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Hi! I hope I do this right, I'm pretty new to this. I've only recently started reading Spike/Xander and I'm looking for a fic that I started but didn't get to finish. The only problem is I can't remember the title. Or the author. Or where I read it. So I was hoping someone would recognize the details I do actually remember. Spike, Xander, Giles, Buffy, willow and Tara had all been captured and locked n a room. They were forced to take part in a ritual. I remember Giles had to carve a symbol into his skin, Buffy had to let spike beat her, Willow had to take Tara's power and Xander had to violate Spike. But it didn't work out like their captor had planned, because they did it willingly, I think. I also remember that willow and Tara created a wall to try & give Spike and Xander a little privacy, but it backfired and everyone could see and hear spike and Xander.

So. Sound familiar? Thanks!

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