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Missives, Or A Sanguine Divinity 1/4

Title: Missives, Or A Sanguine Divinity 1/4
Author: zowiebwalker  
Pairing: S/X, other pairings might or might not be
Rating: R...language, possibly naughty.
Disclaimer: Not Joss, but love them all the same.
Warnings: Post NFA and Chosen. AU Ats Season 5, except major events-Fred/Illyria, Connor, etc. They made comics?! Post Apocalyse, Escape from New York style, just because. Also, no beta at the moment.
Summary: A faint crackle and hiss. An oft longed for voice begins to speak, his first words giving hope and succor; a man and girl huddle by a cassette player in dim firelight and pray. The heroes lost the battle with Wolfram and Hart, The Senior Partners have obliterated the man made world, and Xander and Dawn have come from England to find Spike and Angel, despite the Council’s rejection.
A/N: I'm gearing up for fall_for_sx, so this is a trial fic. If I’ve forgotten important cannon, please let me know. Hope you like!

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