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William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle! - Part 6

Story : William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle!
Pairing : William/Xander
Rating : Definitely NC17
Part: 6/?
Summary: WarpedMindedYaoi asked for this: AU: A Tarzan/Jungle Book type story. Xander lives in the Jungle and William is an explorer.
Disclaimer: Mine unless you speak to Joss who seems to think he has some sort of prior claim!
Feedback: My first plot bunny – here's hoping it sticks around and plays nice with my Porn!Muse – petting of said bunny can only be of help!

A/N : Big thanks to whichclothes for the clever title!

And warning, the boys finally let my Porn!Muse play with them – you have been warned!

William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle! – Part 6

So warm, so safe. William smiles in his sleep, snuggling back towards the source of the heat. He has always hated being cold – his sister would joke with him, say he was a vampire as he was always so cold. But now – now, he felt deliciously warm. His pillow was warm – hard, yet not uncomfortable and he felt surrounded by a glorious heat that seemed to have warmed him from the inside.

Pushing his pelvis closer to the warmth that was almost cuddling his cock, Xander was only semi-aware of his surroundings. His face seemed to be buried in a fluffy cloud, his nose itching at the tickling sensation. He shifted his hand to flatten the curls causing the itch, then let it slide back down to rest naturally around William's waist. Half awake, he nuzzled his face into the back of William's head, shifting downwards so that he could drop kisses onto the delicate flesh of his nape. Pulling him closer, Xander allowed his hand to move up William's chest, searching out and finding the delicate pink nipples. Rubbing, flicking, lightly twisting, he teased the now erect nubbins until William was pushing back against him. Head sliding round, he kissed his way down the cord of William's neck, taking little nibbles and nips until his face was resting in the curve of the man's neck and shoulder. Inhaling deeply of William's scent, he came to full erection – the smell of English soap, coconut oil, herbs and just him most pleasing to his senses.

Skittering down his chest to the waist of his trousers, Xander's fingers traced the buttons that covered William's erect flesh, pressing his palm onto it so that it filled his hands through the material. Only aware that he did not want these delicious feelings to stop, William flicked open the buttons and pushed down on the material, lifting his hips to enable Xander to slide the trousers down his legs until he could kick them off. He had ceased wearing drawers since coming to the island and his cock sprang free to press against his stomach, leaking already with growing excitement.

Xander's firm thigh split his legs from behind until he could feel the smooth leather of the loin cloth against the cheeks of his arse, a sensual counterpoint to the warm hands that were stroking his flanks, his inner thighs, fingers dipping upwards to run through the honey-coloured curls around the base of his cock. Moaning, William reached behind his head to encourage Xander's kisses against his neck, thrusting his pelvis back so that he could rub himself against the leather. Wanting – needing to feel skin, he slid his hand downwards until he reached Xander's waist, then realised he had no idea how to undo the cloth. He fumbled for a moment, awkwardly twisting his hands to try to undo the material until he froze. What was he doing?

Sucking gently on William's neck, Xander instantly became aware of the man freezing, now fully awake and conscious of their positions. What would the Englishman do? Would he end this heavenly encounter?

“Xander? You awake?”

“Yes Will-e-um”.

“Is – is this alright? With you, I mean”.

“Oh yes Will-e-um”. At that, William turned within Xander's arms so that they were face to face. “You all right?” William nodded, face flushed pink but determinedly holding Xander's gaze. Staring at the other man, Xander deliberately reached down and undid his loin cloth, lifting his hip to slide the material from under him. William gasped as he took in Xander's nakedness: his staff was stiff, long and thick, so hard it was pulsing against Xander's stomach as soon as it was released. With no instruction from his brain, William's hand reached out and his fingers surrounded the velvet covered hardness, Xander's groan assuring him that his touch was more than welcome. Slipping his hand up and down, a slight twist of his wrist as he comes to the leaking top, he plays with Xander's hardness – learning the things that make the wild-man gasp, moan and writhe. His other hand slips down between Xander's legs to caress the heavy sacs, squeezing gently, stroking all over. He lifted his head so that he could see what he was doing, his breath coming quickly as he sees the red tipped cock, precome oozing from the end and moistening his path as his hand moves rhythmically up and down.

“No more – stop”. Pouting with disappointment, William allowed Xander to take his hand and remove it from it's happy place. “Want do to you”. Xander shifts down the bed until his face is level with William's erection, licking his lips as he takes in the marble tower of flesh that looks so swollen, so needy. He takes it in hand, sliding the foreskin back and forth and watching as the ruddy head is revealed then hidden. Moving forwards he licks it on it's next appearance, taking William's cry of “oh fuck!” as encouragement to go further, licking and pressing his tongue against the heavy vein on the underside. Curious as to how it would feel in his mouth, he engulfs it, sucking it deep so that its hit the tender flesh at the back of his throat. Twisting his head as he moves upwards, he sucks it back down, gaining confidence as William writhes, twists and utters obscenities in the grip of something he has never felt before. Pushing him over onto his back, Xander leans over William, large hands stroking and caressing the base of William's cock as he mouths the head, nibbling, licking, sucking, all the while William's hands are clenching in his hair, his hips are trying to thrust himself further into Xander's mouth, and he is moaning, begging, screaming out “suck me – take me – oh my god Xander, yes, oh please please please....” until he is almost hoarse with need. But he cannot go over, something is stopping him from coming, and it hurts, it hurts so good but he needs something - something else.”..... Xander, I – please, oh please...”

Lifting his head away, Xander rubs his hand over the head of William's shaft then he moves until his thumb nail is digging into the little slit at the end as his other hand slides between William's cheeks and his finger fumbles, then slips into the puckered hole. Suddenly balanced on his heels and his head, William shrieks out his climax, come exploding from the head of his cock in great frothy fountains, all over Xander's hand and fingers. William is sure he is blacking out, that it is not possible to stay conscious with what feels like a lifetime of come shooting out of his body in one continuous spurt. He groans again as Xander once more takes the head into his mouth, lapping gently, soothingly at the tender, sensitive flesh.

“Oh God, oh Xander – I – I, oh my God, thank you, thankyouthankyou” he babbles. Xander rears up onto his knees, and William looks down to see that he is still fiercely aroused, his cock looking painfully engorged.

“I want be in you Will-e-um – please?” and following that incredible pleasure, William cannot say no. Ignoring any fears and misgivings, William spreads his legs wider so that Xander can move in close. He has no idea how this is meant to work, but he knows he wants to try – in fact, is aching to try. Xander reaches for the pot of unguent he had used on William's sunburn and scoops some out on his finger. Gently, with one hand he parts William's cheeks whilst with the other he searches for and finds the little pucker. “You say if hurt” as his finger once more breaches the tight muscles. William cannot hold back a cry as the finger works in further than before, but the cool unguent is doing it's work – soothing the way, so that soon Xander can slide his finger in and out easily. Once more, he dips his hand in the unguent and squeezing two fingers together he pushes back in. William grunts, trying to push out to help Xander but there is more discomfort now and he is wondering whether he will be able to do this. As Xander's hand moves backwards and his fingers begin to slide back out, seemingly by accident he hits something inside William that makes him give a stuttered whoop and swift intake of air, blushing furiously (and who can believe he can still blush?!) as sparks fly behind his closed eyes and he thinks he is seeing those new-fangled fireworks!

“Again?” Xander has a glint in his eye, despite the pain of his arousal, for he has been watching William's face carefully and can see how shocked the man is by the pleasure. William's cock gives a jump as well, unwillingly drawn back into play by this stronge, strangely arousing sensation.

“Oh my, yes please – again”. Twisting his hand slightly, Xander presses hard against one of the walls as he pushes in until he is pushing against that spot again, the length of his fingers moving across it so that William is forced to moan “yes, oh God, yes”, his hips rising and his hands clenching at the matting. William is blind to everything but sensation now, solely existing for the pleasure his body is feeling as Xander moves in and out. He barely notices when Xander adds yet more unguent and introduces three fingers, a keening grunt escaping as Xander pushes deep, twisting his hand around as he moves forwards, flicking with his fingers as he moves back until it feels to William as though a lightning bolt is striking from within his body. Unable to wait any longer, Xander removes his hand and reaches one last time for the tub of unguent. Carefully, for he truly feels as though one touch could send him over the edge into climax, he coats his erection. He cannot get over how beautiful William looks – his face is flushed, his teeth are nibbling at his swollen lips, chest heaving as he claws at the bed – and he desperately wants to be inside his William, to be one with his Englishman before he explodes.

Part 7
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