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Prior Claim - Spike/Xander - Chapter 9

Title: Prior Claim
Chapter: 9/14
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17
Concrit: in comments please - you flame, I delete!
Disclaimer: Of course they belong to me in a straight-jacket wrapped round me permanently kinda way. In other words, they ain't mine!
Warnings/Squicks: None in this chapter
Summary: From a Plot Bunny left by qwerty_lee BTVSAU : In which Xander's demon-magnetness attracts another Master Vampire, and Spike is forced to go claim him, since he's the only one with the “right” to do so.
Previous chapters: Links given below
Notes: None
Beta(s): Unbeta'd but proofread
Graphics: (size, and artist) : no graphics

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Spike, I have no clothes”. Standing in the bathroom doorway, Xander scrubbed at his wet hair, very conscious of his semi nude state.

“What? Yeah, I know – Angel is bringing some of your stuff over when he gets here soon. But Pet, you know what has to happen tonight right?” Avoiding Spike's gaze, Xander nodded.

“Yeah, I know. I – I get it, but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it”.

“Want me to thrall ya?”


“I can't do it, but it can be done – would make it easier on ya”.

“Hell no – I mean, whu – God, that's just - “ Confused, Xander sat on the bed. He'd be lying if he said the option didn't appeal – not having to be totally conscious of an audience of vampires while having sex was definitely of the good. And he trusted Spike, there was pretty much no question of that – he'd had that mouth round his dick and he hadn't once thought about the fact that Spike was unchipped and only his 'soul' stopped him from taking a chunk out of Xander. “Would you be angry with me? I mean, you know I want to be with you so it's not that. I just – man, Spike, in front of a crowd? I just - “ He was shaking, he was so wound up – how the hell did his life get this fucked up?

Suddenly Spike was right next to him, wrapping Xander in his arms and tugging him close.

“Xander – I wouldn't have offered if I was gonna get pissed about it. You'n'me is separate to all that shit, yeah? What we do with each other is for us. But this claiming thing – neither of us has a choice, but I don't want you to suffer because of it”.

“How would it work? And who?”

“Angel, and it's kinda like hypnosis but not. The only thing is, Angel's thrall isn't the same as Dru's was – it works kinda differently”.

“How do you mean?!” He drew back from Spike, instinctively knowing he wasn't going to like where this was going.

“Look, Pet, I don't want to use any of the new vamps – don't know 'em properly so don't trust 'em. Angel is the best option and it will help with other stuff as well”.

“What other stuff?” There was a loud knock at the door, and sighing with frustration Spike strode over and yanked it open. Angel stepped through, his arms full with a cooler and a large bag. “Hey Deadboy”. Angel sighed and nodded in Xander's direction, raising an enquiring eyebrow at Spike.

“Peaches. Me an' the whelp have been discussing the ceremony and the idea of using thrall to help him get through it. I need you to explain to him how yours works – he's only ever seen the results of Dru's”. Grabbing the cooler, he dropped it on the floor near the chair, sprawling into it as he swiftly grabbed a bag of blood and pierced it with his fangs. Grimacing at the taste of the cold blood, he watched as Angel took a cautious seat on the bed, staring at Xander.

“Ok, Xander, the way my thrall works is really simple. It's – well, it sort of a lust spell if you like, lowers your inhibitions, makes you more susceptible to suggestion”. Xander frowned.

“Can you make me do something I don't want to do?” Angel shook his head.

“No. I can't make anyone do what they don't want to do – that was Dru's speciality, but even then she had to make them believe they wanted to do it. Mine just loosens you up, lets out a few of the things in your head you might not normally consider due to embarrassment and the like”. He looked over at Spike, who was drinking back another bag of blood. “Have you told him?” Drinking his third bag of blood, Spike shook his head. “Xander, there's a secondary part to the ceremony, one that doesn't have to take place in front of witnesses but does need to happen”. Frowning even more, Xander looked over at Spike. Although his face was expressionless, Xander knew the blond vamp well enough to know that he was worried what Xander's reaction would be to what Angel was about to reveal and that concerned him. Drawing back, he was suddenly ultra conscious of his lack of clothing.

“What's this secondary part?”

“It's – ok, well it's where you need to be officially welcomed and accepted into the House of Aurelius. My demon needs to accept you officially as Spike's Consort. It's a way of offering protection to you if anything should ever happen to Spike, and it also lets the vamps in court know that you are a true and worthy Consort, not to be messed with”.

“Uh huh. And how exactly do you welcome me into the family? Cos somehow I'm getting the impression it's not a wine and cheese party”.

“No,” Angel sighed, “it's not as simple as that. Basically, Spike er, seals his claim to you, then presents you to my demon to be accepted”.

“Why must you insist on speaking in euphemisms Peaches? Just tell the man what he needs to know”. Spike was rapidly getting irritated, and he knew a large part of it was his demon's unwillingness to share Xander in any way. Angel scowled, then nodded.

“Spike and you have sex, he takes some of your blood. Then his demon offers you to my demon, who signals it's acceptance through sex and blood”. Xander scowled, running his hand through his hair.

“Fuck – does anything you vampires do NOT revolve around sex and blood?” Tugging at his hair, he jumped up from the bed and strode up and down, completely and utterly unaware of the attractive image he presented. The white towel contrasted with his deep tan, golden skin covering lean muscles. He had grown into himself, was no longer the gangly boy-child from Sunnydale. And he was all the more attractive for his various scars – his was a hard-earned beauty, not pretty, but strong.

“Oi, Peaches, eyes off!” Spike growled, throwing the blood bags to the floor and striding over to his sire.

“What? Sorry, Spike”. Caught unaware, Angel dragged his eyes away from Xander. He knew part of the issue was Angelus – he wanted to claim Xander: as the Slayer's minion, as a new Seer, but also purely for his own reasons. He had had plans for the boy from the time he faced Angelus down in the hospital, and knowing that his Childe was going to be the one making the claim was not sitting well. Add to that, his inability to have the conversation with Buffy about the clan ritual without revealing previous evil plans by Angelus and he was straddling an uncomfortable fence.

“Fuck it, we need to get this done. Xander – you ready?” Standing in front of Xander, he forced the man's pacing to come to a halt. He reached for his face, holding his gaze as the nervous man tried to pull back. “Won't do anything you don't want me to do, but putting this off ain't helping. We can sort out the Clan shit afterwards – I know you're building this up in your head, but I swear to ya I won't hurt ya. Ok?” Taking a deep breath, Xander nodded. “Right, Peaches – where do you want him?”

“Ok, Xander, you need to put the ceremonial robes back on then sit on the bed here. Spike, let Carson know to get the attendants ready – I don't know how long it will take to put Xander 'under' but we're going to want to be ready”. Xander shrugged back into the robes, then took his seat next to Angel on the bed. Wiping his sweating palms down the robes he waited to see what would happen, relaxing slightly when Spike came back into the room after speaking to Carson. “Spike, can you come sit behind Xander please, just so he can lie back and relax on you. Xander, I need you to look at me. In my eyes – that's it. Perfect. Need you to relax for me, I know it's hard but you can do it can't you?” The voice was low, almost soothing and Xander found himself tuning into it unconsciously, slumping backwards onto Spike. Angel kept speaking but the words were so low, he could barely hear them. Spike's arms wrapped around him from behind, pulling him closer. He felt muzzy, woolly headed and he blinked slowly, trying to concentrate. His lids lowered and reopened, so difficult to open them again. Blinking once, twice....

Chapter 10 is coming...


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