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Notification Of A New Fic~ Details~Warnings and Brief PG Preview

From tomorrow 1st Aug. 2010, I will be posting the fic detailed below. It will be posted daily until complete.

Title: SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES (A Vampire adaptation and written in the spirit of the 1986 movie The Hitcher.)
Pairing: 100% Spander
Rating: NC17 Throughout This is a DARK FIC
STATUS COMPLETE. 6 LONG chapters about 29,000 words.


Something Wicked was originally written for 'Vampire Big Bang' but on completion was withdrawn because I felt it would benefit from daily posting rather than in one go. It is unlike anything I have written before. IT IS A DARK FIC and a challenge to myself to write it. For specifics it contains: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE, FOUL LANGUAGE, RAPE, TORTURE, MIND & EMOTIONAL GAMES, AND MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH YES one of the boys dies, permanently! It is illustrated throughout with screencaps from the movie, featuring Spike and Xander in the starring roles.

Brief PG Preview

chapter 1

The leg of Interstate 10 between San Antonio and San Diego is amongst the most desolate and lonely stretches of highway in the US. Mile after relentless mile of wide, flat, black highway cutting a swathe through the desert landscape. A panorama of burnt ground, thorn bushes, cacti, tumble weeds, scrub trees and orange Californian Poppies that grow at the side of the road where the morning dew gathers and with their dark green leaves add a welcome splash of color. Set at the foothills, the magnificent Rocky Mountains rise up and add a gray and almost oppressive backdrop to the desert.

Xander left San Antonio an hour before sunset, he'd already been on the road for several days traveling from Chicago to Oklahoma City and down to San Antonio and then leaving San Antonio and joining Interstate 10 to drive through the desert toward Los Angeles. He preferred to drive this leg of his journey at night, the car had air conditioning but there was something about the desert at night that appealed to him. The cold, eerie, silver glow of the moon on the desert floor, the black moving shadows and the shifting clouds fascinated him, besides the highway was all but deserted and as long as he could keep awake, he'd make good time.

The sun dipped low, the sky darkened and he switched on his headlights.

An hour later he cruised along at a steady seventy. The desert landscape flashed by, the center markings merged into one continuous line and the tires made a steady bump, bump, bump on the highway and his eyelids began to feel heavy. A short distance behind Xander, a blond haired man in a long, black, leather coat had watched keenly with sharp, pale, blue eyes as his red tail lights disappeared into the darkness, Spike growled he'd missed a ride by seconds which was inconvenient. He hefted up his large hold all, it didn't really matter he had all night and there would be another car along soon enough.

He was hungry though.

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