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Prior Claim - Spike/Xander - Chapter 10

Title: Prior Claim
Chapter: 10/14
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17
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Disclaimer: Of course they belong to me in a straight-jacket wrapped round me permanently kinda way. In other words, they ain't mine!
Warnings/Squicks: None in this chapter
Summary: From a Plot Bunny left by qwerty_lee BTVSAU : In which Xander's demon-magnetness attracts another Master Vampire, and Spike is forced to go claim him, since he's the only one with the “right” to do so.
Previous chapters: Links given below
Notes: Ok, in case it's slipped your notice, there are definite hints of S/A/X appearing. Now you all know I'm at the mercy of Plot!Bunny and Porn!Muse so if it's the sort of thing that makes you want to retch, I promise to put a proper warning at the top of the relevant chapter. This chapter has more hints, but in the main it's Porn!Muse playing with Spike and Xander - enjoy! <3
Beta(s): Unbeta'd but proofread
Graphics: (size, and artist) : no graphics

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~ * * * * * ~ * * * * * ~ * * * * * ~

He was aware but yet not. He was so relaxed – the walk down to the main hall, past the group of vampires barely impinged on his consciousness. Maybe it was because of the touch of his vampire. And that sounded so good to him – HIS vampire. Spike belonged to him. And look, he had a spare! Angel was there with his soothing voice although it was so low Xander couldn't make out the words he was saying.

He felt so horny though – he hadn't felt like this since he was a teenager. Well actually, he had – when he found out Spike was alive and visited him in LA, that had definitely reawakened his libido but he hadn't told anybody. His attraction to the blond vampire wasn't something he was comfortable talking to Willow about, and he and Buffy didn't talk as much as they used to, not since his eye anyway.

Horny and kinda doped up. Which was so strange because he didn't do drugs. He wasn't that stupid. Drugs and living on the Hellmouth so didn't go together! Maybe not doped up, just really really relaxed. He turned to face Spike who was walking next to him, admiring his profile. Reaching out with his free hand (Spike was holding the other one), he stroked one strong cheekbone, admiring the smoothness of the skin beneath his touch. Spike's smile made him smile – he liked it that his touch made Spike happy.

Following where Spike led, he climbed three steps onto a dais and allowed Spike to help him lie comfortably on a very large bed. He remembered being here before, and being so very scared, but he wasn't feeling scared now – in fact, he was feeling incredibly relaxed. But not doped up. Definitely not. He didn't do drugs.

“Xander”. Hearing his name, he turned and caught Spike's eye. The blond was smiling at him from his place at the side of the same bed Xander was on, and there was something he was supposed to remember – something about being on this bed with Spike. But then Spike kissed him and he forgot all of that because he was being consumed, his mouth was being taken, and Spike seemed determined to learn everything about his mouth as he examined it as thoroughly as possible with his tongue. He moaned, gasping for breath but unwilling to pull away from those drugging kisses because they felt so damn good. Spike lay on top of him, shifting so that he could lie between his legs and they were nestled close together. God, he was feeling so hot – he just wanted these stupid robes off him so he could get as close to Spike as possible.

Arching his neck, he groaned again as Spike laid a trail of kisses down from his mouth to his chin, following his jawline and down his neck. The solemn chaste kiss he placed on Xander's jugular almost brought tears to his eyes, and he reached up to hold Spike to him, keep him close. The robes seemed to have disappeared, and for a moment he felt cold, but then his body heated up as his vampire lay fully on top if him again, the feel of rough denim scratchy against his inner thighs as he lifted his legs and wrapped them around Spike's waist.

There was something at the back of his mind, something that made him think he should pull the covers over them both, but his mind was so hazy, and he felt so relaxed that he couldn't bring himself to care. And then Spike's hand was rubbing down his chest and taking hold of his dick and there was nothing in his mind but what Spike was doing, the swift movements of his hands, the feel of his nails scraping down his cock and oh God, he so needed to come – he needed to come so much. Snapping the buttons on Spike's jeans was a struggle but he was determined, and soon the two of them were stroking and tugging at each other, cold flesh in hot, hot flesh in cold. The moans and cries escalated and Xander felt like he was going to explode if Spike didn't do something more and soon.

He knew what to expect, and he was ready for it, so ready he wanted to beg.

“Please Spike, please – want you, need you now, please...”

~ * * * * * ~ * * * * * ~ * * * * * ~

He was in game-face and couldn't shake it off, and looking around he could see that at least three of the other Master Vamps who were acting as witnesses were in a similar state. The pheromones Xander was throwing off as he walked into the hall were staggering, and no-one could blame Spike for the smirk on his face as they all wanted to be in his place.

As the two lay on the bed and started kissing, Angel found himself leaning forward, inhaling deeply of the growing arousal of his Childe and his chosen Consort, the desire in his gut to join them a leaden weight. His relationship with Spike had veered on a number of occasions into the sensual, and it had only been the issue of the Black Thorn that had prevented them starting something new, something more equal. And then Xander had come to visit, with his sunshine smile and suddenly he felt Spike pulling away from him, turning towards the young Scooby and laughing more than Angel had ever seen him laugh before. Xander made him happy, even as just a casual friend, and Angel didn't fight for Spike because he wanted what was best for him. Of course, afterwards, when Buffy and the Council discovered that he hadn't turned evil, that he was still fighting the good fight, his relationship with her had rekindled and he was close to happy himself. Claiming her had been the right thing to do, and he was happy with his choice, he really was. But.....

“Gonna make you feel so good, luv – God you're so hot Xander. Fuckin burning me up you are...” Kicking off his jeans, Spike scrabbled in them for the lube. Slicking up his fingers, he slid his hand between Xander's legs, gently inserting two fingers and scissoring them to loosen the tightness of his hole. Xander was moaning, hands clenched at the headboard as he writhed in Spike's grasp. Pressing Xander's legs open further, he eased out then added a third finger. Xander was hissing but not pulling away, instead thrusting his hips up, crying out for Spike to take him. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been so turned on but Xander's responsiveness was unbelievable – so tight, so hot, so needy. Fuck, he was so far gone he had almost forgotten their audience, almost forgotten the need to start the ceremony. “'Gelus – Sire, we're ready”.

Stepping forward, Angel turned to face the witnesses and waited for Spike to begin the words of the Claiming Ceremony.

“Sire, I bring before you my proposed Consort. He is worthy of our House and I respectfully ask for your permission”.

“What does he bring to our House, Childe?”

“He brings Spirit, Loyalty, Love. He brings the power of a Seer to the House of Aurelius”.

“And this is your desire, Childe?”

“It is”.

“And will you fulfil the Rites of Initiation to the Clan?”

“I will”.

“Then as Master of the House of Aurelius, I officially accept your proposed Consort into our Clan. From this day, he is under our protection. His gifts of spirit, loyalty and love are accepted. His power of being a Seer will be honoured. Mark your Consort Childe and be as one”.

With a roar, Spike struck – with both fangs and cock, driving deeply into the man beneath him as he sank his fangs into Xander's neck. The tight heat enclosing him was maddening, the taste, the power in Xander's blood was intoxicating, and he struggled to remember that the man was human, that he needed to hold back and not fuck or suck as strongly as he desperately wanted to. Xander was screaming, head thrown back in ecstasy as with no further touch to his cock he came, splattering himself and Spike with his release. Pulling the suddenly limp man up by his hips, Spike drove himself into the heated depths, hips snapping back and forth as his orgasm attacked him. From the soles of his feet it raced all over his body, sent a tingle through the base of his spine til his balls drew up and he pushed himself as deeply as possible, held himself there as he came so hard he thought he would pass out.

As he slumped down onto the hot body beneath him, he was vaguely aware of the witnesses filing out of the hall, and he felt a bone-deep satisfaction seeping through him. He could feel Xander in the back of his mind as a vague presence, and he knew that would grow as time went by. They were joined now, and nothing could separate them. Carefully pulling himself out of the man, he rolled over onto his back next to him. Rolling his head, he saw that Xander had opened his eye and was looking at him blearily.


“Yeah, luv. You ok?” He nodded and smiled goofily. Rolling towards him, he reached out and draped his arm over Spike's waist, snuggling close in a way reminiscent of last night when they had slept together.

“We good?” His voice was husky, sated. “Did it take or whatever?”

“Yeah. You might even be able to feel it in the back of your mind, yeah?” Closing his eye, Xander tried to concentrate but he still felt doped up. Just at the edge of his mind he was aware that there was something he'd forgotten, something else that needed to happen.


“Yeah luv?”

“Clan ritual? Have we...?” Turning fully into Xander's embrace, he tugged the man closer. God, he felt like shit – always pushing the man for more, taking and taking.

“No Pet, we haven't done the Clan Ritual. I know you're not comfortable with - “

“Is Angel still here?” Tucking his head into Spike's neck, Xander inhaled deeply, soaking up the smell of tobacco, blood and something that was rapidly coming to mean Spike to him.

“Yeah – why?” Spike was losing focus, especially as Xander started to mouth at the skin of his neck, sucking hard, nibbling.

“Do it”. Rearing back, Spike pulled Xander's face up so he could look him in the eye. Xander stared back at him, holding his gaze.

“Xander – you're still half under the thrall, you've lost some blood - you need to think about this”, he protested. Yeah, if they could do this now things would be well on the way to being resolved, and they could get on with consolidating the Court, handling it so that Buffy and the other slayers were free to concentrate on the other demonic influences.

“Angel said it couldn't make me do anything I wouldn't want to do, right?” In a second, Spike slid into gameface, his demon roaring with jealousy. “Hey, hey, no calm down Spike, calm down. How I feel about you is on a completely different plane – you know that, you can feel that, right?” Allowing Xander to stroke his eye ridges, Spike slowly calmed down – lightening the bruising grip he had taken on the man and giving him room to breathe again. “Phew!! Buddy, I had forgotten for a minute that you make me look like a one night stand kinda guy!” Xander could feel he was coming back to himself, that the thrall was wearing off. He was vaguely embarrassed but glad that that part of the ceremony had been dealt with. He didn't regret accepting the magical help, he was just a little weirded out by it. But he also knew that now was the time to get this out of the way, before he came fully back to himself and panicked.

Growling, Spike struggled to think clearly. He knew Xander was right, but he didn't want to share him – he had only just claimed the man, he didn't want to see him with anyone else, now or ever.

“Spike...” Spike snarled as he heard Angel, realised the older vampire hadn't left with the other witnesses and had heard their conversation. “Calm down Childe. I will go if that's what you want, but you know Xander is right, that we need to do this”. Still snarling, Spike realised he had pushed Xander behind him, keeping himself between the man and his Sire, protecting his consort. Xander's arms wrapped around him, tugging him backwards so that he fell off balance, landing on top of Xander as they collapsed back against the headboard.

Angel held his hands out, stepping closer slowly. Scrambling to his knees on the bed, Spike snapped at the other vampire, growling. Xander was pushed right back against the headboard, unable to do anything to stop what had the potential to be an incredibly nasty encounter. In a split second, Angel flew at Spike, throwing the man off the bed onto the floor and following him down. Xander could barely decipher what was happening, only able to tell which was which by the fact that Spike was naked while Angel was still clothed. They were ripping and biting at each other, rolling and struggling for dominance. And despite himself, Xander had to admit that it was fucking hot. They were fighting over him.

Angel's larger, heavier build finally won out, and holding Spike down he bit into his neck, holding him in place until the blond vamp tilted his head the smallest increment possible to indicate his submission. Angel pushed himself to his feet, stepping back from Spike who leapt up angrily, still growling. Uncaring of his nudity, Xander jumped from the bed and went to his partner, rubbing his arms and shoulders, checking him over for injuries.

“I didn't really hurt him Xander. His demon needed me to win so we can do this – it's alright, I swear”. Nuzzling Xander's neck, Spike submitted to his inspection, the growls dwindling down to nothing until slowly his game-face slid away.

“S'okay Pet, he's telling the truth. Had to happen, yeah?” Pulling Xander close, Spike purred a little, pleased that at the first opportunity his consort had come to his side, wanted to check him over and make sure he was alright. Whatever ritual they had to go through, and his demon accepted that they needed to do the ritual to ensure the safety of their consort, Xander belonged to him and now Angel knew it plain and simple. He could do this – once – and then the Seer belonged to him and only him.

~ * * * * * ~ * * * * * ~ * * * * * ~

Chapter 11 coming very soon....


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