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Author: marie_macgivens

Title: Moonlight

Chapter: Chapter 7
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating:N/C 17
Disclaimer:not mine just playing with em
Warnings non-con, torture, language, angst, m/m, violence

Xander goes away for the summer and comes back with different ideas. While finding out things are not like he left them.Some friends are not as he thought they where while some enemies aren't as bad as they made out

Chapter 7
It was just a couple hours later that the solider was nudging Xander awake. Silently slipping from the bed he made his way to the bathroom. Turning on the shower he took care of his morning routine as the water heated. Laughing softly when he saw his work cloths folded neatly on the counter top. The smell of fresh coffee greeted him when he left the bathroom, steam following him. Diana was already up, sitting at the table when he walked in.

" You had better quit that before Spike gets up," Xander said, gesturing to the floating kitchenware that was making breakfast and pouring coffee all by its self.

Diana just chuckled around her tea cup. Xander sat down as a mug of steaming coffee and a plate of bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, and toast settled in front of him. He hurried through the meal and when he was finished Diana flicked a glance at the doorway as his tool belt and lunch box drifted over.

Snagging them out of the air he gave Diana a fast hug, pressing a kiss to her cheek.


Xander sighed as he pulled up to the curb at his house. Leaning his head on the wheel, he just let the aches from a rough day just flow through him. Finally, with a grumble Xander pulled himself out of his truck, grabbing his tools and taking out his keys along the way. Twisting the key a bit in the lock he let himself in.

Xander hung up his things before pulling off his boots, sending bits of mud and dust in the air. He turned to Diana. " Let me get cleaned up and then I need to talk to you, please?" There was a happy twinkle in his eyes as he smiled at her.

Diana nodded. " I'll fix the evening meal but I am worried about your friend, he hasn't left his room all day."

Xander frowned as he cast a look down the hallway, then turned back to the woman in front of him. " I'll see whats up done when we're done, kay? Dinner would be great but you're going to spoil me ya know, we could just order take out." He told her with a laugh.

Diana frowned at him " I refuse to eat that swill," she said with a sniff. " Besides you are too skinny by far and so is that friend of yours." Xander just chuckled and moved on down the hall.
His hair was still damp when he made his way back to the kitchen. Diana had made some kind of chicken and rice with a salad.For him she had several very large steaks that were almost still mooing. Xander slid into his seat with a heartfelt groan; the smell of warm meat had the hyena** growling in his mind.

With feeding Spike all the time like he was doing he needed the protein and iron, making the hyena crave meat, fresh meat and this was as close as Xander would let her get.They ate quietly, with Xander asking Diana to make a few stops for him then meet them later. When they had finished and Diana had once again done her Sword in the Stone impression causing Xander to chuckle with thoughts of a young Arther and the old Merlin, Xander helped Diana into her cloak with a warm hug before locking the door behind her.

Heading back to Spike's room he lifted his hand to knock softly on the door.

" Spike, you up?"

Xander didn't hear any response, so he opened the door a little more. The room was dark, with just a small wedge of light from the open door. The reason he had given Spike this very room was because of the steel shutters that slid out on tracks sealing the wide arching windows, making the room completely light proof. On the far side of the bedroom stood a four poster bed, the high mahogany spindles almost reaching the ceiling, a canopy of heavy velvet drapes flowed to the floor from all four corners.

A dark down comforter covered the bed, hiding a sea of midnight satin sheets under it. The bed was a California king, the head and foot boards were carved with swirling curves sweeping up in twisting flames that seemed to burn all on their own. Xander knew every dip and curve of that deep dark wood, he had built it himself.

Stepping farther into the room Xander reached for the small table near the door, inside the drawer was a set of buttons and knobs. He twisted one, and the shutters slid silently back to expose the falling night. Turning another one caused the track lights in the edges of the room to softly glow. Shutting the drawer once more he moved closer to the bed.

" Spike? Hey come on we have to get moving."

The huddled lump on the bed shifted slightly, causing blond curls to peek out of the top. Sitting on the edge of the bed Xander pulled the covers down just enough to see drowsy eyes. Xander gently placed his hand on Spike's head slowly rubbing at the soft hair at his temple.

" Are you feeling better?" Spike just nodded nuzzling into Xander's hand, causing the blankets to slip until Spike's whole face was above it.
Moving his hand down, Xander brushed at the now healed mouth. " You look better; all the bruises are gone."

Again the only answer Xander got was a nod. " What cat got your tongue?" came with a chuckle.

This time it was a shake; all the while Spike continued to nuzzle at Xander's wrist. Xander cupped the side of Spike's jaw, laying his wrist more firmly over the velvet lips.


As Spike flashed a startled and leery look at him, Xander stroked the sharp cheek bone with a callused thumb.

" Go on, I won't be mad later."

Xander felt his chest get tight at the thought that someone would and obviously had teased the vampire with something like this, no doubt the offer to feed had been given but taken away at the last second before. There was a swiftly indrawn breath before a sharp burn spread across his wrist. The gentle pulls caused a reaction in the hyena that Xander had not expected; she moved forward but not to take over as he thought she might. A feeling of fur brushed under his skin. A gasp broke free of him as a shudder moved through his bones, it was like the hyena was rubbing herself against the underside of his skin. Like a cat wanting to be petted.

Slowly the gentle pulls eased, leaving Spike just taking small sips before sealing the bite. The vampire curled around Xander, laying his head on the hard thigh with a sigh. Xander rubbed a hand over Spike's back for a bit, enjoying the quiet of their den. Xander hated to break the calm they sat in but they had to get moving.

"Come on Blondie, we have to get going or the gang is gonna come looking for us, and I don't want them to know you're here."

Xander knew he'd said something wrong when Spike's head flew off this lap. The bright blue eyes had turned glacial. " Right, wouldn't want the others to know that you had their pet over last night."

Xander's reaction to that statement was swift and harsh.Green clouded brown as Xander looked down in to the face of the vampire below him.

"You. Are. Not. A. Pet!" Xander snarled, sharpened teeth snapping. " And that wasn't what I meant! No one knows where I live now and I want to keep it that way. Plus, do you really want Buffy and Willow knowing where you are ? Because you have to know that if Buffy knows where you are so do the Soldiers."

At this Spikes face softened. "Oh."

Xander snorted. " Yeah, oh. You drama queen."

"Oi!" Spike said as he sat up looking around at the room.

Xander moved off the bed over to the dresser on the far side of the wall. It was a made of the same material the monster bed was. He ran a hand over the gleaming polish. " There are some clothes in yours size in here. I had Diana make something for you to wear tonight until we can go get your stuff. "

Xander looked over at Spike who was still sitting in the bed. Spike just looked back at him. " Well you going to stand there and watch or are you going to get outta here so I can get dressed?" Spike raised an eyebrow at the bright flush that flooded Xander's face.

" I ..I'll just .. I mean .. I wasn't .." Xander stopped and took a deep breath " I'll be outside."
Spike's laughter followed him as Xander all but ran for the door. In the hallway Xander leaned into the wall letting his head drop back, just savoring the sound of Spike's laughter. It had been a long time since he had heard it.


The closer they got to the Magic Box the more Spike shut down. They were just around the corner when Xander glanced at him worried before stopping Spike with at hand at his shoulder.

"You alright?"

"Sure, mate. Right as rain." The words were flat and the smile that came with them was even more fake.

"Don't lie." Xander stepped closer pulling the smaller frame protectively to him. They stood that way for a moment just leaning on each other. "You stay with me, stay behind me. I don't want you to go anywhere near Willow or Buffy OK? You most definitetly will not go anywhere with either one of them."

Spike shuddered

"Can take care of my self, mate. Don't you worry."

Xander leaned back to look in to Spikes face "Normally I would agree with you Blondie, but this isn't normal. Besides to us you're Clan and we protect our own whether they need it or not."

Spike nodded looking a little steadier. "Thanks, mate."

"Remember stay with me, if they try to take you I'll throw some excuses out but you are staying with me."

Once again Spike nodded before pulling away and they both made their way down the rest of the way to the Magic Box.

Later everyone had gathered at the Magic Box. There was some new big bad in town. Giles and Anya were over by the counter looking through some large tomes. Xander flipped a page in the book he was looking at from his spot on the stairs. Dawn was on the floor next to him sharpening one of her daggers. They had blocked Spike in behind them farther up on the staircase in an attempt to guard Spike.

Xander glanced over to where Willow and Tara were sitting looking over some new spell books that Giles had just ordered for the shop. Xander jumped slightly when Spike's cool hand touched the back of his neck turning to glance questioningly up at Spike

"You're growling, mate."

It was said so softly Xander just barely heard him. Xander blinked and then nodded clenching his teeth to hold it back.

Tara moved over to talk to Dawn about the latest demon they where looking up. Things where going quietly and Xander had almost relaxed enough to really read the books that had been given to him, when Giles called Spike over to look at one of the books in some demon text.

Dawn and Xander both stiffened then slowly moved to the side to let Spike slip past, taking the long way around the redheaded witch. When nothing happened, the pair slowly relaxed back into the stairs, but didn't drop their guards. A couple hours later the group hadn't found anything on the demon they were looking for. Xander stood placing the last book he was reading on to the table.

"Well guys, the working man has to be going home for some shut eye before playing with power tools in a few short hours."

That was as far as he got before the shop door slammed open and Buffy came whirling in talking excitedly about her night. Xander was slowly making his way over to the other side of the shop where Spike was edging toward him around the counter. Xander could see the shaking starting in his friend, it was barely there, just a fine quiver. He had almost made it, was close to Spike, when Spike stumbled as if something tripped him causing the vampire to bump in to the wall next to him. It wouldn't have been all that bad save for the shelf of crosses and holy water that was smashed when the shelf came off the wall falling down with the vampire. The falling water seemed to spray out oddly but most of it missed Spike. Xander knelt down brushing the bits of wood and plaster away calling for Dawn to get a towel out of the training room and a bottle of water from the small fridge.

"Good Lord! What happened?" Giles asked, looking from the fallen vampire to the missing plaster on the wall.

At the same time Xander heard a small giggle, turning his head he looked over at the table where Willow sat wide eyed, snickering behind her hand. His eyes narrowed but before he could say anything he noticed her other hand. It was crossed in front of her rubbing at her upper arm, in just about the same spot....

"You stupid vampire! Look! Just look at what you did to my coat! It's ruined!" Buffy snarled as she moved closer. There were one or two damp spots on the soft suede jacket she was wearing . "I swear to God you are going to pay!"

Xander moved in front of the cowering form eyes flashing. Buffy moved closer completely focused on Spike, a strange glee dancing in her eyes, but before she could try to move around Xander a loud clap of thunder crashed through the shop, rattling the glass, knocking over bottles and jars.

Standing in the open door was Diana and at her side was a huge dog. Its shoulders all most reaching her waist.


Stepping lightly down the steps she made her way over to the group.
Giles, looking dazed, shook his head "I'm sorry ma'am, but we're closed."

Diana just smiled at him. "I know, I'm here to talk to Alexander."

"Oh, jeez Xander, you told her? God, can't you shut up about anything?" Buffy snarled, shifting closer once again.

Xander just sighed, slipping next to Spike, who was still huddled on the floor with one hand clutching Dawn's coat. She had slipped in behind Xander to check on her friend. She softly stroked Spike's hair as she tried to reassure the trembling vampire. With a small smile to Dawn, Xander flicked his eyes from Dawn to Buffy and back again. Nodding, she gave Spike a final pat before moving in between the men and her sister, preparing to once again guard their backs.

Xander reached over Spike, gathering him up before rocking back on his heels and standing. Xander carried the slowly recovering vamp back over to their side of the room, sitting him down on the stairs once again. Checking for burns from the rain of holy water, Xander found one or two larger patches but mostly small stings. A bottle of water and a rag appeared over his shoulder, causing Xander to jump slightly and Spike to give a small snort of amusement. Flicking Dawn a grateful smile before cracking the lid, he passed the opened bottle under his nose and inhaled deeply, scenting the water. Nodding to himself that the water was untainted, Xander wet the cloth, dabbing gently at the angry skin.
Satisfied for the moment, Xander put down the cloth and acknowledged Spike's amused grin with a shrug. Xander moved over to where Diana was standing with the dog, while noting that Dawn had taken his place in front of their friend.

"Thanks for bringing him Diana. Did you have any trouble?" he asked, bending down to pet the large dog who was already leaning around him sniffing the air with a whine. The dog was beautiful, deep black with silver markings on his legs, face and belly. Xander knelt down gently running his hands through the thick fur.

"No, they were very accommodating," Diana said with a gentle smile.

She was about to say more when a small hand clamped on to Xanders shoulder, giving a yank that should have had the young man flat on his back. As it was, Xander barely rocked. Xander slowly stood and turned, causing Buffy's hand to slip from his shoulder to his arm. Xander glanced at it briefly before looking at its owner.

"If you want to keep that hand, get it off me." The words were flat and the tone steady.

"Right. Like you could do anything about it if I wanted to leave it right there. Like you could stop me from doing anything I wanted to do. Zeppo." Buffy gave a confident laugh squeezing his arm with strength that not long ago would have had him on the floor with a broken arm.

Xander might have let it go, might have stood down and let her get away with it, turning the insults into jokes to lighten the mood if her eyes hadn't flicked to Spike with her last words. If Spike hadn't whimpered when Buffy spoke.

That whimper had Xanders face hardening. With the same steady look in his eyes, Xander grasped Buffy's hand in one of his, slowly squeezing, watching as the laughter and confidence began to fade from her face. Watching confusion grow in her eyes as the steady pressure caused the slayer's grip to loosen and let go. Watching as pain replaced the confusion when her bones begin to grind together and Buffy was slowly brought to her knees.

"No, Slayer, that's where you're wrong."


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