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William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle! - Part 10

Story : William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle!
Pairing : William/Xander
Rating : Definitely NC17
Part: 10/11
Summary:I got my first little plot bunny from here:< where WarpedMindedYaoi asked for this: AU: A Tarzan/Jungle Book type story. Xander lives in the Jungle and William is an explorer.
Disclaimer: Mine unless you speak to Joss who seems to think he has some sort of prior claim!
Feedback: My first plot bunny – here's hoping it sticks around and plays nice with my Porn!Muse – petting of said bunny can only be of help!

A/N : Big thanks to whichclothes for the clever title!!

Shout out to laazikaat and silk_labyrinth for all their help and encouragement.

William & Tar-Xan of the Jungle! – Part 10

“What on earth hit me??” Groaning, William pushed himself to a sitting position. “Where am I?”

“Oh William, I am so relieved. You had me so concerned – I didn't realise that brute had managed to actually hit you - “

“What?! No – Xander didn't do this. I – Rupert, what did you do? Please tell me you didn't hurt him. I'm begging you, tell me he's alright”. Leaning forwards, William grasped Rupert's hand. “Tell me he's alright”.

“Why – yes, yes, he's fine. He left – was babbling something about staying but you set him straight and he shot off into the trees like a monkey”. Laughing at his little joke, Rupert was pleased that William seemed alright.

“Set him straight??? What do you mean – set him straight? Oh my God, Rupert what have you done?” Completely horrified, William leapt to his feet and began pacing around the cabin.

“You can't mean to tell me you wanted to stay?!! Why? What on earth could make you want – oh Good Lord!!!” Ripping his glasses off his face, Rupert tugged his shirt out of his trousers and began cleaning the lenses. This was wholly unexpected. “William – are you trying to say you had relations with this man?”

Blushing furiously, William forced himself to sit down again before taking a deep breath and looking Rupert in the eye. “Rupert – I think I love him. In fact, I know I love him. And he loves me – well, rather I thought he did. Tell me properly what happened – I'm so confused, my head hurts. I don't remember much – the two crew-members were carrying me, Xander was following, and then – then, nothing.”

“William, it would be most remiss of me if I didn't counsel you to think very carefully about this entire situation. You are a young man, just starting out in life if you will. This has been an adventure for you, I can appreciate that. But Ms Elizabeth is a fine young woman, more than a fine match for you. And – and whatever you think you shared with this savage, this Xander is it really worth risking your reputation, your entire life on?” William had winced at Rupert calling Xander a savage, but found himself nodding as part of him agreed with the majority of his words. It was all true – Elizabeth had been chosen by his father as a suitable match; there was a starting position available at a number of companies just waiting for him to register his interest; his mother had practically arranged his entire wedding and was merely waiting for him to propose to Elizabeth and choose a date!!

But the thought of returning to that, to slotting in where he was expected, filled his heart with dread. His day and a half with Xander, he had felt so free – for the first time in his entire life, he had felt like he was fully himself. But was he brave enough to follow this through to the end, if Xander would take him back? Or would he look back on this as his wild jungle adventure?

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

His hut was no longer his refuge. Returning, heart thumping and out of breath from all the running, he had sought the sanctuary of his home but now it smelt of him and William. Throwing himself to the matting that made up his bed, he closed his eyes and tried to think of nothing. But especially here, their scent was strong and he slowly became aroused. Trying to ignore it didn't work, and angry he grabbed up the matting and threw it through the hatchway entrance. Rummaging through the spare matting he had, he made up his bed again and lay back down. That was better – no more scent of him. Closing his eyes, Xander tried to sleep but with little success. Angrily he tossed and turned, until growling in frustrating, he climbed out of his bed, swung himself lithely through the hatchway and clambered down to the ground. He gathered up the discarded matting and climbed back up. As he made up his bed yet with the crumpled and dirty matting, he spotted the handkerchief William had used to splash water on the back of his neck. It had obviously fallen from William's trousers and lay dried out on the floor. Grabbing it, Xander held it tightly as he fell once more in bed. A surreptitious sniff proved that yes, the handkerchief smelled like William too. Sighing, Xander tucked it beneath the rushes near his head so that he could smell it, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next day was torture. Xander couldn't settle down in his hut and determined that visiting the elders might take his mind off things. That, and maybe it was time to seriously consider taking a mate. The girls in the village had made no secret of their attraction to him, and it would stop him from feeling so alone – or at least he hoped so. Once he arrived at the village he knew his plan was doomed to failure. The girls were all too everything - too dark, too curvaceous, their hair was too long and too straight – none of them were 'William', and he couldn't even pretend an attraction that simply wasn't there. He knew the elders were worried about him but could say little to explain his malaise – how to explain that in less than two days he had managed to lose his heart completely and utterly, with no hope of ever recovering?

After another sleepless night, Xander decided to visit the lagoon. Normally it soothed him, made him feel at peace and happy. But now, all he could see wherever he turned was his William – the sound of his voice as they walked around the lagoon, discussing the different uses for the huge varieties of vegetation. The smile on William's face as he took a drink of the crystal cool lagoon waters for the first time. The look on William's face when caught watching Xander under the waterfall. For such a small man, William had taken up a lot of space in Xander's heart and mind and he wondered whether he would ever reclaim that space.

Feet dragging, Xander walked up the path to the waterfall. Stripping off his loin cloth and his bow, he stepped under the cool stream, head tilted back. Hiding his face in the stream of water, Xander allowed his tears to fall.

“If you asked me to join you this time, I can guarantee my answer would be a resounding yes”.

“Will-e-um?” William stepped under the fall of water and into Xander's arms. Curls saturated in a matter of moments, he slicked his hair back from his face. Their eyes locked, and William's heart cracked as he realised Xander had been crying. His hand stroked Xander's face, cupping his cheek.

“I want to be with you Xander, for now and always. I promise you, I'm not going anywhere”.

“You my heart, Will-e-um. Took my heart with you”.

“I left mine here with you”. Xander pulled William tight to his chest, struggling to believe that his William had returned. He was here and he was staying. Grasping the shorter man's chin, Xander tugged his face up so he could lean down and kiss those luscious lips. Crushing his mouth against William's, forcing his lips to part, his tongue shot in, thrusting deep, reclaiming what he thought he had lost. The power of the waterfall had them gasping for air, kisses intermingled with laughter, hands clutching at whatever could be reached.

They stumbled out of the waterfall together, aroused and needy, desperate to be closer. Barely making it to a small hillock of lush grass, Xander gently lowered William to the ground, following him down so that they lay side by side. He traced a line down William's back, pressing against the smooth skin, feeling the muscles tense beneath his touch.

William allowed his hands to travel all over Xander – the deep brown nipples, the corrugated muscles of his abs, the deep well of his belly button down to the trail of hair leading to his pulsing erection. Wrapping his fingers as far around the shaft as he could get, he tugged gently, squeezing the head, learning the movements that made Xander gasp, shudder and whine. Using his other hand to caress the heavy globes of Xander's balls, he silently wondered that he had been capable of taking that huge cock inside him – had it, enjoyed it, revelled in it and needed it again!!

Xander's hands reached down to William's bottom, squeezing and kneading the taut mounds, relishing the chance to touch this man again – a chance he thought he had lost once and for all. A sense of urgency overtook him, and he pushed William to his back so that he could lean over him. Looking into those glowing blue eyes, he thanked the Gods that his lover had returned.

“Will-e-um – you take me?”

William was stunned. It had never occurred to him that Xander would make such an offer, would allow himself to be so vulnerable to the small man.

“Oh, Xander, I – well yes, that would be extremely – I mean yes but not this time. This time, I need you to take me. I need to have you in me, feel you deep inside, know that I am yours again. Is – is that alright?” Xander's smile made it perfectly clear that he was more than alright with what William was saying. Then his smile dropped. “What's wrong?”

“No paste. No hurt you but no paste here Will-e-um”.

“Oh, right, well I, er, I got the guide to take me via the um hut before showing me the way here. So, I've actually – or rather I'm ready for – Xander, are you laughing at me?!” Flushing a deep red, William glared up at his lover. Really, it was most embarrassing to have to admit that he had pre-lubed himself in the hope that Xander would want to get physical as soon as they met. And to be laughed at, well, that was just – just gorgeous! The white teeth gleamed in the tanned face, the joy so clear to see and all the more precious for the immense contrast with how miserable Xander had been under the waterfall before William had spoken.

“I sorry Will-e-um – I thank you for thinking ahead. Now, come, I need make you mine”. William found himself being rolled onto his front, Xander climbing on top of him and fitting his chest to William's back, the hard length of his cock nudging at William's ass cheeks. He tried to spread his legs, but Xander's hands stopped him, pushing them together. He groaned as Xander moved backwards and forwards, rubbing the head of his cock between William's cheeks but not trying to penetrate. The sweat on his body acting as a lubricant, William found himself being ground into the hillock, Xander's grasp on his hips holding him still as he thrust his cock between his cheeks. Long, smooth strokes, the head leaking pre-come in a sticky trail from the base of William's smile to between his clenching cheeks. “Thought I lost you. Was mad. Need fuck you Will-e-um, make you mine”.

“Yes, yes – punish me, take me – please!” William felt like he was going mad, Xander's strength preventing him from pushing back against the titillating thrusts, his dick crushed into the lush grass beneath him.

“Like how you feel. Hot and wet, ready for me. Want me Will-e-um? Want me fuck you – take you now?” Xander continued to thrust against William, whispering in his ear as he moved over and against his lover. For the effect it had on William, Xander's words might as well have been sweet nothings. Aroused, needy, William struggled to push himself to his hands and knees, determined to stop the torment.

“Please, ohplease, oh please – just fuck me, fuck me, please!!” His agonised moan ended on a wail as Xander levered himself up and thrust himself to the hilt into William's tight passage with no further warning. They both froze, Xander luxuriating in the fluttering walls around his rock hard cock; William struggling for breath as he tried to adjust to the sudden entry. “Guh – ahhh, Xander, I – oh my god...”

“Take me, take all of me Will-e-um” Xander swung his hips in a driving rhythm, holding the smaller man down and pounding into him. He pulled William's ass cheeks apart so he could watch himself entering his lover, twisting and swivelling his hips to reach every crevice, mark every millimetre within William as his. He moaned as William reached back and grasped each cheek, holding himself open to Xander's deep, tunnelling thrusts, offering all of himself without reservation. His cheek pressed into the grass, his body jarred by the hefty thrusts, William felt his balls pull up and realised he was going to come – with no further stimulation than the powerful movements within his body.

“Come, come in me – I want to feel you come in me!” Digging his toes into the earth for every bit of leverage he could get, biting down on William's neck as he spurted great gouts of spunk into William's depths. The feel of his lover's teeth in his neck, at this physical mark of Xander's claim on his body, sent William completely over, grunting and grinding his hips into the hillock of grass beneath.

Chest heaving, Xander carefully pulled himself out of William, gathered his lover in his arms and rolled them so that they lay together. He realised William was shaking, and pulling him in closer he shushed and whispered endearments into his ear, stroking his back to calm him down.

“I was so scared it was too late, although Giles turned the boat round as soon as I asked him to – the past two nights have been so so awful, and I was petrified that you would turn away from me – I couldn't bear the thought of you turning me away”.

“Will-e-um, hush now, be calm. Never turn you away. You home now, you belong. We belong”. And kissing the sweaty curls, Xander realised that he too was truly home – he belonged to someone and was finally home.



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