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William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle! - Part 9

Story : William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle!
Pairing : William/Xander
Rating : Definitely NC17
Part: 9/?
Summary:I got my first little plot bunny from here:< where WarpedMindedYaoi asked for this: AU: A Tarzan/Jungle Book type story. Xander lives in the Jungle and William is an explorer.
Disclaimer: Mine unless you speak to Joss who seems to think he has some sort of prior claim!
Feedback: My first plot bunny – here's hoping it sticks around and plays nice with my Porn!Muse – petting of said bunny can only be of help!

A/N : Big thanks to whichclothes for the clever title!! I am also very grateful to laazikaat for helping me out with some questions and some issues I had with tenses, and of course silk_labyrinth for her now regular work peeling me off the ceiling when I have lost all brain-power!

William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle! – Part 9

The cessation of rain woke them up the next morning. Xander sprang to his feet, tunelessly humming as he moved around the hut. He was looking forward to returning to camp to give William's elder the information about the Brenmars plant- the sooner he had the information, the sooner he could go back to his big boat and disappear. There was so much he wanted to show William, wanted to share the whole island with him, but knew that they needed to do this first.

William rose much slower, aches in places he had never ached before reminding him quite forcefully that Xander was a large man, in all respects. The smirk slid from his face as he realised that the return to the camp meant the return to reality, a reality that meant being separated from his Wild-man. Giles would be anxious to leave, and now that William had the necessary information about the dangers of some of the island's vegetation there was nothing stopping them from setting sail. The ship's captain had made it plain that he didn't want to be sailing during the rainy season. He dressed slowly, only vaguely aware that his sunburn had healed very well and he was no longer in any pain from it. Although physical pain might help him – he felt like his heart was breaking, and they hadn't even made it back to camp yet.

“Ready Will-e-um?” He looked up at Xander, and refusing to ruin his time by moping he smiled and accepted the hand held out to him. The journey back to camp passed without incident, travelling through the trees seemed so normal. This time, as Xander lowered them to the ground holding onto a vine with one hand, they kissed on the way down. “This way”. Stamping into his boots, William followed Xander through the jungle, definitely recognising the outskirts of the camp as they moved closer. Xander paused to pick up the bow he had left behind, casually looping it over his head to fit diagonally across his shoulder.

“Good God, William, where the devil do you think you've been?!! We've been incredibly worried about you – we wondered whether this wild fellow had done something dastardly and disposed of your body!” Giles' voice interrupted the silence, and William smiled in greeting.

“Ho, Rupert, there's no cause for concern. Xander took me to see these plants, and we were caught in the storm so had to take shelter”.

“Right, well, all very good. I've packed up your gear, and the captain is anxious to make a move. Don't want to get stuck here during the rainy season”.

“Rupert – I – I wonder if I could have a word with you....”

“Of course, of course, but let's walk and talk at the same time shall we?” And bustling along, Rupert strode past William and headed in the direction of the ship. Following in his footsteps, William was aware of Xander trailing behind him, obviously confused.

“Rupert – I, I er wondered if you had considered extending the study? Xander has an amazing knowledge of the indigenous vegetation that would be most beneficial - “

“What?! Well that's not a bad idea at all – what excellent thinking William!! We should be able to return within six months and such knowledge would be invaluable. Topping idea, old chap”.

“No, that wasn't quite what I was thinking. I meant extending this study – staying a bit longer, perhaps?” Giles stopped in his tracks, turning to give William a searching glare.

“William, you know that's just not feasible. We need to go home – me to the institution, you to your beautiful Elizabeth. The time for adventuring is over now”.

“But - “

“No, William, that's enough now. Let's get a move on to the boat shall we? And you, wild fellow, I think it's best you be on your way. Thank you for your assistance but you're not required here anymore so off back to the trees with you!” Gesturing at Xander, Giles tried to 'shoo' him back to the jungle. Xander resisted, confusion clearly showing on his face as he reached for William.


“No, wait, Giles – I need to explain...”

“Here!! Captain, see this savage off – he won't seem to take the hint!! I say, unhand young William at once – how dare you!!” The situation deteriorated rapidly, Giles completely misunderstanding the grip Xander had taken on William's shoulders. Seeing his young charge threatened, he stepped into action, brandishing his walking stick in Xander's direction. Xander growled at him, anger and confusion combining to make him feel threatened. “Quickly, assist Master William to the boat – you two, see this savage off!”

Before William could correct the misunderstanding he found himself being manhandled by two members of the ship's crew and practically carried towards the boat. The captain and two of his burliest men advanced on Xander, billy clubs at the ready.

“Will-e-um – stay? Please!”

“Good God, no – “

“It's alright William, we'll deal with this!!”

“Giles!! Please – Rupert, you don't understand.. don't hurt him!” Struggling with his captors, William twisted in their grasp, determined to get back to Xander and protect him from harm. If only Giles would listen – he could explain, sort things out. Flailing uncontrollably, face turned to where Xander was unaccountably moving towards a tree and beginning to climb the trunk, William did not see the low-hanging branch until it was too late. It thumped him soundly on the head as he was dragged onwards, and he lost consciousness.

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

“Will-e-um - stay. Please?”

“Good God, no”. William's last words to him whirring through his mind, Xander stood hidden by the trees at the shoreline, watching the small boat as it made it's way to the ship. At William's rejection, Xander had withdrawn, easily out-manoeuvring the seamen to climb the nearest tree and swing to safety. He had turned back once and saw William being carried towards the beach but William didn't turn to look at him, no last gesture, no last glimpse of those beautiful blue eyes. The Elder, Giles, hustled the captain and seamen quickly away, looking back nervously a few times before seeming to relax and accept that Xander had gone back to his jungle.

He felt numb, which was probably a good thing as he thought if he could feel anything it would undoubtedly be painful. Foolish, foolish Xander to think that what they had shared had meant something to the Englishman. Why would William want to stay on a deserted tropical island when he could live in London, surrounded by the wonders he had told Xander about? And this Elizabeth – he understood now. William had mentioned her during their time together in the hut, but Xander had not realised that they were a match until the Elder had said her name, linking her to William as home. He was alone again but now it hurt more because he had experienced the joy of sharing only to have it swept away.

Angrily swiping the tears from his face, Xander turned once more to the jungle and began to run- faster, faster – until he was sprinting as quickly as he could, barely avoiding running into trees, desperate to get as far away as he could from the last view of the little boat carrying his heart away.

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