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You call it a cult, I call it family.....

Working Lunch - Spike/Xander - R

Title: Working Lunch
Fandom: BtVS
Author: skargasm
Words: 100-300 allowed
Rating: MA
Word count: 253
Summary: It's time to stop for lunch, and Xander heads back to his trailer...
Warnings: implied M/M

Sitting down at his desk Xander contemplated the huge pile of paperwork. He sighed. Being the big man on site was all very good in terms of money and prestige and getting to tell people what to do, but it had it's drawbacks. The things he did to keep his vampire in human blood, he thought, rolling his eyes.

One of the biggest drawbacks? Having to be on site first thing in the morning – like really early. Although that did come with the benefit of being able to watch Spike sleeping, the way he automatically slid over the bed into the warm spot Xander had left, and the crazy bedhead he wore when he lifted his head to say 'bye luv' as he did every morning, even when he was pretty much still asleep.

Checking his watch, he realised it was lunchtime, which meant Spike would be up and about. Maybe he'd give him a call, just to say hi. He leaned forward and lifted the handset, freezing as he felt a cool hand on his crotch.

“What the - “ Pushing the chair back swiftly, he leaned down and looked under his desk. And instantly hardened. Curled up on his knees, a neat pile of folded clothing next to him, was a completely naked, cock hard and ready Spike. With that leer on his face. And doing that tongue behind his teeth thing. All blood departed from Xander's brain and raced to his cock. “ - Spike?!”

“Hello Pet”.

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