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William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle! - Part 8

Story : William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle!
Pairing : William/Xander
Rating : Definitely NC17
Part: 8/?
Summary:I got my first little plot bunny from here:< where WarpedMindedYaoi asked for this: AU: A Tarzan/Jungle Book type story. Xander lives in the Jungle and William is an explorer.
Disclaimer: Mine unless you speak to Joss who seems to think he has some sort of prior claim!
Feedback: My first plot bunny – here's hoping it sticks around and plays nice with my Porn!Muse – petting of said bunny can only be of help!

A/N : Big thanks to whichclothes for the clever title!! I am also very grateful to laazikaat for taking the time to answer my questions and whether she realises it or not, giving me major encouragement from my very first story!

Sorry it's taken so long, but Plot!Bunny and Porn!Muse were having a knock-down fight about what was going to happen in this chapter. Add to that,trying to write this chapter while my 6 year old was peering over my shoulder was most disconcerting!!

William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle! – Part 8

Awakening in William's arms, Xander felt very peaceful and content. He could hear the heavy rain falling outside the hut which meant there was no way they'll be able to make their way back to the camp. He looks down at his lover – William had curled himself into a ball, face hidden in his arm. As he watched, William stirred, stretched out his long, lean body and opened his eyes.

“Hello Will-e-um”. William blushed, but meeting Xander's eyes couldn't prevent the huge smile crossing his face.

“Hello Xander”. Holding out his arm, Xander was so pleased when William immediately snuggled in close, resting his head on Xander's chest and throwing his arm over his waist so that he was plastered to Xander's side. “I can hear the rain – does that mean we have to, er we can stay here?”

“Yes. Is all right?” William nodded - it was more than alright with him. “Will-e-um? Talk to me – tell about you”.

“You really want to hear about me? I mean, if you're sure. Alright, I guess I should start at the beginning. I was born in......” And for the next hour or so, William talked to Xander about himself – his life in England, his family, his feelings of not fitting in, of something being missing. He was so touched that Xander wanted to know so much about him – nothing seemed too small for him to notice, and he often asked for more details. And all the time, those piercing brown eyes are totally focussed on him. It was incredibly seductive to be at the centre of such attention.

“What about you? I've been talking for so long and you've barely said anything about yourself. Erm, do you know how you came to be on the Island? What happened to your parents – your family?”

“Ship went down. I young - alone. Villagers look after me. Lonely – not fit in”. As Xander realised that William was easily following what he was saying, he talked more – about his life from the time he arrived on the island, how he would often hide in the jungle as he grew older because he felt so much more comfortable being alone than with the villagers. He felt as though he is babbling, not used to talking so much, but William made it very easy to tell him things, to let him in. The evening sped by as the two chatted, stopping for drinks of crystal cool water from the lagoon and food (Xander had a store of fruits, nuts and berries that he kept for when the weather was like this), always returning to the matting to lie or sit together as they talked.

William was describing his journey to the island, how he had suffered severely from seasickness and spent a lot of time hanging over the side of the ship, laughing at how the crew had got so used to seeing him there they had brought him a stool so he didn't have to bother going down to his cabin. His face was alight with laughter, eyes twinkling, mobile mouth curved in a huge smile.

“Will-e-um, you are beautiful”.

“You – you think I'm beautiful?” For the first time all afternoon, William became aware that he and Xander were naked. Naked on a bed. And this gorgeous wild man thought he was beautiful. Xander nodded then leaned forward and laid a gentle kiss on William's forehead. “Oh Xander” he sighed, then reached up to pull Xander's head towards him and kiss him gently on the lips. As their lips met, he realised that they had had ground-shaking, bone-melting sex but they had not really kissed.

Tilting his head to one side, William's tongue slipped out to stroke Xander's lips, dart between them when they parted. And suddenly they were shuffling forwards on the matting so that they can get closer together, tongues duelling, panting for breath as they kissed. William pushed and Xander fell over backwards so that William could crawl up him and kiss him deeper, thrusting his tongue down his throat as he ran his hands possessively over Xander's body. He gasped as Xander pushed him back, and he was suddenly on his back, Xander balanced over him, biting at his lips, rubbing his body over William's. Moving forwards on his knees, he straddled William's head and presented his cock to William's mouth.

“Suck me Will-e-um”. Opening his mouth, William sucked Xander's cock in as deeply as he could, a guttural groan stuttering in his throat as Xander pushed forwards with his hips. His breath was sawing in and out of his nose as he struggled with the hard length shoved so deep, but he couldn't deny how turned on he was becoming. Xander grabbed his forearms and forced them down onto the matting, holding him in place as he began small thrusting movements with his hips. Sucking in air as and when he could, William licked, sucked and gobbled the leaking cock in his mouth. Oh God, to be in this man's power was such an aphrodisiac.

“NO!” he cried as Xander yanked himself out of his mouth and moved from on top of him. Spit was running down his chin, his lips were red and swollen, eyes dilated as he watched Xander walk across the hut.

“Need this” he grunted, lifting a small pot containing what William assumed was more of the paste they had used earlier. “Want you Will-e-um, want you so much”. Dropping it onto the matting, Xander pulled William up and manoeuvred him onto his hands and knees, his ass forced high in the air as Xander pushed down on his shoulders. Turning his face to the side, William's breath was gusting in and out of his lungs – Xander was so wild, so passionate, so in control that William felt owned, that he belonged to Xander, his to do with as he willed. Kneeling between William's spread legs, Xander took each muscular ass cheek in hand and pulled them apart so he could see William's tight little asshole. It was red and puffy, and wanting to kiss it better he leaned over and pressed his mouth against it. The spasming pucker opened slightly, inviting him in and unable to resist he stabbed inside with his tongue.

“ohgodohgod – that feels so good Xander, oh please don't stop”. Encouraged by William's almost incoherent moans Xander settled in, licking, sucking and thrusting at and into the tight orifice. He squeezed hard, fingertip bruises blossoming on the pale cheeks as he ravaged William's tight ass. The trust William showed in letting him handle him this way made his heart swell and his dick harden even more. He wanted to pound his way into the smaller man, make it so that William would not forget who he belonged to, would feel it with every step he took. William was pushing back with his hips, forcing his ass into Xander's face in wanton invitation. He had never felt so aroused in his life – felt almost fevered with the need to submit to his wild man. “Take me, Xander, please, take me, fuck me, own me – do it, doit, doit....”

“No Will-e-um, want you ride me. Come.....” and moving backwards Xander lifted William from his position on the bed and pulled him to his knees. “ sit here, take me in. Ride me Will-e-um”. William turned to Xander, who held out the tub of paste he had grabbed earlier. Shyly, William dipped his hand into the tub and gathered some on his fingers. Then leaning forward again, he reached around his body, slid his hand between his ass cheeks and pushed his fingers into his own ass. His actions dragged a low grown from Xander, and peeking through his lashes he could see that the man was mesmerised, transfixed by the movement of his hand as he slid his finger in and out.

“More”. Xander once more gestured with the tub, so William reached in and took more, slicking his fingers in exaggerated movements to tease Xander. Anxious, deeply aroused, William reach back with three fingers this time, grunting as he forced them past the tight ring of muscle, pushing back with his ass to make it easier. Eye closed, he breathed through the slight pain until his passage was slick and he could move his fingers in freely. Opening his eyes, he gasped at the view that greeted him. Still staring fixedly at William's actions, Xander had wrapped his hand around his hot, hard cock, jerking it with hard strokes. From the gleam on the flesh, Xander had used some of the ointment too, giving a slick slide to his movements as he twisted his hand at the end of each stroke. “Ride me – now. Fuck now Will-e-um”. Lying back, he reached for his lover, a pained smile crossing his face as William turned so that he was facing Xander, legs straddling his hips. Holding his rock-hard cock steady he groaned as William separated the cheeks of his ass and lowered himself.

Resistance – pressure – deep, dark heat, then a popping sensation and an easy glide until William was resting in the cradle of Xander's hips, impaled on his cock to the very balls. William was panting, chest heaving, eyes glazed. Xander felt so big inside him, almost as though he had been pierced to his heart. He couldn't move, didn't think he could hold off from coming if just one more sensation was heaped on him. Then Xander's huge, roughened hand wrapped around his dick and he howled, balls rising, spine stiffening as he prepared to come. But he couldn't – Xander had a tight grip on the base of his cock, forcing the orgasm back even as he sobbed and cried out to be allowed to come.

“Not yet, Will-e-um, not yet”. Head lowered, biting his lip, William felt himself step back from the edge, orgasm slipping away until he wasn't on the verge of coming as soon as Xander released him. Meeting Xander's gaze, he nodded confirmation that he was back in control. Pleased that William had accepted his commands, Xander stroked the heated flesh gently, petting and soothing in praise. “Move now, Will-e-um”. Nodding again, William rose up onto his knees, breath hissing as he moved up the slick shaft, then back down. Again, getting comfortable with this element of control, he rose and fell, rose and fell, staring into Xander's eyes as he did so.

Xander's hands moved to William's hips, gripping the bones tightly and as William glided back down he thrust up with his hips, shoving deeper and wrenching a cry from his lover's throat. “Guh!” Wresting control Xander fucked up into William, sharp snaps of his hips making the smaller man bounce on the shaft drilling into his depths, grunts and cries escaping. “Yes, ride me harder Will-e-um, ride me!”

“Please, please, Xander – touch me, let me come, please...”

“Not – not yet, not yet” Swivelling his hips, Xander changed his angle of entry slightly, each stabbing motion slamming into William's prostate now, constant mind-bending pleasure dragging keening cries out of him until he was sure his heart was going to explode. “Now, Will-e-um, come now!!” And without being touched again, William came, splattering Xander's chin and chest with thick stripes of cum, back arched as though in agony, guttural cries hurled towards the ceiling as he released everything he had inside. He slumped on to of Xander, chest heaving, gasping for air, hands weakly fluttering to Xander's face and hair.

Rolling swiftly, Xander wrenched William's legs over his shoulders, almost bending him double as he thrust deep and true, no true rhythm in his movements as he pushed, heaved, rammed himself into his lover until he came. For a moment he hovered over William, staring down into the angelic face, stunned at the trembling in his limbs, shaking in reaction. Easing gently out of the tight clasp of William's ass, he pushed himself over to the side to land on the matting next to his lover. Staring into William's eyes, he ran his finger through a splotch of cum on his chest and offered it to William who opened his mouth and sucked it in without question. Popping his finger out from between William's pouting lips, he rubbed it through another large splash but this time he wiped it on William's chest over his heart, then pressed his hand there. “Mine now Will-e-um”.

“Yes, Xander, I'm yours”.

“I yours. We fit now – we belong each other”.

"Oh yes, we belong to each other".

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