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Out of the Ashes

Remember the demise of Geocities that caused so many of the early BtVS fanfic sites to vanish? Well someone has created Reocities to try to salvage what they can from the ashes of Geocities. I stumbled upon it the other day as I was making sure all my saved fanfic links were working and thought I'd spread the word. I found an old favorite Dear Heart by Star Swati where Connor, through a bit of magic, turns out to be Xander making Angel Spike's "father-in-law". If you have a favorite BtVS site that was on Geocites check out whether it's now on Reocites (just change the g into an r in the URL). Apparently it's a work-in-progress and not every Geocities site may be recoverable. However I am pleased that many sites I thought lost are back on the web for all to enjoy though I still worry about the ephemerality of things on the web *sigh*
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