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The Prophecy of the Defender & the Determined Protector - Chapter 4

Title: The Prophecy of the Defender & the Determined Protector
Pairing : Spike/Xander
Rating : NC17
Summary: The words of a prophecy force Spike and Xander closer than they ever thought they would ever become but will it be close enough?
Part: 4/?

A/N : Inspired by plot bunny/challenge posted here:

Lady Q: Write a story based on the meaning of Xander's name. Alexander means: Defender of Men and Warrior. So I would like to see a story based on the meaning of his name and Xander coming to understand it

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

It was a tense group of people sat around in the Magic Box. Xander was trying his best to disappear, slumped as low down as possible in his chair. Angel was at the 'head' of the research table, Buffy's hip resting against him as she stood by his side. Whether they realised it or not, they presented a united front – that they were together and would support each other's decisions. Xander was pleased for his friend, he really was but he couldn't help but wish he had someone he could lean on, who would unquestionably be on his side. Trying hard to shake off his melancholy, he looked around at the rest of the gang. Giles and Wesley were sat side by side, heads buried deeply in a couple of large books, muttering between themselves as they compared the two copies of the prophecy that they had found.

Willow was in front of the computer, almost hiding behind the screen. He got the feeling she was going to flip when she heard what he had told Giles about his dreams but he couldn't think of how to prevent that, and again he sighed, wondering how badly he was going to disappoint his friends. Spike was the only one not around the table having taken his customary place on the steps leading to the loft-space, scowling at everyone in general but Angel in particular.

“Giles? Wes? Perhaps it might be an idea to start?” Angel's voice broke the heavy silence, and Xander jumped slightly. Wesley cleared his throat noisily, then began to explain.

“Yes, well, right then. Er, perhaps I should fill you in on the LA connection as it were? Right. Er, I've been researching the so-called 'Defender' prophecy for some time although like Mr Giles I hadn't managed to figure out who the leading players were. This afternoon – evening? - Cordelia had what was not a normal vision. There wasn't the normal scene of bloodshed and mayhem, but there was a definite sense of urgency and the, erm, well the people in the vision were already known to us. The first person she recognised was Xander but not Xander as we know or knew him - “

“What does that mean exactly?!”

“Let him finish – please”. Willow subsided with some grumbling under her breath but allowed Wesley to continue speaking.

“Cordelia was only able to identify the person definitively as Xander once she remembered a few things that had occurred whilst she was living here in Sunnydale”.

“What things?” Willow interrupted again, leaning forward around the monitor and obviously bristling.

“Well, to put it politely, the two possessions that Xander went through.” Out of the corner of his eye, Xander saw Spike stiffen and he realised that up until that point the vampire had been unusually quiet and unassuming. The Big Bad persona was nowhere in evidence and for some reason the image of a bookish man with floppy curls seemed to be superimposed over his normal visage. Shaking his head and feeling quite disturbed, Xander tuned back in to what was being said. “Cordy explained that the, er, image of Xander was blurred, as though there was his normal image or persona but with two shadows. One was quite obviously a soldier, and the other – well, the other was um - “

“The other was the hyena” finished Giles.

“But Giles, we exorcised the hyena – you said...”

“Willow, please! Let Wesley get through the explanation – we can discuss the details then”. Giles' tone was sharp and Willow sat back resentfully. Strangely Buffy didn't move from her position next to Angel, a sign of her recently acquired maturity perhaps - whatever it was, Xander found himself thinking that she had done some major growing up recently and it had never been more evident.

“Yes, Giles, as you say the other seemed to be a representation or manifestation of his previous hyena possession. The vision continued in this vein but with another being, similarly confusing for his – well, his multiple personalities blurred into one. Cordelia was still dealing with the trauma normally caused by the visions when she realised who the other being was.”

"So - who was it?" Buffy asked. Willow began biting her nails, shifting nervously in her seat. “Well?”

Finally Angel answered. “It was Spike”.

Xander was quietly petrified to realise that he wasn't surprised. During his conversation with Giles earlier he had admitted to the recurring dreams but that they hadn't been clear enough for him to say what had happened in them. But as Wesley spoke, a slow movie reel seemed to be playing in his head and with the revelation that the other being in Cordy's vision seemed to be the owner of multiple personalities or possessions, Xander instantly had a flashback to his dream. The dream where Spike was Spike and his demon and the foppish young man. The dream where he had seen his hyena and his solder memories solidified into being, the dream where he had kissed Spike.

“XANDER!! Xander – oh my God, someone get him a glass of water or something...”

“Good Lord!”

“ … I don't know, one minute he was listening along with the rest of us and the next he fell out of the chair and......”

“....perhaps if you hadn't put it quite so bluntly Angel......”

“Give the Whelp some bloody room to breathe why don't you!!!!” Spike's voice broke through the hubbub, and the sudden silence rang loud in the shop. Xander found himself being helped to his feet and shoved back into his chair, a glass of water thrust into his face. He looked up to realise it was Spike holding the glass to his mouth, whilst the others were standing around with various expressions of shock. “What?!” Spike growled.

Xander snickered into the glass as everyone busied themselves finding their chairs again, leaving plenty of space between themselves and the growling vampire. Although not so funny when it meant he was right next to said growling vampire and had obviously been thrown to the lions, metaphorically speaking. Spike looked down at him and smirked, his twisted sense of humour obviously on the same wavelength as Xander's.

“So what makes you think this other being was Spike? And what does that have to do with the prophecy?” Buffy broke the silence, and Giles looked up wearily.

“Err, perhaps if Willow would be so kind as to pull up the page on screen - Wesley was successful at finding something... well, the um page of name definitions if you please?”

Still slightly confused, Willow's fingers flew over the keyboard going through the recent browsing history then she tilted the computer monitor so that it could be seen by the rest of the group. Eyes huge in her face, she selected some keys and highlighted a section of the page:

"As you can see this, along with Cordelia's vision would indicate that, er, Xander and Spike represent the beings mentioned in the prophecy. And, based on the research Wesley and I have completed this evening, their 'multiple personalities' are part of the whole thing. Or fated to be, if you will".

The silence this time was deafening. Spike remained at Xander's side, determinedly not looking up. Xander buried his face in the glass of water, inwardly running and re-running the movie of the dream. He'd kissed Spike. He'd kissed Spike.

"Now we don't actually fully understand the whole prophecy, but it is quite clear on one particular point which Angel is going to explain. And I would ask that you let him explain fully before interrupting". Giles looked at Willow warningly having already noted her mutinous expression.

"Thank you Giles. The prophecy - well the copy Wes and I have been working from - was actually taken from a Vampire Codex, one that talks of a 'determined protector'. It was originally ignored because it made no sense that a vampire would work alongside a human, a 'defender of mankind' if you will but certain signs have been noted and it's becoming more and more clear that this is real. And that somehow, the protector and the defender must be conjoined if they're to stop evil being unleashed on the world. In the vampire codex, there was some argument regarding the 'conjoined' aspect but then it was determined that this referred to the taking of a Claimed Consort".

"A Consort?!" Willow blurted out, blushing as Giles once more frowned in her direction.

"Yes. Taking a Claimed Consort - well it doesn't happen often between two vampires. More often than not the pair are simply known within any court as Master Vampire and Consort. It's incredibly rare for it to happen between a Vampire and a Human - generally, any human would simply be turned and then become a consort in the normal order of events. However, it's the Claimed aspect that makes this - well, so different and so binding. From what we have read in the Codex and also in Giles' Ruination Text, it's quite clear that this human would need to be Claimed rather than just becoming a normal Consort".

Giles took over speaking from Angel, saying "So, to all intents and purposes Xander and Spike would have to undertake a magical vampire ceremony and then work with the Chosen One - Buffy - in order to prevent this apocalypse from occurring. If they don't, the consequences could be quite catastrophic."

Willow scowled. "So what you're actually saying is - "

"What I'm saying is - "

"That Spike and I are engaged?"

Chapter 5 is here

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