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William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle! - Part 5

Story : William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle!
Pairing : William/Xander
Rating : NC17 overall
Part: 5/?
Summary: WarpedMindedYaoi asked for this: AU: A Tarzan/Jungle Book type story. Xander lives in the Jungle and William is an explorer.
Disclaimer: Mine unless you speak to Joss who seems to think he has some sort of prior claim!
Feedback: My first plot bunny – here's hoping it sticks around and plays nice with my Porn!Muse – petting of said bunny can only be of help!

A/N : Many thanks to whichclothes for the clever title!

William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle! – Part 5

"Good Lord!" he whispered to himself, unconsciously moving his hand towards his own stiffening cock and stroking. This man was sheer perfection, from his head of shaggy dark hair to his strong toes. Xander's head turned, and he looked William straight in the eye.

"Will-e-um – come?"

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

“I – I – er, I'm so sorry – I shouldn't... I shouldn't have been watching you” and turning away, William headed back along the path, cursing himself with every step he took. He didn't see Xander's face fall, or his head dip so that the fall of water was beating against the back of his neck. All he could think about was the humiliation, the embarrassment of being caught staring. What did Xander think of him? What had he been offering when he asked William to come?

Seating himself at the edge of the lagoon, William dragged off his boots and dangled his feet into the water in a lame attempt to cool down. He did not know what to do, or how to fix this – so confused he actually felt sick.

“Will-e-um?” He so desperately wanted to avoid looking up at Xander, but stiff upper lip and all that, he straightened his shoulders and raised his head.

“Yes Xander?”

“Brenmars plant here. Look”. Trying to ignore what had happened before, William followed Xander's gestures until he recognised one of the last plants to be carried aboard the ship.

“Ah, I see!! You call it the Brenmars plant??”

“Yes. Flower – good for pain. In water, hot. Leaf – make drink. Root – danger, poison. Protect from soil. You understand?”

“Amazing – so this simple plant provides medicine, a drink yet manages to do so whilst protecting itself from any dangers within the soil. This could be so incredibly useful in England, I wonder if it would survive in our climate? Giles will find this most intriguing”. Falling back onto the familiarity of discussing vegetation, William became quite animated and excited. Xander was happy to see William happy. He had felt bad for making William walk away and had wanted to make him feel better. When he had realised William was watching him, he hadn't thought further than inviting the man to join him. He had not wanted to push, or make him uncomfortable and was glad that they could still talk. “Can you – will you show me more?”

Smiling, Xander took William around the lagoon, pointing out various plants, his name for them, and their properties. In return, William gave the English name and what they were used for, and often learned that they were used for similar things in very similar ways. It was a joy to be able to share this, and watch the Englishman's face as he asked questions, laughed with him at the difficulties of translating, and fascinated by the way his brain worked.

Tired out, the two men ended up sat on one of the flat rocks scattered around, lying side by side and basking in the sunshine as they rested. A sudden rumble in the sky interrupted their rest, and Xander looked upwards, realising that one of the island's swift storms was moving overhead. He turned to his companion and said “Will-e-um – we must go. Rains coming.”

“Oh I say, yes, it does look rather gloomy all of a sudden”. Pushing himself into a seated position, William winced. “Oh dear. Xander, I believe I may have rather a severe sunburn!” and it was true – his face was practically glowing, his neck and arms not much better and it was truly painful trying to rise.

Xander held out his hands to assist William to his feet, wincing as he saw how much pain William was in. Yet again he had caused the Englishman discomfort – would he never learn?

“My hut – near. We go there – yes?”

“Yes, yes, that would be wonderful. How do we get there?”

“ You on back. Me climb. Come”. Gathering up William's boots and stringing them around his neck, Xander led the way to one of the large trees nearby. As gently as possible, he helped William climb onto his back and clambered quickly up the tree. “Swing there – yes?” William nodded, happy to hold onto Xander despite the pain from his sunburn. Two, three swings using the vines and he found himself looking up through branches into what looked like nothing so much as a giant tree house. A swing-ladder led up to a tall opening, and he allowed Xander to pull him up and through into the hut. It was one giant room – towards one end the equivalent of a king sized mattress of some sort of padding was obviously Xander's bed. There were shelves – often branches flattened down to make a flat surface; cups and plates beautifully carved; and scattered about were whittled animals in various sizes. A latrine system seemed to have been created in a corner of the hut, discreetly hidden by a screen made from rushes stretched over a wooden frame. Ewers filled with what looked like water from the lagoon were alongside the wall, and there was a large chair that had obviously taken a huge amount of time and effort to carve, rushes and matting combined to make what looked to be a comfortable seat.

“You carve?” Xander nodded shyly, looking at his home through new eyes and pleased with William's response. He was happy with where and how he lived, and despite the reasons he enjoyed the chance to show William. The whole day seemed to have been an opportunity to show William different sides of himself, and he had enjoyed himself immensely (on the whole). But now was the time to help William with his discomfort and gesturing him to the large mat, he moved to the shelf and pulled down a tub filled with coconut oil and various herbs mixed to a paste.

He turned back to find William lying on his back on the bed mat, shirt stripped off to reveal the extent of the sunburn but also his upper body. He felt his breath catch as he took in the sight. The man looked like he had been carved from marble – strong, smooth shoulders, lean musculature with a flat stomach arrowing down towards a light brown happy trail. Forcing himself to take a deep breath, and trying to ignore the stirring under his loin cloth, Xander walked across the room.

Groaning at the pain as he pulled off his shirt, William was completely oblivious to Xander's reaction to his half naked body. All he could see was the reddened skin, and how skinny he looked in comparison to the Wild Man. He felt the urge to hunch his shoulders but it hurt too much. He gingerly lay down, a sigh of relief escaping him as he came to a rest on matting that was much softer than he had expected.

Xander knelt next to the bed, gesturing with the tub towards William so he could see what he was offering.

“Will that help? With the sunburn I mean?”

“Yes. Cool. Make feel better”.

“Would you – erm, could you apply it for me? Moving hurts otherwise I truly wouldn't impose”. His stuttering ground to a halt as Xander took a large glob of the white substance onto his hand and placed it onto William's chest. He sighed, the coolness already giving him some relief. Xander began to wipe it into William's skin, strong fingers pressing gently as he spread the unguent around. He appeared mesmerised by the movements of his hands as he grabbed another lump and added that. Rubbing gently, he spread the coolness all over William's chest, down past his ribs and onto his stomach. Their world coalesced into just the two of them together on the matting, both entranced by the movements of Xander's hands whilst they caressed, rubbed and soothed William's burn.

As his hands moved towards William's waistband, Xander did not want to stop but again, he did not want to make the Englishman feel uncomfortable. Looking up into the man's face, he spoke, his voice hoarse “Turn over Will-e-um – I do back now”. Nodding eagerly, William flipping himself over, wincing only slightly as his burned chest came into contact with the matting but glad for the chance to hide his growing erection. The sun burn did feel better after the application of the unguent. Resting his head on his folded arms, he waited.

Staring at the man's back, Xander again felt his breath catch. William was beautiful, muscles moving under the silk of his skin as he manoeuvred into position, drawing Xander's gaze down and up again. It was a pleasure to grab more unguent and continue his massage, pressing strongly, caressing, learning the body beneath him. A sudden crack of thunder made him jump, his first realisation that the threatened storm had arrived. He looked down and realised that William had fallen asleep. Aware that there was no way they would be making their way back to the camp during the storm, Xander placed the tub of lotion by the head of the bed, wiped his hands on his loin cloth, and gingerly climbed onto the matting. When William merely sighed, and shuffled over as though to make room, he lay down beside the Englishman, released his held breath and relaxed. The falling rain outside was hypnotic, and without thought Xander drifted off to sleep.

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