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The Prophecy of the Defender & the Determined Protector - Chapter 11

Title: The Prophecy of the Defender & the Determined Protector
Pairing : Spike/Xander
Rating : NC17
Summary: The words of a prophecy force Spike and Xander closer than they ever thought they would ever become but will it be close enough?
Part: 11/18

A/N : Inspired by plot bunny/challenge posted here:

Lady Q: Write a story based on the meaning of Xander's name. Alexander means: Defender of Men and Warrior. So I would like to see a story based on the meaning of his name and Xander coming to understand it

Right, this is probably best described as the NC17 chapter. You don't HAVE to read it as you'll probably get the gist of it from Chapter 12. Just an option in case you don't want to read the smut portion!

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

“Oh my Goddess!!!” For a moment, Spike jerked his attention to the door where Angel was trying to manhandle Willow out of the room. The girl was flushed – with anger and unwilling arousal – her hand to her mouth as she stared at the two men in the middle of the room. Xander nipped at his ears, dragging Spike's attention back to him and he shoved him towards the bed, jerking his trousers open as he did so!

Xander charged forward, leg sweeping out and knocking Spike's legs out from under him. He pounced on him, wrestling to turn him to his front, snarling in Spike's face. Taken aback momentarily, Spike struck back, twisting like an eel until he was the one on top of a bucking, snarling Xander. Realising that the hyena needed him to prove he was Alpha, he flipped Xander over to his front then lurched forward and sank his teeth into the back of Xander's neck. A low whine came from Xander, then he dipped his head down submissively, his body relaxing, arms and legs moving so that he was spread-eagled on the floor, giving his body to Spike. Pulling his fangs out gently, Spike jumped to his feet cautiously in case Xander was playing possum. Shaking off his game-face, he reached down and lifted Xander to his feet and led him back to the bed. Pushing the young man back so that he bounced on the mattress, he crawled over him so that he straddled Xander's legs, looking him straight in the eye.

“Xander – luv, you in there?” Xander growled, trying to duck his head away so that he didn't have to look Spike in the eye. Spike forced his chin upwards, a hiss escaping him as he saw the flash of green in the boy's eyes. “Xander – Xander, come on out – it's safe!” Xander whined, then Spike gasped as he almost saw Xander return to take control.


“Yeah luv”

“You came”.

“Always”. Xander suddenly jumped, looking around the room nervously.

“Karl!! Karl was going to - “

“Dealt with that piece of shit – with some help from you o'course. Xander, listen. He started the Claim and we need to finish it. Are you ok with this?” He gestured between their bodies, and Xander blushed as he looked down and finally realised he was naked with a half-naked Spike on his lap. “I don't want to force you luv, but blood n'sex magic don't do too well when you try to stop halfway through”.

“Yeah – yeah, I'm ok. What do I have to do?”

“Good boy. Just let me lead, yeah? And when I make the claim, you need to accept it. Don't worry, you'll know when the time is right. Ok? We'll take it slow, promise.” Leaning down, Spike took Xander's face between his hands and placed kisses all over until he reached Xander's mouth. “Ok?” he whispered.

Xander nodded then opened his mouth to Spike's. He had kissed a few people in his time – Cordelia, Mummy-girl – but nothing prepared him for being really kissed by Spike. It was like being devoured whole – Spike possessed his mouth, biting, nibbling, his tongue thrusting in deep and fucking Xander's mouth. He let himself go, responding with everything in him, unable to give anything less. They toppled backwards on the bed, and Spike moved down so that he was lying directly on top of Xander, their mouths sealed until Xander yanked his head back so he could breathe.

“Spike....” His voice was slurred, his hands gripping tightly to Spike's hips as he thrust himself upwards. He groaned as he felt the scrape of denim on the sensitive head of his cock, fingers digging in. “”.


“Jeans – off”. Smirking, Spike lifted himself off of Xander, bent over and rapidly undid and kicked off his Docs. Standing upright once more, he undid the buttons on his jeans and ultra conscious of Xander's dilated gaze practically drinking him in, he wiggled his hips slowly from side to side, pushing at the fabric until it slid down his legs. Kicking it off, he cocked his hip to one side, gloriously unself-conscious in his nudity.

“Like what you see, P – ooof!” The breath was knocked out of him as Xander dived at him, knocking him onto his back on the ground. They rolled on the floor, each fighting for dominance, and Spike realised the Primal had once more taken control. Using his superior vampire strength, and surprised he was having to, he managed to grapple Xander once more into submission. “Sssh Pet, gonna give you what you want – don't need to fight for it, yeah?” Using his grip on Xander's elbows, he lifted him to his feet and shoved him onto the bed, following immediately to stop the boy from escaping. Avoiding the kicking feet, he pushed his legs apart, wriggling between them and pressing himself flat against the heat of Xander's body, his cock resting between the muscular cheeks as he levered himself up so that his mouth was next to Xander's ear. “Doesn't need to be a fight 'tween us, luv, not unless you want it to be. And that's fine, yeah, but this time – this time, Ol Spike is in charge, ok? Now are ya gonna hold still or do I have to tie you down?” Xander bucked beneath him, and Spike hissed as the movement forced his cock between those hot cheeks. “Right then!” He leaned over the side of the bed, managing to hook the robes he had torn off Xander previously and drag it towards him. It was purely vampiric speed that stopped the boy from wriggling free, and using the rope that had been tied around his waist, Spike managed to secure Xander's elbows behind him. It pushed the boy's chest deeper into the bed, and was awkward and uncomfortable, but as soon as he'd completed the knots he felt the body beneath him relax.

Spike allowed his hands to stroke down Xander's body, the broad shoulders to his biceps, flexing against the bindings. He traced the path of the bound arms until it brought him down to the hands that he was expecting to be clenched. But they weren't – the fingers lax, no clenching or twisting to be free.

“Ya like that?? Like knowing I have ya where I want ya – can do what I want to ya....” Xander groaned, and pushed his face into the pillow beneath him. He felt hot, sweaty and needy, Spike tying his arms hitting a deep dark kink that he had never admitted to anyone, ever. He pushed back with his hips, forcing Spike's dick between his cheeks, another moan escaping him as Spike took his cheeks in his hands and began to knead them around his cock. “God, Xander, you feel so hot around me. Can't wait to get in you, luv, can't wait to make you mine – once and for all, yeah. Gonna claim ya, every single part of ya, because that's what I want. I want the animal, and the man – I even want the soldier cos I know that's part of what makes you so strong, yeah? Gonna give all that to me, are ya? Gonna trust me to keep you safe, yeah?”

“Yes, God yes Spike – please!” Lifting himself up and off, Spike slid down the bed until he was face to face with Xander's ass, and pulling the cheeks apart he licked up and down the dark crease, nuzzling his nose behind the heavy balls, before nibbling and sucking his way back to the dark pucker. Pointing his tongue, he stabbed at it, hands holding the cheeks apart to allow him room to play. Xander was in heaven and hell – pushing against the sheets for friction on his hot, sensitive cock, pushing back to where Spike was driving him insane with the sharp, stabbing movements of his tongue. No one had ever, ever made him feel like this and his blood was practically boiling in his veins, so hot, so wanting that he could barely control himself. “No!” he yelled as Spike moved back, then he realised that Spike was turning him over onto his back once more.

Without a word, Spike engulfed Xander's prick in his mouth in one swooping move, fingers diving between his legs to gently stroke and play with his balls. He could hear Xander's gasps for breath, his feet twisting as he tried to get enough leverage to thrust himself into Spike's mouth. Swallowing around the length that was trying to push down his throat, Spike released his balls and slid his fingers into his mouth alongside Xander's cock, wetting them before moving back purposefully between Xander's cheeks.

Reaching the still damp pucker, he pushed in with two fingers, Xander's jump forcing his cock deeper for a moment before the boy froze in position. Spike lifted his head and looked up the tanned expanse of chest until he met the boy's eyes. Xander looked down, panting for breath, face slightly twisted as he adjusted to the entry of Spike's fingers. Spike raised an eyebrow, and Xander nodded jerkily, letting Spike know that he was ok.

Their eyes locked as Spike insinuated his finger into Xander's ass, wriggling in up to the second knuckle then crooking around until he could find and rub against the little nub. Xander's eyes hazed over, pupils completely blown, grinding down with his hips to push Spike's finger in deeper. Knowing he was moving fast, but unable to slow down, Spike pushed in a second finger, scissoring them as he thrust back and forth. He kept sucking at the head of Xander's cock, a gentle up and down motion matching the rhythm he was using in his ass. Xander was tossing his head from side to side, jerking his hips back and forth as though he couldn't decide which sensation was blowing his mind the most.

“Spike, please Spike – can't wait, pleasepleaseplease...”

Releasing Xander's from his mouth with a pop, Spike shuffled back up onto his knees. He looked at both tables, reaching to grab a bottle of oil from the nearest one. Sliding his fingers from the tight, hot grasp, he quickly oiled his hands, slicking his cock as quickly as possible.

“Gonna roll you over, Pet – easier this way, yeah?” he nudged Xander over onto his front, rubbing his oiled hands up and down the tied arms. Xander grunted as Spike's fingers returned to his hole, turning his head to the side so that he could take big huffing breaths. He knew what was coming, needed what was coming, and he tilted his hips, pushing his ass back towards the vampire.

“Come on, comeon.... GAH!” The cry was dragged from him as Spike pressed the head of his cock against the hole and pressed firmly, a long slow relentless push that took him all the way into Xander in one smooth move. Panting for breath, trying to adjust to the tight, stuffed feeling, Xander felt his arms being untied. He pressed his forearms to the bed, pushing himself up slightly, head still bent as he felt Spike lying over his back, cool hard chest pressing him down, a reassuring pressure.

“'K?” Gripping the smooth hips tightly, Spike pulled backwards a little, then back in, out then in, letting Xander get accustomed to him. “Ready?”

“Uh-huh!! Just do it – please, Spike, now....”

Taking Xander at his word, Spike pushed himself upright and began a harsh rhythm, pulling all the way out and slamming back in, his hips slapping against the tanned cheeks, gripping tighter and tighter. As he moved, he became conscious of the mist from the bowls swirling around the two of them, growing heavier and stronger until they were surrounded by a heavily scented fog. He could vaguely hear the Chroniclers chanting from the other room, the cadence of their intonation growing faster and faster, his hips matching their rhythm unconsciously and he realised it was time. From somewhere within, Xander felt the same knowledge and he lifted and turned his head in preparation for making his responses. Spike began the Claiming chant:

“Chroniclers and Scions
I call upon you to hereby witness
That I, William the Bloody
Favoured Childe of both the Mad Seeress Drusilla
And the Feared Angelus
Begat by Darla
Sired by The Master of the House of Aurelius
Do hereby take this man
Alexander L Harris, Warrior,
Defender of Mankind
As my Claimed and my Consort
From this day unto Eternity.
His blood is my blood
His heart is my heart
My Life tied forever to His Life.

Alexander, do you hear my pledge?”

“I do”

“Do you so pledge?”

“I do”

”Then you shall take of my blood so that I am within thee, as I shall take of your blood so you are within me. This union is witnessed and blessed by The House of Aurelius and The Chroniclers of Time. So mote it be!”

Pressing his wrist to his mouth, Spike bit deeply then pressed the wound to Xander's mouth. He moaned as he felt the sharp fangs of the hyena as Xander gnawed at the wound, then sucked at it, greedily gulping down the blood as it flowed. Leaning forwards, Spike sank his teeth into the strong muscle at the curve of Xander's neck and shoulder, sucking strongly at the spicy, hot blood that flowed freely before throwing back his head and shouting: “So mote it be!”

The scented fog grew more dense, pushing in on them both heavily before suddenly bursting up towards the ceiling then smashing through the door. It thrust it's way through both Giles and Angel, before speeding into the Chroniclers and emerging from their mouths as part of the final chant.

“Witnessed and Chronicled
So mote it be!”

Chapter 12

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