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The Prophecy of the Defender & the Determined Protector - Chapter 15

Title: The Prophecy of the Defender & the Determined Protector
Pairing : Spike/Xander
Rating : NC17
Summary: The words of a prophecy force Spike and Xander closer than they ever thought they would ever become but will it be close enough?
Part: 15/18

A/N : Inspired by plot bunny/challenge posted here:

Lady Q: Write a story based on the meaning of Xander's name. Alexander means: Defender of Men and Warrior. So I would like to see a story based on the meaning of his name and Xander coming to understand it

Ok, looks like Porn!Muse is sticking around!! Again, you don't have to read this chapter to follow the story - it's kinda Spike and Xander *ahem* getting to know each other! Read on!

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Xander had never thought about it before but he hadn't really expected Spike to get sleep creases. He watched the vampire as he slept, occasionally breathing but otherwise lying completely still, wrapped around Xander and soaking up his warmth. Spike's face looked so much younger in sleep, the creases left by the pillow and the nearly-white tufts of hair, spiked up all over the place instead of slicked back making him look almost innocent. Smirking because innocent was most definitely not the word that came to mind when he thought of Spike, Xander wiggled his way out of Spike's arms and headed to the bathroom. As he did his business and brushed his teeth, he tried to think of the last time he had felt this safe, and he couldn't think of a single time. As a veteran of the Hellmouth, he knew you took your happies when and where you could find them because you never knew what was coming, and the whole concept of Willow being their evil of the week spun him out so badly he was holding onto Spike tight with both hands. He knew Buffy felt the same, aware from the quietness of the mansion that she and Angel had gone out on patrol (their version of a date) whilst Giles had gone to collect the representative from the Coven from the airport.

Walking back into the bedroom, he looked over at the still sleeping vampire, then had a wicked idea. Lifting the sheet at the bottom of the bed, he crawled carefully up between Spike's legs, shifting them apart so that he had unimpeded access. Curled up against his thigh, Spike's cock looked vulnerable and almost cute (and wouldn't he get a whap round the head if he ever actually said that to Spike), and lifting it gently with his hand Xander took it into his mouth. Flaccid, he could take it all in and he savoured the taste, the different textures he could feel with his tongue. Sliding the foreskin down gently, he swirled his tongue around the tip, his hand moving up and down slowly as the flesh awakened, hardening within his grasp. Sucking the head into his mouth, he kept up the motions of his hand, curling his other hand around Spike's balls and fondling them. He curled up onto his knees, supporting himself on one elbow as he continued to suck gently.

“Christ!” The gasp came from further up the bed, and he looked upwards as the sheet was lifted off and saw Spike staring down at him. “Fuck, Pet, that is how I want to wake up every day from now on!” Xander smiled around the hardness in his mouth, then went back to his self-imposed task, sliding up and down the stiffening pole until it was nudging against the back of his throat. Groaning, Spike's hand slipped to Xander's head, fingers stroking the dark strands as he tried not to take a hard grip and guide Xander where he wanted him. The boy was inexperienced and he didn't want to push him too far too fast – they were going to be together for a very long time and he wanted their union to be a happy one.

Slurping and licking, Xander moved his mouth up and down, trying to do all of the things he himself liked. He looked up at Spike, watching his eyes dilate in passion, his lips parted as he panted for breath, riveted by Xander's actions. The hand on his head was just resting, fingers carding through his hair, but he wanted more. Lifting his mouth off of Spike's dick, still sliding his hand up and down, he said “Show me what you like.”

“I like whatever you're doing, Pet”.

“Ok, then show me what you want”. Spike's head tilted to one side, considering what the boy was saying and what he wasn't saying. Thinking back to the claim, his mind caught on the memory of Xander's reaction to his arms being tied, the way he'd relaxed into it. Nodding almost to himself, he locked eyes with Xander.

“You sure?” Xander nodded, not sure what he was agreeing to but nevertheless eager to find out. Tightening his grasp in Xander's hair, Spike tugged him back down onto his cock, thrusting his hips and beginning a slow rhythm between his lips. Pulling himself up onto his knees, Xander kept himself in position by leaning on both hands, allowing Spike to guide his head up and down. “Wanna get deeper, Pet”. Spike's voice was dark and gravelly, the hand on Xander's head taking a tighter grip on his hair. Widening his mouth as far as he could, Xander sank down a little further, breath huffing through his nose as he took Spike's cock in as deep as it could go. “God yes that's good – fuck!” Both hands on Xander's head now, Spike guided him, thrusting a little bit harder, moaning as he was engulfed in that scalding heat. “Enough!” he groaned, pulling Xander's head off, staring at his face. Xander was flushed dark red, lips parted and glossy with spit from his enthusiastic sucking. He tried to move back down and take Spike back in his mouth, but using his hair as a grip, Spike tugged him up the bed and pushed him over onto his back. Their mouths mashed together, teeth and tongues clashing as they kissed, tussling for control. Landing on top of Xander, Spike held his arms onto the bed as he moved down, nibbling at his neck, tongue laving the claim scar that stood out vividly on his tanned flesh.

Moaning at the feeling of the slightly rough tongue on the sensitive flesh, Xander wriggled against Spike's hold, unable to get his arms free as Spike laid a trail of gentle kisses and bites down his chest to his nipples. He arched into Spike's mouth as he sucked hard at one nipple, catching the taut peak between his teeth, pulling his head back so it stretched slightly before letting it go and starting again.

“Spike....” Struggling against Spike's grip, Xander moaned and tried harder to get free. “God!!!” he yelled as Spike moved to his other nipple, biting harder around it before sucking it strongly into his mouth. Still pressing Xander's arms to the bed, Spike moved further down his chest, tongue-fucking his belly button before burying his face in the dark curls surrounding Xander's straining cock. Inhaling deeply, Spike catalogued the different scents – faint tang of soap, Xander's natural musk, the hint of primal animal and underlying it all the faint hint of himself, the claim wending it's way through Xander's body so that he was imprinted with Spike's very own scent. Growling, loving the fact that his lover was starting to smell like him, Spike whipped his head round and took Xander's cock into his mouth, sucking it down to the root. The tight suction made Xander groan and yell again, thrusting up with his hips as he tried to get deeper into that cool cavern, twisting his hands desperate to be free. Without even realising it, his fingernails turned to talons and he twisted his hands round and back to try to slice at Spike's grip. Reefing his head from Xander's groin, Spike smirked down into his face.

“So ya want this to be a fight do ya?!”

“I – I don't know – I just - “ Shocked at his own actions, Xander stammered in response.

“S'ok. Nothing wrong as long as we both want it – yeah?” Quick as lightning, Spike yanked Xander's arms upwards, slamming his hands down onto the bed and holding them there. He undulated his body against Xander's, rubbing the hardness of his erection against the boy's hip as he lay down heavily on top of him. Next move was his, and he was dying to see what Xander would do, whether he would let his inner animal out to play.

Wrapping his long legs around Spike's waist, Xander pushed up with his hands and arms, slowly forcing Spike backwards. He didn't know if Spike was using all of his strength (he doubted it) but he had to work at it until he was sitting up, legs wrapped around Spike's waist. Shifting backwards so that his thighs were resting against his calves, Spike put his arms around Xander, pressing him close so they were chest to chest, the hardness of his cock sliding down and between the tight cheeks of Xander's arse.

Slighter higher due to being up on Spike's thighs, Xander reached down and took Spike's mouth in a deep kiss, small fangs slicing at his lips so he could suck at the sluggish flow of blood. “Fuck!” Spike threw his head back, stunned at the controlled savagery as Xander allowed the primal hyena out to play. Kissing, licking and sucking at Spike's chin and neck, Xander moaned as he felt Spike's hands slide down his back and grab hold of his butt cheeks, kneading and squeezing them around his cock.

“Mate....” voice slurred, Xander sucked a mark into Spike's neck, talons scraping down his back and leaving trails of blood.

“Yeah – yours Xander, all yours”. Spike was panting now, his neck an obvious erogenous zone that Xander was taking full advantage of.

“Mark mate – yes?” Spike brought his head down, forcing Xander away from his neck and meeting his eyes.

“You want to mark me?”

“Yes – you've claimed me, I want to claim you. You're my mate – yes?” A flash of green, then Xander lowered his lids as he froze in place, suddenly scared, waiting on Spike's response.

“Hell yeah!” Yanking at the dark strands of hair, Spike attacked Xander's mouth again, pleased beyond words that Xander wanted to claim him back. Xander and the hyena accepting him, the same way as his demon had accepted Xander. He had never been so wholly wanted and accepted before and was unbearably aroused. They fought again for control, tongues duelling as they turned their heads this way and that, arms pulling each other tight, hands grabbing onto hard flesh to get as close as possible. “Do it, luv, do it!” Arching his head backwards, Spike waited, a long low moan escaping him as Xander struck, his fangs digging into Spike's neck, tongue lapping at the blood that flowed weakly. Xander set his jaw, making sure of his mark before carefully withdrawing his fangs and pulling back so he could see. A near perfect imprint of his teeth practically glowed at the base of Spike's neck. Yipping in glee that his claim was there for all to see, he shoved Spike over backwards, sprawling over him and smashing his lips down onto Spike's.

“I have you now” he said, looking down into Spike's eyes, dark eyes gleaming possessively.

“Yeah, you have me. But if you wanna take, luv, you're gonna have to work for it”. So saying, Spike slithered out of Xander's grip, dived off the bed, scrabbling to get to his feet. Xander gave chase, knocking Spike to the ground and throwing himself down on top of him. Shoving his legs between Spike's he pushed his shoulders down, trailing his hand down the lean muscles, covered in creamy white silk skin, decorated with thin trails of blood.

“Mine?” Pushing himself into the caress, Spike almost purred.

“Yeah. Ya want?” Xander growled in response, thrusting his hips forward before reaching down with both hands and gently pulling Spike's ass cheeks apart. He shuffled down so that he could press his face against the small of Spike's back, moving slowly downwards so that he could slide his tongue between the taut cheeks, darting out to stab at the tight pink pucker. Spike pushed back with his hips, growling and moaning as Xander kissed and sucked at his entrance. “Fuck, Pet - that feels so good...”

Unable to wait any longer, Xander leapt to his feet and ran to the side of the bed, grabbing the tube of lube he had seen Spike drop there the previous night. He sped back round the bed and ground to a halt, mesmerised by the view. Spike was lying half on his front, elbow on the floor as he supported his head on his hand, using his other hand to stroke his straining, erect cock, squeezing just under the head at each upstroke.

“God I want you” he moaned, unable to hold back.

“Where do ya want me Pet? On the floor here? Or do you want me draped over the bed so you can fuck me through the mattress?” Voice low and sultry, Spike continued to play with his own hardness, well aware of the effect it was having on his partner.

“Guh – over – erm, over the bed please!” Without even realising it, Xander was mirroring Spike's action, stroking his own hardness as he watched the sheer animal grace with which Spike rose to his feet and swayed over to the bed. Getting back down on his knees, he leaned over and took the head of Xander's cock into his mouth, sucking strongly before bowing his head submissively onto the bed.

With slightly less grace, but with much enthusiasm, Xander moved behind him, kneeling between his legs so that he could begin stroking the lube into that tight welcoming hole. He lined himself up, holding his breath as he moved forward and entered Spike with one long drawn out thrust. “Oh my God”.

“God Pet, yeah – fuck me!” Taking a firm grip on Spike's hips, so aroused he couldn't tease him or play the way he had wanted to, Xander began to tunnel in and out, angling his hips until a guttural yelp from Spike told him he'd hit the right spot. He concentrated on aiming his thrusts there, long powerful movements of his hips as he rode his lover. Spike spread his arms out so that he was gripping each side of the mattress, holding on tight as the strong thrusts moved him backwards and forwards, the friction from the sheets and mattress enough on his sensitive cock to make him moan out loud and know this wasn't going to last long for him.

“Oh God, oh God, you're so tight Spike – you feel so good, so tight – oh God oh God” He couldn't restrain himself from talking, praising the beauty of his lover, the tightness of his grip, the strength laid out willingly for him “God Spike, love this – love you, loveyouloveyou!”

“Gorgeous you are, luv, the way you feel in me – the heat of you, spearing right through me! Love you Xander, love you so fucking much!”

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The lusty cries of both men coming very quickly after each other echoed through the mansion, greeting Giles as he opened the front door followed by Leslie Forsythe, the representative from the British Coven.

“Errr, perhaps we should go through to the kitchen for tea? No doubt the – erm, others will join us shortly!”

Leslie grinned, not at all discomfited. “Yes, Rupert, tea sounds lovely. Tell me, is it true you were one of the witnesses to the claim – did you have to be in the same room?!” She smirked at the dark blush that travelled up his neck, clearly visible as he walked quickly away from her towards the kitchen. She was honoured to be called, well aware of the danger inherent in what they were trying to do but excited nevertheless – to be called to help with one of the oldest slayers, and meet both Angelus and William the Bloody, as well as being around for the prophesied Defender coming into his powers – yes, she was honoured indeed. And Rupert Giles wasn't exactly hard on the eyes......

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