Wren "Elle" Merewode (elle_rahen) wrote in bloodclaim,
Wren "Elle" Merewode

Fic Search

So I'm looking for a 2 fics but the details I remember are kind of vague.

1) I'm pretty sure Spike kidnaps Xander and at first Xander resists but then grows to like Spike. But the most detailed thing in my mind are that Spike takes Xander to an old hotel. And I think he gets rescued and he's worried about Spike being back at the hotel.

2) All I remember is that Spike gets a spell done to keep Xander from being able to get to far from Spike. I think Xander might even have jumped out of the car at one point and tried to run but collapses in pain from the spell.

Thanks for any and all help towards finding these fics.
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