and his head was sliding into hot, deep, scalding, clinging body and ruddy fuck, the desire to just shove himself all the way in was so strong!


"Xander - you ok?" The boy had frozen, everything tense and clenched. Slowly, he seemed to relax, his breath panting loudly in the quiet room.

"Uh huh. Just go slow - please?"

*Yeah, luv - slow as you need". And despite the demon clamouring to get out and just take NOW Spike slowly, slowly moved inside Xander until he was encased in that steaming hot body. "Ok?"

"Oh yeah". Spike couldn't help but smirk when he heard that, and satisfied that Xander was really okay, he gave into the crawling itch in his balls to finally start to move! Small thrusts, in and out, hips circling to feel those clinging walls on every millimetre of himself, taking it easy until with a grunt Xander pushed himself back HARD, taking Spike off guard and sending him impossibly deeper. "Come on, Spike, fuck me already!"

And then his hands were gripping hip bones tight, hips snapping back and forth, head thrown back as he fought not to come straight away. Right foot sliding off the sofa to land on the floor to give himself more leverage, left hand reaching forward to grab the hair at the nape of Xander's neck and tug him upwards so that Spike could nuzzle into his neck, scraping his fangs in a line along his shoulders. Xander was moaning rhythmically with each thrust, holding Spike's face to him with one hand whilst the other helped him maintain some semblance of balance. With every moan, Spike knew he was closer to coming, the heat of the body encasing him too much for him to withstand. Shoving Xander back down (the urge to bite was too much) hands back to hips, thrusting into the boy with sharp digs - deep, deeper, as deep as he could get so that he felt like he couldn't get any closer. And then he was flying - soaring - growling with the sheer physical joy of coming so strong and so long. Hips stuttering, he jerked a couple more times until he slumped over Xander, unable to keep himself upright any longer.

They collapsed onto the sofa, panting breaths the only sounds in the room until, realising that he was still buried deep, Spike pulled his hips backwards so that he could withdraw. He rolled sideways, giving a cry as he fell to the floor. He looked up into Xander's grinning face, and couldn't help but smile back.

"Hey, look, Spike - we're not stuck together anymore!!" And they both convulsed into giggles!

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