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The Last Scooby - Spike/Xander - Scot25 Prompt

Title : The Last Scooby
Pairing : Spike/Xander (no surprise there)
Scot25 Prompt : Bonds
Rating : PG for language
Summary : A little peek into the future

A/N : A goodbye to my friend Magenta - gone but never forgotten

Standing over it, it struck him that she was the last. She lived far longer than any other Slayer had - even after the spell that unleashed the power onto any potential, she was always known as Slayer, The. Like she was the one and only. And of course, when Spike talked about the Slayer, he always knew who he was referring to.

Despite the risks they took almost daily over the decades, each one had passed peacefully. They survived apocalypse after apocalypse, saved the world on occasions too numerous to count, and each one was blessed with a long life and permanent bonds of love and trust. You couldn't go through the things they had been through together and not be bonded. Laying the the bouquet of lillies down, he touched the headstone smiling as he read "She saved the world a lot" - strangely they could all have that on their headstones now. Not that there was a headstone in his near future - the Consort Bond meant that death was (hopefully) a long way away.

The smell of tobacco smoke wafted towards him, and he looked back to the tree line to see Spike leaning against the trunk of what he was sure had been a sapling last time he was here. Spike hadn't really changed as the years went by - black was always in fashion, the hair not so much but it was his trademark. As was his deep abiding love for his Consort - well known by all, a warning to many, a 'knowing' inside Xander that transcended words like I love you.

"How long you been there?" He walked towards the trees, grateful that their shade made it possible for his lover to be there with him.

"Not long. Know you wanted to say your goodbyes. You ok?" He nodded. He'd needed to do this little pilgrimage but the spirits of his friends lived on in him - the headstones simply marked places he could physically visit when the need was upon him.

"Yeah, I'm good". He smiled. "Come on then - thought you wanted to visit that portal that appeared over Tibet?" Sliding his hand into Spike's, he smiled at the instant squeeze that was instinctively given. Silent reassurance that he wasn't alone, even if he was the only Scooby left now.

"Thought we could go take the piss out of the Pouf while we're there - you know how attached he is to those monks. Always thought it was a bit strange considering he used to snack on nuns back in the day". Flicking the cigarette away, he turned and began striding towards the car.

"I'm always up for some Deadboy Baiting". Smiling, he looked over his shoulder one last time then turned to follow Spike. "I'm driving".

"Pet, you know that just ain't happening".

"But it must be my turn by now......" Spike turned and looked at him, raised an eyebrow. "Fine, then I get to choose the music".

"I'm not listening to that damn country stuff again ..."

"Anything is better than that retro punk shit you listen to ...." The familiar bickering continued as they walked through the trees to the car parked in the shade, to drive off to their future together - as always.

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