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MOD POST: Beta Post Reminder

Yesterday, windchild85 posted about betas and kicked off a discussion in comments. Even though the post wasn't actually about Spander, I let it stand because of the discussion going on, and the fact that apparently nobody knows/remembers that we have a Bloodclaim Beta Post, even though it's been around for most of the life of the comm and is linked from the community profile, as well as under the Betas/Writing link in the panels of links just beneath the banner.

So... There's a Bloodclaim Beta Post!

After reading the above-linked discussion, I went and cleaned out all the old Beta information as all comments were well over a year old, so we're starting afresh. *rubs hands together*

Please read the Bloodclaim Beta Post thoroughly before volunteering your services. There is a template to fill out and any volunteer comments not using the template will be deleted.

And please, volunteer at the Bloodclaim Beta Post not this one.


A writer-beta relationship is like a marriage - find the right partner and it can be heaven on earth, but it still takes work. You have to get to know each other's quirks and habits, and negotiate a middle path. You might not 'click' with your first or second or even your third beta or writer, and there's no shame in saying 'I don't think this is going to work out,' or 'You only seem to want an X-type beta and I'm really a Y-type beta,' or 'I know my sentence structure is quirky, but I don't want you to rewrite my whole story'.

Negotiate. Discuss. Explain. KEEP IN TOUCH.

Betas, if your author continues to make the same error again and again, try explaining why it's wrong, and don't be afraid to google to help you do that clearly. If authors continue to send work filled with the same simple mistakes, you have to decide if you're willing to keep correcting them forevermore, or if you want to step away.

If the relationship is not working out for one or both of you, then someone needs to end it, as politely and as reasonably as possible. Then take a deep breath, read a favourite fic, and start looking for your next writer or beta. There will always be one out there, waiting to find you.

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