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William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle - Part 4

Story : William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle!
Pairing : William/Xander
Rating : NC17 overall – beginning to earn it's NC17 rating
Part: 4/?
Summary: WarpedMindedYaoi asked for this: AU: A Tarzan/Jungle Book type story. Xander lives in the Jungle and William is an explorer.
Disclaimer: Mine unless you speak to Joss who seems to think he has some sort of prior claim!
Feedback: My first plot bunny – here's hoping it sticks around and plays nice with my Porn!Muse – petting of said bunny can only be of help!

A/N : Big thanks to whichclothes for the clever title!

William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle! – Part 4

Smiling down at William, Xander once more felt himself stirring and uncomfortable with the strange yearning for the smaller Englishman, he turned away. It had been difficult on the ground when he had helped William to his feet not to get lost in those eyes, but when he became aware of the stiffness of his shaft embarrassment made him turn swiftly away. He did not want to scare the Englishman – far from it. He wanted the chance to get to know him, to explore these new feelings. And unlike the girls from the village, he had no idea of what was allowed and what was not. And his English did not extend to asking such a question without a great deal of difficulty, probably on both parts!!

“Come, we go there!” Pointing at the next section of trees, Xander grasped the relevant vine.

“Er, I say, I really don't think I'm going to be able to do this unaided!! Or rather, I'm going to need help – can you show me how you do this?” Realising that William wouldn't have the same experience swinging from the vines that he had, Xander knew that he was going to have to carry the smaller man. Cursing his wayward erection, he tried to think unarousing thoughts. Fortunately, thinking of the time he had fallen into a puddle of elephant diarrhoea and had to stand under the waterfall for a day to remove the stench he managed to bring himself under control. Switching off his internal babble, he turned to William and smiled once more.

“I help. You hold on. Front this time. Yes?” He put his arm around William's waist, pulling the smaller man close into a half hug. Once William's arms were once more around his neck, he took a deep breath, wrapped the vine securely round his forearm and swung them from the tree.

“Oh my Looorrrdddd!!!” William's screams echoed through the jungle as they swung from the tree at an amazing speed, the large trunk of another tree racing towards them until he could do nothing but close his eyes and mutter a prayer that Xander knew what he was doing. There was a slight judder, a pause in mid-air, and then they were swinging again. Opening his eyes just a smidge, William realised they had swapped vines, and were actually two or three trees away from where they had started!!! Again there was a judder and a pause, and he looked wide-eyed and slack-jawed as Xander released one vine and grasped another, maintaining the speed of their swing by the power of his legs. A cry escaped him as his hat went flying on the next swing, but it rapidly turned into a full-bodied laugh as he relaxed into Xander's body fully, enjoying the feeling of flying through the air!!

Four more times, they swung from vine to vine, William whooping as they travelled from tree to tree. Finally they came to a stop, and Xander balanced William once more in the fork of some branches, before choosing a sturdier vine and turning once more to him.

“We go down now – yes?”

“Must we? I mean, yes, of course”. William stepped forward into Xander's embrace, wrapping his arms around his neck once more and tucking his head trustingly against Xander's chest. Xander pushed off from the branch and William looked up to find him staring down at him. As they slowly moved towards the ground, twirling gently around the vine, William found that he could not bring himself to look away. A dizzying sense of vertigo overcame him and again he felt his world narrow to just this wild man and the way he made him feel. “Will – e – um?”


“We down – you let go now, yes?”

“What?! Oh, oh, yes absolutely, sorry no idea what - was woolgathering – I do apologise!!” Flushing a deep pink, William stepped away, wobbling slightly as he tried to get his 'sea legs' before leaning against a tree-trunk for support. What was the matter with him? He had never felt this way for a man before - the only thing he could equate it to was how he had felt as a much younger man when visiting the ladies of his family's acquaintance. It was most disturbing - a quiver in his muscles, a flutter in his stomach, and an almost yearning to get closer to the object of his affections.

"Will-e-um? You all right?" Xander was most concerned - the smaller man was leaning against a tree trunk almost panting. He had not seemed that winded whilst swinging through the trees, but now he appeared to be suffering from a severe upset. Perhaps, the Englishman would feel better with a long drink and a dip under the waterfall? Making up his mind that it was only right that he help since he seemed to be the cause of the upset, Xander decided to take William to his favourite private place. "Come".

William looked up and realised Xander had been watching him. Stiffening his shoulders, he gathered his equilibrium about him. Sitting down, he unstrung his boots and put them back on. Who knew what creepy crawlies or dangers lurked on the jungle floor - he wasn't going to risk getting stung. He looked over and found himself entranced by Xander's feet. Long, broad but not wide, they were as tanned as the rest of him, the soles hardened by years of running around without footwear. Even his feet seemed exotic.

"I'm ready". Setting off at a slow pace, William followed carefully behind Xander as he moved confidently through the jungle. He never seemed to stumble or get tangled in branches, leaves or roots and William tried to emulate him - walking smoother and with more confidence. Just as he was getting into the rhythm, Xander came to a stop and William looked.

"Oh good Lord!!!" Beautiful. There was no other word to describe the vista in front of him. They had reached the lagoon and it was more exquisite than his view from the trees had appeared. The water was crystal clear, lush green grass growing all around. Scattered amongst the grass were large flat rocks, and a rough pathway that led directly to a small waterfall. Swivelling his head, William tried to take everything in at once. "Oh Xander, this is beautiful!!"

Grinning wildly, Xander was pleased that his William liked the lagoon. He did not share this lightly - girls from the village did not travel this far into the jungle and he hadn't brought anyone else here before. Why he had wanted to share this with William he didn't consider - he was just happy that it was appreciated. "Come". Leading William towards the rough pathway, he moved towards the waterfall.

"Is it safe to drink the water? Er - drink?!" William made a cupping gesture with his hand and brought it to his lips.

"Yes - clean, safe". Kneeling at the water's edge, William gathered a handful and brought it to his lips. Delicious!! Cool, crisp and clean tasting - so much better than the boiled water they had at camp. Tossing water over his head to cool himself down, William grabbed his handkerchief from his trouser pocket and dipped it into the water. Stroking it over the back of his neck, he sighed at the glorious feeling. This was by far the most enjoyable interlude of his time on the island. Looking up, he realised he couldn't see Xander. He heard a gasp, and looked towards the waterfall, his breath catching in his throat at the vision before him.

Xander had stepped beneath the fall of water, arms raised to slick his hair back from his face. The fall was almost gentle, caressing his skin as it instantly cooled him down. William was transfixed, watching the water streaming down the tall, tanned body. With his shaggy hair slicked back, Xander's face was brought into stark relief: strong cheekbones, closed eyes surrounded by long, wet lashes, pinky-brown lips parting as he took sips of water. Following the path of the water down his body, William gulped. Broad chest, flat stomach filtered water towards his loin cloth which afforded no protection from William's avid gaze. He had a clear view of Xander's flaccid manhood which even in repose was long and thick, nestling against large, lightly hair balls.

"Good Lord!" he whispered to himself, unconsciously moving his hand towards his own stiffening cock and stroking. This man was sheer perfection, from his head of shaggy dark hair to his strong toes. Xander's head turned, and he looked William straight in the eye.

"Will-e-um - come?"

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