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New Fic Notification and Preview ~ Brown Eyed Boy S/X NC17

From tomorrow Aug. 10th 2010 I will be posting my S/X adaptation of Pretty Woman

Brown Eyed Boy


Title Brown Eyed Boy

Warnings: AU, M/M sex (throughout), angst, fluff/humor, vague mentions of drug abuse, mild violence, swearing OOC, prostitution, varying chapter lengths.
Sunnydale characters have been used here but they are definitely NOT in their Sunnydale personas.

Pairing: 100% Spander

Rating NC17

Summary: William Foster is a billionaire businessman in LA for a week to close a deal to take over the ailing Rayne Industries. When his boyfriend lets him down, he finds himself without a partner to attend a number of high powered, social functions. A chance meeting causes him to find a unique solution.

PG Preview

Liam O'Connor circulated the room, he was tall and powerfully built. His features were classically handsome, dark hair and piercing dark eyes, a heavy brow and square jaw. His dark trousers and dinner jacket were perfectly tailored to accentuate his build. He stopped to talk and laugh with the beautiful, elegant women and rich, powerful men. A piano player played quietly in the corner and waiters balanced silver trays with drinks in cut crystal glasses and tall Champagne flutes and were followed by waitresses carrying trays of Canapes. He glanced a his Rolex, ten more minutes and he could begin ushering people into the dining room. He glanced around for William, narrowing his eyes when there was no sign of him. "Fuck!" He swore quietly under his breath, this entire party was for the blond's benefit and he was nowhere in sight.

William paced the length of the study his cell phone jammed against his left ear, a tall glass of Champagne in his right hand. He was shorter, slimmer than Liam, his muscles not so bulky but better defined. He was stunningly handsome with startling pale, blue eyes, fair skin and light blond hair, swept back in an easy, neat, expensive style. His face was narrower, and dominated by high, sharp cheek bones and a plump, pink mouth. His pearl gray, dinner suit fitted as though he'd been poured into it, there wasn't a wrinkle or crease, but you expected that when you shopped on Saville Row. His white, silk shirt came from Jermyn Street as did the pale silk, gray tie. "Did my secretary phone you?" He snapped.

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