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Ficlet: If Spike had his way......

Title: If Spike had his way....
Pairing : Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17
Part : 1/1
Summary : Plot bunny from Lady Q: BTVSAU: Write a story based on this title: "If Spike Had His Way...." taken from here : Spander Files Plot Bunnies & Challenges

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

If Spike had his way Xander wouldn't help out the Slayer anymore. Don't take it wrong, his Pet has come a long way since Spike decided to take him in hand and give him some much needed lessons in fighting and self defence. And he looked right tasty lately - those smooth tanned muscles working under his fitted teeshirts as he swings an axe and hacks through those fledges that still smell of grave dirt. Those awful clothes were one of the first things Spike got rid of when they got together - now he can fully appreciate that body, that gorgeous arse in tight jeans, those shoulders and that chest shown to full advantage in shirts that no longer blind everyone.

The extra swagger in his step after a successful night of patrol doesn't hurt either. And when he and his Boy get in after a night out, the sex is fucking amazing - the demon bint wasn't wrong when she said he fucked like a Viking! All that hot, firm flesh pressed against him - sometimes they don't even make it to the bedroom, have fucked on the kitchen floor many a time. And he's so hot for it, he rarely objects when Spike pushes him over the sofa and fucks him half senseless. Xander is pretty much unbeatable for a fantastic shag after a decent spot of violence.

But the Slayer takes too many risks, makes too many mistakes. Still ruins the element of surprise with her useless puns, still treats his Boy like nothing more than cannon fodder despite all the times he's saved the day with his off-the-wall suggestions. He'll always be their White Knight, albeit slightly dented, never realising how fucking brave he is - just a normal human fighting the vampires, the demons and the fucking monster of the week alongside a witch and the Chosen One. They spend too much time in hospitals - can identify concussion faster than most doctors, and their first aid kit would rival many a field medic's.

Watching him choose his weapons and practically bouncing with excitement as they get ready for another night's patrolling, Spike thinks to himself if he had his way, Xander wouldn't help the Slayer anymore for all of those reasons. But he knows that in this - this one thing, because Xander rarely says no to him about anything - he's not going to get his way. So the Big Bad will just have to tag along and keep his Boy safe. Which, when you think about it, isn't really a hardship. Because after it all - the slaying, the crappy puns, the flippin' Scooby meetings and trips to the hospital - Xander comes home with him. And for that reason alone, Spike will put up with practically anything.

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